June 13: Facebook Caption Contest

Every week Top5.com crawls the entire internet in the attempt to rank and categorize everything it comes across. Every so often we come across a piece of information, whether it be an image, video, or what have you, that our genius web crawler, modeled after the brains of Einstein and Isaac Newton, has a very tough time categorizing.

We therefore leave it up to you, the geniuses that make up the Top5 community, to come up with a title for our images. With great power comes great responsibility, the task is now in your hands.

5 It’s okay man. She was a bitch anyway.

4 Check this out… pull my paw…

3 Let’s leave. It’s a total snausage party in here tonight.

2 I don’t always drink, but when I do, my old friend here likes to see me get it on.

1 Sorry old man… I’m here for the bitches.

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