Family Thought She Was Backpacking In Asia, Until She Made One Tiny Mistake



She’d been gone for over four weeks now, with photos and videos to indicate she was definitely traveling around Southern Asia.

Her daughter was not known to lie, so she trusted all that she saw. She knew something wasn’t right when she noticed a sudden change in the scenery.

Mother Of Two

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Dora was a single mother who resided in New York. She was a successful real estate agent who achieved success through hours of hard work and perseverance. Dora’s two daughters, Grace, and Maria, lived with her, and they were like her best friends.

Grace was finishing her last year in high school and her sister Maria was busy finishing her Master’s degree in Sociology. Dora was incredibly proud of all her daughters had achieved.

They Respected Her

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Dora and her daughters had an impeccable relationship. Grace and Maria admired her as an accomplished woman and a mother who, despite all difficulties, provided them with the most extraordinary lives possible.

They had nothing but respect for Dora and always supported her choices. Thus, she was heartbroken when Dora learned the truth about her daughter’s trip to Asia.

What She Needed To Do

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Everything began when Maria shared what was necessary for the completion of her Masters. The work required Maria to visit various cities all over Asia.

Dora felt apprehensive initially, worried about the financial impact that such a trip would have. However, Maria found a solution that laid her concerns to rest.

Finding A Solution

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Maria shared with Dora that the trip would be entirely funded by the university, as it was a requirement for her degree. Dora felt relief as she could not afford a trip of that extent, but she could not help but still feel reluctant.

The thought of her daughter prancing around in an unknown country did not sit right with her. She loved Maria more than anything in the world and could not bear the thought of something happening to her. Would Dora agree to let her travel on such a dangerous journey by herself?

The Trip

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Dora shared her concerns with Maria. Even though she disagreed with it, she knew that her daughter was more than capable of taking care of herself. If this trip were important to Maria, Dora would do her best to support her decision.

After three months, Maria departed for Southeast Asia. She updated the mother of her journey by sending pictures, and her first ones were of Bangkok. She even had a Skype call with her mother and sister! If only Dora had known what was really going on.

Sharing Her Journey

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Maria stayed in Bangkok for a couple of more days. She constantly checked in with Dora and shared her adventures. She shared numerous photographs on social media to also share her trip with her closest friends.

After three weeks in Bangkok, Maria made her way to Kaula Lumpur in Hanoi as well as Malacca. Maria, without fail, continued to inform her mother of her whereabouts. Until something strange happened.


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Maria wasn’t in Southern Asia the next time she phoned. The lush green panoramas that had previously greeted her from her hotel windows had been replaced by endless deserts and azure skies.

Dora inquired as to where Maria was, and she promptly responded with Dubai. Her surroundings were brilliant, with a metropolis of gleaming buildings behind her. Dora promptly accessed her Instagram account and discovered new photos. Her brows drew together.

A Different Person

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Dora knew her daughter very well and knew that she was a modest young woman. She never wore revealing outfits, even on the warmest summer days.

Maria  was clad in a loose white gown that displayed her belly and part of her thighs in the images Dora was looking at. That wasn’t the most surprising element, though.

What Was Going On?

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All of Maria’s images were taken on expensive yachts and in fancy cars. Her room was likewise far too opulent for what her university could finance.

Dora meets individuals from all over as a estate agent. She’d heard tales about Arabian towns and the people who enjoyed visiting there. The majority of these folks lived in luxury, but they couldn’t sustain it, which got them into problems.

Confronting Her

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With her heart pounding, Dora asked Grace to give her and Maria some private time to discuss some grown-up business. Grace whined but left, and as the door shut behind her, Dora barraged Maria with questions about her trip.

She informed Maria of the dangers she’d heard of, giving her some real-life examples of people who’d jumped into such lifestyles only to suffer in the long run. What Maria told her made her lips part.

Do You Trust Me?

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“I want you to go to my campus apartment at school, mom,” Maria said. “This will all make sense when you see what’s there.” Although the request was cryptic, Dora wasted no time jumping in her car and driving to Maria’s school.

With Grace in tow, Dora hurried to Maria’s apartment. She hastily unlocked it, pushing the door open. But what she found made her step back.

What She Finds

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Maria was seated on a revolving chair while petting a pink carebear. A smile spread across her face. Dora’s mouth fell open, Grace pushing by her to stand by Maria while grinning.

“What’s happening?” Dora asked, still trying to piece whatever she was seeing. “You’re not gonna sit down, mom?” Maria asked, gesturing at her couch. “Sit.”

She Talks

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When Dora didn’t move, Maria made a frustrated sound and pouted. “Please, mom? I spent the entire afternoon preparing for this villainous moment.” When Nora sat down, Maria and Grace, who’d been in on whatever was happening, explained everything.

Maria was doing her fieldwork as she assured Dora she would be when she left home. But her work didn’t take her to Southeast Asia.

Fake Lifestyle

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Maria had been sending her pictures to high-end photoshop artists to fix her into exotic places. She also used a green screen in her video calls with Dora and her friends.

She was studying the horrific side of social media, where most people present a fake lifestyle that they aren’t living. Dora looked at her as she explained everything, pride swelling within her heart. She wondered how she’d landed such an intelligent and driven daughter.