Top 5 Clever Ideas to Jazz Up Your Old Jeans

Long live jeans! Our love for them only grows stronger when we choose them after trying everything else in our closet. Reliable, comfortable, practical — we often describe them as we would describe our best friends! And they can be! 


At some point, you might want something more from them and rightly so. Whether you’re revamping your closet or refreshing your #OOTD style, you might find yourself staring at your old jeans and wondering what to do with them. And because tossing them away would be too heart-breaking (we shiver at the mere idea), we have something better in stock: jeans DIY projects!


Don’t let the word DIY scare you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sewing whizz who can handle a thread andneedle masterfully or not, there is a DIY project for your jeans out there. (Plus, we have some handy tips for those who would rather glue than sew.)


To embellish (or completely transform) your pair of baby blues, scroll through these five jeans DIY projects and choose the ones that suit your needs best. If you want to add a touch of elegance, cheerfulness or rebellion, change a tiny detail or completely transform your jeans, we’ve got you covered in this list.

5.) Chic Flowers Are Always In

Want to add a little nature to your wardrobe? These two ladies borrowed the natural elegance of flowers and leaves to make unique jeans.


diy jeans

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How have we not thought of this before? This is one of the most clever jeans DIY projects we have seen out there. Using only fabric markers and lace with floral patterns, LoveMaegan created a unique and fail-proof DIY. Your light-colored jeans are about to get a major revamping in no time at all with just a little effort.


Source: LoveMaegan


If you’re not afraid of painting then pick up your brush and fabric paint, and use your jeans as your new canvas.


In this soothing video, Sannejacks speed-paints the top of her jeans with tropical leaves, and the result is truly amazing!


Source: Sannejacks