Just Biebs Being Biebs: 5 Signs That Justin Bieber is Losing It

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Today, Justin Bieber is one of the world’s biggest stars and best-selling musicians. But hey, tomorrow is just around the corner, and if he keeps popping up in the news the way he has been lately, one of those tomorrows is going to be pretty bleak for the young pop star. In a recent incident, Bieber’s tour bus was raided in Sweden after police reported a strong smell of marijuana emanating from it while it sat in front of the Grand Hotel. No one was on board the bus at the time, but police found marijuana and a Taser (sounds like a good time). Now obviously, a little weed on a tour bus isn’t exactly something to get all up in arms about, but this is just the latest in a string of stories that point to Justin Bieber spiraling out of control.

5 Forever-Shirtless

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Being shirtless in public is one of the classic tell-tale signs that you’re a bit of a nutbar, and as of late, Justin Bieber seems to be going that way. Bieber was recently spotted in an airport in Poland, where he was walking around shirtless for no good reason at all. Unless he was genuinely confused about how security checks work, it was just his way of telling the world, “Oh hey, I’m a total wingnut now.” Simply put, there is no way a man’s nipples can be out in public without him coming off as crazy, unless he’s saving a drowning child. And even in that case, it’s like “Really? You stopped to take you shirt off, dude? Not cool.”

4 Ditching his Monkey

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Just having a pet monkey in the first place is a sign that you’ve reached a dangerous level of fame and are likely headed for an imminent spiral. But to ignore your pet monkey and ditch him in Germany? How dare you, sir. After failing to present the proper paperwork on a trip to Germany back in March, Bieber’s capuchin monkey “Mally” was seized by authorities. Since that time, Bieber has apparently just decided he’s fine being monkey free. German authorities have been unable to reach the Biebs, who only has a few more weeks to respond before his “buddy” officially becomes German property.

3 Sorry Grandpa

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Apparently, being the grandfather of one of the richest musician’s in the world doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be able to fix that giant hole in your roof. At least that’s what George Bieber, grandfather to the famous Biebs, is claiming. According to grandpa, he and his wife are living in squalor, and despite his bad back keeping him out of work and a giant hole in the roof of their cabin, Justin hasn’t offered to help one bit. The lesson here Grandpa? You probably should’ve have yelled at the Biebs for jumping on the bed that one time when he was 7.

2 Anne Frank Comments

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During a recent visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Justin Bieber took the time to stop a sign the guestbook. A nice gesture, right? Sure, until you realize what he wrote; “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” While it isn’t exactly a malicious statement, it does offer a nice look into Bieber’s complete lack of perspective, since he essentially said “Yeah you had to hide in an attic from Nazis and eventually died in a concentration camp, but had you been alive today I like to think you would have contributed to my vast fortune.”

1 Fighting Photogs

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After fainting backstage during a show the night before (always a good sign), Justin Bieber was treated at a London hospital and upon his release, he promptly lost his mind. When paparazzi outside the hotel got a little overzealous for Bieber’s liking, he decided the best way to handle it was to lash out and try to kill them. What resulted were some hilarious pictures in which Bieber looks like an angry, oversized toddler, and video of him screaming “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you!” Sure you will Biebs, sure you will.

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