Jason Horton: My 5 All-time Favorite Interviews

“The story of the Two White Guys Podcast goes something like this. I wanted to do a podcast, I never actually listened to one, nor knew how to create one. I just knew I liked to ask people questions, hopefully questions they haven’t answered a few million times before. Within about 6 months the TWG podcast had about 1.5 million video views, and an unknown amount on iTunes.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.”

5 Jenna Marbles

“I joked that Jenna ‘owed me’ for doing her music video ‘Bounce That Dick’, and guilted her into doing the interview. We had met shooting a video I wrote for Totally Sketch called ‘The Morning After’ that we were both in. Everyone loves Jenna, as they should.”

4 Farrah Abraham

“This was pre ‘sex-tape’ Farrah Abraham. This was one of the few interviews I did without a co-host, and one of the few in which I didn’t know the guest, nor knew much about her. She is probably one of the few reality stars that was able to use reality TV to launch an actual career. Or, at least make money from her notoriety with MTV’s Teen Mom. She was super engaging & really nice, which is all I need.”

3 Matt Besser

“I knew Matt from the UCB Theatre (of which he is 1/4 founder, along with Amy Poehler). I was fortunate to learn sketch comedy writing from him, and I still utilize what I learned from him in my writing today. This interview is kind of rough, as he’s a pretty stoic dude, but was glad to have the opportunity to chat with him.”

2 Lisa Ann

“My co-host Josh & I were really excited to meet Lisa Ann. The interview was a bonus. If there are A list adult stars, Lisa Ann is on the top of that list. She rules the MILF category and pretty much the rest of the adult categories as well. Maybe you’ve seen her as Sarah Palin? If not, maybe you should. If you are a dude reading this asking ‘Who is Lisa Ann?’ You are lying. Stop lying.”

1 Kassem G.

“There are very view comedians that are also YouTubers that I’m a fan of, but Kassem G is on that list. We’ve worked on a few videos together, and I asked things that I think I would have liked to ask working together, but time didn’t allow. His ‘Going Deep’ series inspired me to interview adult stars on the show.”

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