Top 5 Clever Ideas to Jazz Up Your Old Jeans

We wouldn't trade our favorite jeans for anything in the world! But we are ready to try these 5 jeans DIY makeovers to make them trendy and stylish!

Long live jeans! Our love for them only grows stronger when we choose them after trying everything else in our closet. Reliable, comfortable, practical — we often describe them as we would describe our best friends! And they can be! 


At some point, you might want something more from them and rightly so. Whether you’re revamping your closet or refreshing your #OOTD style, you might find yourself staring at your old jeans and wondering what to do with them. And because tossing them away would be too heart-breaking (we shiver at the mere idea), we have something better in stock: jeans DIY projects!


Don’t let the word DIY scare you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sewing whizz who can handle a thread andneedle masterfully or not, there is a DIY project for your jeans out there. (Plus, we have some handy tips for those who would rather glue than sew.)


To embellish (or completely transform) your pair of baby blues, scroll through these five jeans DIY projects and choose the ones that suit your needs best. If you want to add a touch of elegance, cheerfulness or rebellion, change a tiny detail or completely transform your jeans, we’ve got you covered in this list.

5.) Chic Flowers Are Always In

Want to add a little nature to your wardrobe? These two ladies borrowed the natural elegance of flowers and leaves to make unique jeans.


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How have we not thought of this before? This is one of the most clever jeans DIY projects we have seen out there. Using only fabric markers and lace with floral patterns, LoveMaegan created a unique and fail-proof DIY. Your light-colored jeans are about to get a major revamping in no time at all with just a little effort.


Source: LoveMaegan


If you’re not afraid of painting then pick up your brush and fabric paint, and use your jeans as your new canvas.


In this soothing video, Sannejacks speed-paints the top of her jeans with tropical leaves, and the result is truly amazing!


Source: Sannejacks

4.) The Elegant Pearl Jeans

Pearl jeans have been in the air for quite some time now, but you know how it goes: once there is one additional detail added to a pair of jeans, the price goes (way) up. So what’s better than spending money on lightly altered jeans? Bingo: making them yourself. For beautiful, easy-to-make beaded pants, follow this tutorial from Kariwoo.



Warning: don’t skip the beginning of the video, as that’s the most important part. She teaches us how to sew the pearls correctly, and we thank her for it!


Source: Kariwoo

3.) The Little Details That Count

You’re already a pro with a needle and thread? Perfect: embroidering is for you.


Embroidered jeans boomed in the second half of 2017 but the trend is still here. You can get creative with different patterns you want to stitch: some DIY bloggers like to keep it simple with only a few words embroidered here and there while others add dots and lines that give a personal touch to their jeans.


You can recreate this jeans DIY by Mariah Robinson. It is giving us life. Her step-by-step tutorial makes embroidery seem so simple. 



Source: Mariah Robinson


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2.) The Flawless Rockstar Look

Have you ever wondered why these cut-out jeans were so darn expensive? We don’t really know, but the good news is: you can make your own with simple tools you already have at home!


TheNotoriousKIA took it upon herself to deconstruct her denim and revamp her jeans in 4 different ways for a more trendy look. Her DIY jeans projects will help you style any pants in less than 10 minutes!



Source: TheNotoriousKIA


On the other hand, if you have a bit more time to spare and would like to rock up your pants (but not too much), then Net Lifestyle’s video might be what you’re looking for.By adding leather and a few studs to the cuffs of the jeans the pants instantly look more trendy.



Source: iLook – Net Lifestyle


If you would rather glue than sew, make sure the project you’re tackling is well-suited for no-sew techniques.


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1.) The Complete Makeover

Now this is for those who want to drastically change their jeans and make something different from them.


Grab apair of scissors and start cutting. You can turn your jeans into a skirt or shorts, then maybe add some details like those stated above. At the end of it you will have your unique denim masterpiece that would have cost you a fortune if bought already made.


As shown below, RachSpeed turned her boyfriend jeans into a slightly fringed skirt. She also explains in detail which material she’s using, as it can be extremely helpful for DIY beginners and first-time sewers.



Source: RachSpeed 


If you want an easier and quicker jeans makeover, then shorts might be a better way to go. Brittany Marie has a fail-proof technique that ensures your shorts will actually fit your body type and avoid those zig-zag uneven lines we often experience when cutting.



Source: Brittany Marie


We’ve got one more bonus tutorial for you on the next page!


Bonus: How to Distress Denim DIY

Distressed jeans are a favorite for a lot of people but buying distressed denim can be super expensive. Franceska Garza has you covered with her Thrift with Frankie YouTube series. In this video she shows you how she finds perfect thrift store jeans and turns them into distressed masterpieces you’d swear she’d paid hundreds of dollars for.


Her technique is simple, using items you probably already have lying around your house. And she throws in plenty of much-appreciated safety tips, too. Her easy-to-follow DIY tutorial will have you creating your very own Instagram-worthy distressed jeans in no time.



Source: Franceska Garza


How about you? Have you ever tried a jeans DIY project before? How did it go? Is there one you would like to try first? Let us know in the comments and share these clever DIY ideas with your crafty friends!


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