10 Most Interesting Things To Wash Up On Shore

These 8 strange beach discoveries will have you planning your next trip to the seashore. Maybe you will be the next person to find something incredible.

Big Tooth

These strange beach discoveries will have you planning your next trip to the sea shore. Aged 7 Foster Frasier, wasn’t lounging around on the beach, being an enormous fan of sharks. Foster was digging in the stream bed looking for teeth.

Young foster dug up a 2.5 million-year-old tooth bigger than his fist, belonging to the extinct Megalodon shark, that would make any marine archaeologist green with envy. Would this be the biggest find?

Really Tall Tree

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The coasts of the pacific northwest are no strangers to big driftwood. But this beast of a tree found in 2010, would have stood 200ft tall.

High tides combined with powerful winds relocated this tree from deep in the forest to the shore. Only, the perfect storm strong enough to pull this giant out of the ground is tough to imagine.

Mythological Giant Squid


This giant squid has been a myth for hundreds of years. In 2013 the first modern specimen was washed up onto the beach.

The 30-foot monster weighing 400 pounds, was transported to the local Spanish maritime museum where people can marvel and freak out over its monstrousness for years to come.

A Lump Of White Treasure

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This white looking rock is in fact a very valuable discovery by a British couple strolling on the beach in April 2016. A smelly, unusual and very profitable lump of ambergris.

It originates in the digestive tracts of Sperm whales, essentially, whale vomit which is coveted in the perfume industry as it gets an earthly scent when dried and aged. It’s valued at up to $70 000.

World War 2 Mine

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Kelly Gravel of Whales says her family was fascinated by the object that washed up during their visit to the beach in 2015. The large round metal ball was covered in barnacles.

They took pictures of their children playing around with it. Until one of their alerted them to a Facebook post explaining to them what it really was. A world war 2 explosive that may very well still have been active. They even went to watch the bomb squad detonate the bomb.

Sea Monster

Sport Diver

Was this a sea monster carcass? On a walk in 2011, an Aberdeen couple found a 30-foot carcass of an animal that had an intact skull, tail, and teeth, where they exercised their dogs.

She said, “It’s like nothing we have ever seen, it almost looks prehistoric.” Experts believe that the carcass could belong to a pilot whale or killer whale. To this day nobody really knows what it is.

Giant Snowballs

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This strange and beautiful sight occurred in Siberia on the coast of Ob, where giant snowballs were found along an 11 mile stretch of beach. They ranged from the size of a tennis ball to almost 3ft across. A very rare environmental process where small pieces of ice form, rolled by water and wind, and end up as giant snowballs.

Many of the elderly locals had never seen this beautiful occurrence in all their lives. The biggest find will perplex you…

Good Riddance

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$70,000,000 worth of contraband washed up on 2 Norfolk beaches weighing in at 360 kilograms. It is not yet clear how the powder came to be in the water but one theory is that it was thrown overboard by smugglers either for others to collect or because they feared they were to be challenged by officials.

At least these bags didn’t end up in the wrong hands!