iOS 7: 5 Awesome Features that Will Help You Get Past the Strange Design

Image credit Apple

So it has been a few days now since I put my digital life mostly at risk by updating my iPhone to a totally unstable version of iOS. And it is indeed quite unstable. Yes, I know, Beta, but still this is more like Pre-Alpha…

Anyway, as I wrote, my first impressions of iOS7 weren’t great, but it has definitely grown on me. Having said that, there are some serious design issues, and no, I don’t think those things will change in the final version (like transparency, which makes fonts close to invisible, among many others).

Putting the weird design language and flaws of iOS7 aside, there are some new features that will make pretty much all iPhone owners love their phone again. Here are the top 5:

5 Wait, My Phone Can Now Do More Than One Thing at a Time?

Another no-brainer here, but contrary to popular belief, the iPhone, until now, was not able to multitask for the most part. Some apps, like Skype, were able to run in the background but for most apps, they went into the background and remained static. Now, the iPhone has learned how to multitask, while supposedly not sacrificing battery life, which was the main limitation before. The multitasking, as I mentioned, is an exact replica of the multitasking in WebOS and Windows Phone, which is great, since both those platforms multitask beautifully. In the Beta version, the multitasking is still a little slow, but surely, that will improve with time. All in all, the iPhone just got a lot smarter.

4 Auto App Updates

Yes, the days of seeing that you have 500 app updates are over. Now, iOS updates the apps automatically and notifies you what was updated. Kind of a no-brainer, and it was implemented perfectly.

3 Safari Tabs; Well, It’s About Time!

Safari on iPhone now has tabs—tabs that pretty much look identical to those on Chrome on Android. Either way, the ability to view multiple tabs has been around for years on PC and even mobile. It was about time the feature made its way to the world’s most popular smartphone.

2 Folders, the Way They Were Intended

How is it that in 2013, I needed to make more than one folder called Social Apps, or whatever else you name your folders, because all the apps in that category don’t fit in one folder? Is it really such a technical challenge to make a folder with enough spots to hold more apps? Well, iOS 7 folders now imitate the OS itself with the ability to swipe right to view more pages within a folder. Oh, and Newsstand can finally be placed within a folder. For that alone, iOS7 was a worthy upgrade.

1 Control Center

For the first day or two, I found myself double pressing the iPhone’s Home button to access quick music controls. When they were nowhere to be found, I thought to myself “Now, I have to open the Music app to go the next song?” Yes, I knew there was a Control Center but was not used to swiping up to access music controls. Then I taught myself and now I’m in love. A quick swipe up now gives you access to Airplane Mode, WiFi controls, Bluetooth, Sleep Mode, Rotation Lock, brightness, music, file sharing and much more. It is all just one swipe away and it just makes so much sense. I mean with iOS, you used to be able to swipe down from the top for notifications, swipe right to search and swipe left to go to the next page. Swipe up was feeling neglected. This is a great addition to iOS and one that I am already using 50-100 times a day.

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