Jeremy Sumpter: My Top 5 Favorite Roles

Jeremy Sumpter
Jeremy Sumpter has been making a name for himself in cinema since 2001 when he starred as Adam in the psychological thriller, “Frailty.” A few years, television, and movie appearances later Jeremy landed the starring role in the well-received live-action depiction of “Peter Pan,” directed by P.J. Hogan. Sumpter also held a recurring role in “Friday Night Lights” as J.D. McCoy, and has more recently appeared in “Soul Surfer” alongside AnnaSophia Robb and Helen Hunt. We got in touch with Sumpter and asked which of his past roles he liked the most:

5 Henry in “Just A Dream”

“Henry was an amazing character to play. Ken Topolsky was one of the writers of the project. He later went on to produce my television series ‘Clubhouse.’ Once again I had great actors to work with, Ally Sheedy played my mom, Robbie Benson played my father, and Carl Lumbly played my best friend. To top it off, Danny Glover was the director. It was shot in Utah and that allowed me to spend my time off fishing and playing golf.”

4 Gavin in “Sasquatch Dumpling Gang”

“Gavin was a kid who just wanted to get along with everyone. He had some goofy friends and even goofier neighbors. The movie was shot in the Portland area and everyday was pure fun. The movie had a silly plot with a bunch of really funny actors.”

3 Byron in “Soul Surfer”

“I came to Soul Surfer after most of the film had already been cast. I was asked by Bethany Hamilton to be in the film and I was thrilled to be part of it. Bethany and her family are truly inspiration people. Being able to surf with Bethany on the North Shore of Oahu, and play golf with Dennis Quaid made it even better..”

2 Adam in “Frailty”

“‘Frailty’ was my first film and Young Adam was a great character. He was just a regular kid that believed everything his father told him. One moment he is taking care of his pet slug, the next he was out with his father and brother looking for demons. I was fortunate to work with actors like Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey and Powers Boothe. I had been a big fan of Twister and to be able to work with Bill Paxton, who also directed the film, was a great experience.”

1 Peter in “Peter Pan”

“Playing Peter Pan was a dream role. Who wouldn’t want to fly, fight pirates and have a beautiful Wendy by his side? I spent almost a year in Australia on the Gold Coast. Jason Isaacs played Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. We spent a lot of time together sword fighting. One night after filming we went and rode the slingshot ride. Rachel Hurd-Wood played Wendy and she was in Australia almost as long as I was. I was able to travel quite a few places to promote the film (Tokyo, London, Paris, Mexico City and all over Australia).”

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