Jersey Shore Is Back! Reminisce with The Best Jerzday Moments

It may have been six years since we last saw our favorite Guidos and Guidettes but the Jersey Shore phenomenon is still alive and kicking. And why would it be any less hype after all these years? Critics described the MTV reality show’s ratings as “nuclear,” and every season seemed to break another record.


It’s easy to see why viewers were glued to their TV screens every Thursday night. The cast of Jersey Shore was crazy! If JWOWW, Sammi and Snooki happened to be awake, they were either brawling or gossiping. Meanwhile, The Situation and his boys kept to a tight schedule of (wait for it) … GTL — gym, tan and laundry, for the uninitiated.


The reunion of MVPand the height-challenged Meatballs airs on April 5, so we gotta do The Shore right. In celebration, we’re counting down the best Jerzday moments.


From GTL to Pauly D’s stage-five clinger and begging for Ron to “stahp,” see which moment made the cut.



6.) Every Time Angelina Leaves

jersey shore

We have to start the list off right – that’s by getting rid of Angelina.


If your recollection of her is hazy, that’s perfectly acceptable. The self-proclaimed “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” never stayed longer than a few episodes. Even that seemed like too long of a stay for the girl surrounded by drama.


Don’t think she’s that bad? Angelina’s best moment (i.e., the onlytime she wasn’t causing drama) was Season 1, Episode 1, when she walked in with her clothes in garbage bags. In the words of Pauly D, “You can’t find a suitcase? No one in your family has a suitcase you could borrow?”


Other than that, things only went downhill from there. She fought with Vinny, was a sloppy mess (and fought) with Pauly D, and had a catfight with Snooki. YEAH. Angelina’s continuous departure was always the best. Buh-bye!