12 Awesome K-Pop Songs Your Summer Playlist Needs

It appears that 2018 will be the year that K-pop really takes over the global stage. Now, with a huge number of Korean artists putting on North American tours and K-pop songs making it onto the U.S. charts, it’s easier than ever for Western audiences to embrace the K-pop trends.


We want to help you get in the mood, so here are some of the best K-pop songs that you need on your summer playlist. Whether you’re new to the scene or a longtime fan, this mix of new and classic K-pop songs is sure to have you partying all summer long. Check out the end of the list to get the Spotify playlist.



12.) Taeyeon – Why

K-pop songs - Taeyeon - Why

SM Entertainment


SM Entertainment’s Taeyeon just announced her comeback, telling fans that she’s looking to try out a new genre. While we wait with bated breath to see what this new style will be, we’re listening to her chilled summer classic Why. The laid-back vibe doesn’t take away from a catchy beat that makes it one of those great K-pop songs for getting ready for a night of dancing.



Why, why, why, did I put off this day for nothing?Because all of my worries vanished tonight, yeah.