Justin Bieber Outfits Even Those with Bieber Fever Are Questioning

By Top5 Staff September 17, 2018 View all posts (82)

One thing we can give Justin Bieber credit for is that he is never afraid of trying out new styles. From the day he started as a preteen YouTube sensation to the day he was filling entire arenas with devoted fans, he never backed down on his choices. And you know what? We applaud him for it.

However, Justin had some fashion mishaps and faux pas that could have been avoided but that the internet still remembers.

Here are all the Justin Bieber outfits that sent the internet and the fans into a spiral trying to figure out their aesthetic, but that the superstar doesn’t regret, at all.

Our picks of the craziest Justin Bieber outfits:

20.) The Minion-Inspired Cap

justin bieber outfits yellow hat

All celebrities, especially R&B singers, take on a quest to find the perfect hat for their figure. While we all remember the countless flat brim caps that Justin was sporting, this one particularly stands out.

You might notice the spiked yellow hat at first, but two details will catch your attention quickly: the leopard-print harem pants and the two(!) gold watches. Now he doesn’t have any excuse to be late to his appointments.

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