Ivanka Trump Reportedly ‘Blindsided’ By Father’s Transgender Ban

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The daughter of President Donald Trump has been in the news a lot this past year. Since helping him on his campaign, Ivanka Trump has been spotted at several events with her father. From there, once he took office, she was reportedly used to talk over various policies. However, her power is not really even noted. She finally managed to get an office at the White House a few months ago, but has yet to take on a title


Her husband Jared Kushner has also been doing a great deal for President Trump, but he too does not have a basic title. Many have called him a makeshift Secretary of State, but without the official noting of it. Ivanka Trump however, has yet to actually be given major roles like her husband. She has gone to major meetings and helped with a lot of things. However, she is supposedly running Trump’s corporation with her brothers. At least, that WAS what she was doing.


Now that she has gotten into the White House on a regular occurrence, many saw this as a good sign. Ivanka Trump is a known Liberal, and many felt she may have some sort of role to help balance her father’s policies out. However, he has yet to really listen to her when making major rulings. This has become such a major issue for her that she is trying to make sure people know that she does not have her father’s ear as many hope.


Ivanka Trump Is Not An Official Part Of Trump Administration



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While it may seem like she is, Ivanka Trump serves no role in the Trump administration. At least, officially that is. She has helped her father out a great deal, and it was reported that she at least helps him think about others in his policies. However, how much he takes her word in is apparent. His policies have not reflected well, and Ivanka has taken a lot of heat for it despite having no role in making them. Liberals are mad that Ivanka cannot stop her father’s ideology from taking hold.


However, it should be noted that President Trump’s top adviser is Steve Bannon. He is seemingly universally hated, and both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump do not care for him in the past. Bannon is not a fan of them either. Jared and Steve seemingly could not get along so much that there was almost a push to where one had to go. Jared would never have been removed, but Bannon knew too much to let loose.


Eventually cooler heads prevailed and the two sides have not come to blows to such a point again. However, Bannon being the top adviser means he is the one that gets in Trump’s ear the most. Despite much of the ideology not working and many policies getting hate from both sides of the political isle, Bannon has not lost much footing yet. However, that comes with a problem in that Ivanka’s words are hollow to the President due to this.


Ivanka Shocked At Transgender Military Ban


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It should be noted that Ivanka, again, does not have an official adviser role with her father. This means that despite her best efforts, her ideology won’t overule anything Bannon suggests. That is why the entire transgender ban took Ivanka Trump by surprise. How could it not? It came as a shock to the rest of the United States, even lawmakers and Generals.


The ban came down to an issue in the budget, which included funds for the controversial Trump wall. Lawmakers told Trump that the funds being used for transgender surgeries should not be in the military budget. Many agreed with this, though Moderate Republicans felt that it wasn’t right to remove this for veterans or current servicemen and women. Hardline Republicans felt this was needed, as it could save the armed forces budget millions.


Trump was then told that if something did not happen regarding it that the entire budget would be tanked for a while. That would mean yet another budget would have be done, scored, then approved. All of this could take time, and then the wall may not even make it. So Trump realized he had to act. That was when he went to Twitter to tell the country that transgender men and women were no longer allowed to serve. According to Politico, Ivanka Trump was shocked at the announcement. She’s not alone, most lawmakers Trump spoke to were as well.


Why All The Shock?


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Various Lawmakers and Generals never once told Trump to ban transgender men and women “from serving” the nation. As it currently stands, around 4,000 members of the Armed Forces are transgender. Plus the rule for upcoming transgender people was that you had to be 18 months out from your surgery. From there, you had to be completely healthy from the transition. Then, just like everyone else, you had to pass all tests asked of you to make it.


This was fair, and it made sense for President Obama to institute. That said, most of the surgeries were being done on past people from the armed forces. Transgenders coming in would not used the budget for surgeries, as they were already complete. The problem was using the tax payer money for the transition after serving, as most would wait until their time was up serving the nation.


This is why Ivanka and everyone else thought this ruling made no sense. Simply remove transition surgeries from taxpayer funding, and then you’re done. Removing all transgenders made no sense.


What Did Trump Say About Transgenders?


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Trump had shown support early on for the LGBTQ community. He even claimed during his campaign that he would not try to remove same sex marriage. So the entire ban came as a shock to many, but especially Ivanka Trump who had spoken about her father’s support personally for them.


Despite being a heavy Republican candidate, he was really the only one out of that group to support this community. He would claim last year:


“As president, I will do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. And, I have to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said.”


Last June, Trump would tweet out his support of the community yet again, saying:


“Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”


Ivanka Trump Picking Up Pieces


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While Ivanka Trump is tasked with a lot, despite having relatively no actual role…the people ask a lot of her. The thought among most is that she can change her father’s mind on things. However, that has clearly shown to not be the case.


While Ivanka Trump may not be able to control her father’s ways or ideas, it does seem like others with actual power can combat it.


As far as the transgender ban goes, it seems that the armed forces doesn’t care. At least, they are not going to care unless otherwise forced to do so. General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sent out a statement this past Thursday that was quite interesting.


He claimed that the military will not move forward with such a ban unless the President himself sends them a written implementation guideline. The tweets of a President do not seem to faze the General, whom also had no idea of a ban such as this coming down from Trump. This, despite Trump saying Generals helped him to come up with the mere idea of the ban.

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