10 Job Search Advice Resources To Help You Land Your Dream Job

The job hunt can be overwhelming, and so can all the job search websites available online. Here we've narrowed it down to the 10 best job search advice resources on the internet today!

Dreaming of landing that perfect job you’ve had your eye on all these years? The internet is overflowing with job search advice. The trick? You need to pick the websites and forums that provide legitimate and accurate information.


Whether you’re a fresh graduate starting your professional journey or a senior manager looking for a career shift, don’t worry; we’ve cut down the work for you.

Here are the 10 best job search advice resources you need to ace your job search:

10.) Recruiter Today

job search advice recruiter today


Perfect for: Job seekers looking to get hired and taking their career to the next level, and employers looking to hire the right person and improve their workplace culture.


What it offers: Five categories are featured on the website. The one that will attract all job seekers is the “Get Hired” one. We like it for the diversity it offers; you can find an article about salary negotiation alongside another one explaining how to impress your recruiters on social media. The “Success” category offers precious advice to kickstart your career.


Website: Recruiter Today


9.) The Muse

job search advice the muse


Perfect for: Career and job search advice


What it offers: The Muse has some of the most insightful career-related articles on the web. Whether you’re looking to pinpoint job search instructions and career advice or want to kick off your professional journey with new tools and skills, this is the right place for you.


The articles cover a wide range of subjects, from how to navigate an awkward interview situation to how to list volunteer work on your resume.


Website: The Muse


8.) Telegraph Jobs

job search advice telegraph jobs


Perfect for: Career and job search advice, business advice and industry insights


What it offers: As we’re writing this article, Telegraph Jobs has 362 listed articles. Job seekers need to check the “Interview Tips,” “CV writing advice,” “Networking,” “Salary,” and “Executive Careers” categories first. Among other things, you will learn how to answer interview questions for particular industries, examine the recruitment process to help you hack yourway into your recruiter’s brain and discover how to spot the words you should absolutely cross from your CV.


Also, if you are into IT/computing or oil and gas industries, you’ll be happy to know that these industries have their own categories.


Website: Telegraph Jobs


7.) CareerBuilder

job search advice career builder


Perfect for: Career and job search advice


What it offers: CareerBuilder’s blog chronologically lists its articles, and honestly, it makes navigating the website so much easier! From the “Discovery” phase to the “On the Job” phase, it is a valuable resource for anyone looking for advice on finding, getting and retaining a job.


Did you know that some of the best entry-level jobs are in market research analysis and civil engineering? Or that head cooks and computer user support specialists have well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree? If you want to know more, head to CareerBuilder’s blog.


Website: CareerBuilder


6.) The Balance Careers

job search advice the balance careers


Perfect for: Job search advice, learning about career paths and learning how to succeed at work


What it offers: This sleek and cheerful website is so pleasant to the eye that it will make the browsing experience easy and smooth. In addition to job searching, career planning and internships articles, there’s also a category dedicated to work-from-home jobs, which is pretty amazing.


You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the best money tips, the latest recruitment trends and a free “How to Nail Your Next Interview” guide.


Website: The Balance Careers


5.) Glassdoor Blog

job search advice glassdoor blog


Perfect for: Career and job search advice


What it offers: Glassdoor needs no introduction. The renowned job site is an international reference in job search and industry/company insights, so we can’t help but have high expectations about their blog. Fortunately, we weren’t let down.


The “Career Advice” portal of Glassdoor’s blog features high-quality and well-organized content. Users can read up on interview tips, organization hacks when starting a new job or the difference between working for a large vs. a small company.


Website: Glassdoor Blog


4.)Simply Hired Blog

job search advice simply hired


Perfect for: Career and job search advice, with interview and resume tips


What it offers: If you think job- or career-related resources are boring, we’re here to prove otherwise. The authors of Simply Hired’s blog are genuine enough to tell you things as they are, all while opening your eyes to new perspectives and realities. You mindlessly scroll through LinkedIn instead of using it smartly? They know, and they will help you unlock the powerful features of this website. You feel bummed after an extended period of unemployment? They know it’s hard, but they tell you it’s fine, because they have tips to back youup.


To craft the perfect resume and nail your next interview, you can visit their “Resumes” and “Interview” sections.


Website: Simply Hired Blog


3.) Bubble Blog

job search advice bubble blog


Perfect for: Career and job search advice, with an emphasis on interview tips


What it offers: Some questions are tough to answer, especially when their outcome may decide whether you will land that dream job you’ve been chasing for so long. Well, guess what? Bubble’s blog staff is here to slip you some pretty darn smart answers that won’t fail to impress your recruiter.


From answering the timeless “What is one strength and one weakness you have?” to tactfully replying to a recruiter asking whether you had other interviews before them, this website will teach you the dos and don’ts of the career-searching world and instill in you the necessary tact to be the perfect interviewee.


Website: Bubble Blog


2.) Forbes

job search advice forbes


Perfect for: Career and job search advice and financial advice


What it offers: If Forbes says it, it’s probably true. This top-notch resource is our go-to website when searching for anything money-related. And since finding a job implies a financial component to it, it comes as no surprise that Forbes took it upon themselves to deliver some pretty interesting and eye-opening information.


Simply search “job search” in the search bar and you will end up with a lengthy list of advice.


Website: Forbes


1.) Monster

job search advicemonster


Perfect for:  Career and job search advice


What it offers: Your ultimate job search and career advice kit is here! If you’ve been looking for a job online, you probably already know Monster.com. And today, this leading job search website has gathered enough industry knowledge to launch one of the most extensive resources for job seekers.


You can browse a variety of articles that will help you prep for your upcoming interviews, learn all there is to know about employee benefits and salary negotiation, figure out how to start (and quit) a job while having a healthy work-life balance and draw a career path for yourself.


Website: Monster


What do you think of these job search advice resources? Do you use any other resources? Are there any job search tips you’re using? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to read our next article to find the top five job search engines you absolutely need to use right now!