Top 5 Tasteful Instagram Trends We Want to See More of in 2018

From new colors to new angles, we're crossing our fingers we'll be seeing more of these five Instagram trends in 2018.

Social media has forever changed the world of internet aesthetics. No matter whose Insta-aesthetic you admire, we’re all inundated daily with viral #LOTD’s faster than we can say trending. But now that it’s 2018, we’re becoming more selective about who we follow on social media. Those whose content enhances our internet experience for the better shall stay, while the less tasteful of the bunch are getting the axe.

Among our favorite Instagram trends to take hold in 2017 were marble backdrops, rose gold accents and hedgehog-everything, but it’s time to click “unfollow” on those bizarre looks that you’re happy to leave behind in 2018. Let’s just say that the “duck face selfie,” oversized pouts, wacky brows and OTT Lisa Frank makeup tutorials, are getting the boot from our lists in 2018.

Still, there are a number of tasteful aesthetics to keep in mind when scrolling through your feeds in the New Year. Whether or not you’re the type to recreate social media trends, internet bloggers, vloggers and influencers are all filling up our feeds with the hottest new looks of the moment, and these are the Top 5 Instagram trends we hope to see more of in 2018.


5.) The KiraKira App love will keep flowing.

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As of right now, we have no problem with the glittering goodness of the KiraKira app. And if you didn’t know about it yet, now you do. The app is a dream-come-true for fans of glitter, casting filters of sparkles atop any photo you choose.

These days everything sparkles, from Karlie Kloss to Christmas lights to literal slices of pizza — and TBH, we’re kind of ok with that. It’s become such an Insta-sensation that major news outlets like Elite Daily and Refinery29 have created tutorials for the app! The word is out and we won’t judge you if you hop on board this celebrity-beloved trend. After all, it’s making our feeds so pretty.


4.) Distorted imagery like crooked selfies, grainy filters and partial photos shall abound.

family xmas card DAY 12 @elirusselllinnetz

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Suffice it to say that selfies are no longer bound by the constraints of old school photography. These days, crooked angles, unkempt subjects and partial body shots (often featuring mom jeans) abound. But we’re definitely not complaining. Along with the loosening of conventional photo composition comes the new generation’s Insta-aesthetic. It includes blurry photos, imperfect snaps and reflects attempts to redefine social norms that has translated into our Insta-styles.

Literally all it takes is one look at Kendall Jenner’s page to see this trend at work — the supermodel-slash-photographer is a trendsetter, after all. Seeing as how she’s Instagram’s most-followed model, her millions of followers have front-row seats to these artistic inclinations of our times. We’re all about the broadening of minds and the evolution of style, and this trend’s continued popularity should be good to go.


3. French-Girl Style is everything.

@kristinvicari ❤️🌹

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Like it or not, Parisian women have officially become the coolest women on the planet. There’s a raging epidemic driven by those seeking the French-girl’s coveted je ne sais quoi. What’s fueling Instagram’s francophilia? It’s could very well be the globalization of culture.

France has always been a leader in fashion — and these days, Garance Doré’s Anne-Laure Mais all but reigns on social media. Nautical stripes and French-girl style have become all the rage. Last year Vogue broke the news that Parisian model, Louise Follain, is Jane Birkin’s doppelgänger, and our Insta-obsession was born.

And then there’s the world of beauty. Iconic French-girl style and its shaggy bangs, undone hair, rich red lips and effortless beauty are tous! (That’s French for “everything.”) But when, in the summer of 2017, Estée Lauder named the Parisian makeup artist Violette as their Global Beauty Director, our francophone futures were sealed. After all — you must’ve noticed that micellar water became beauty’s “next big thing,” products like hair oil blew up and indie beauty brands with French-girl vibes went absolutely viral. Like we said — #trending.

Either way, the beauty gods have spoken, and Parisian women will show us the way.


2.) Minimalism’s clean design… because maximalism is extra AF.

Minimalism 🖤

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We’re suckers for the clean edges and the black, white and shades-of-grey color palette of minimalism. But some would argue that OTT styles — maximalist interiors that are seriously “extra” — will dominate this year. One thing’s for sure: while these design trends coexist, they’ll react to each other in strong ways that make for some eye-popping interiors.

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That being said, another trend to note has to do with Pantone’s named Color of the Year. Last year’s were Millennial Pink and Serenity Blue — remember? We got an eye full of the bubblegum pink hue. Well, this year it’s Ultra Violet, a plum-meets-purple shade that we can imaging popping up (like in planters against marble backdrops).


1.) The Development of the Insta-perfect pose.

WhoWhatWear first broke the news of the perfect, instantly slimming pose for Instagram. For most of our lives camera secrets this juicy were reserved exclusively for models, but thanks to our girl at WWW, we can now post our snaps with ease.


What are your favorite Instagram trends that you hope to see more of in 2018? Let us know in the comments!