Top 5 Double Tap-Worthy Gifts That Will Give Your Bestie Insta-Approval

We all know someone obsessed with social media, and these Instagrammable gifts will make the perfect, photo-ready presents this holiday season.

We’ve all got at least one friend whose an Insta-sensation. The moment she posts each artful snap, waves of followers double-tap their approval. Some holiday gift-giving is refreshingly straightforward, but how do you shop for your Instagram-loving BFF?

Luckily, catering to the reigning Instagram aesthetic is much easier than you’d think. A good rule of thumb to follow is the more photogenic, the better. What this really means is from pastels to rainbows, and all that glitters in between, eye-popping color palettes are in. The Insta-obsessed also love to be creative — so crafty, DIY-able gifts are always clutch. Lastly, once you get a feel for their online vibe, trending hashtags guide the way to the gift of her dreams.

Whether your BFF is all about that #lovewall, or maybe she’s more of a #plantsonpink type of gal, here are the Top 5 gifts guaranteed to earn her Insta-approval.


5.) Limited-edition #LOVEWALL socks inspired by James Goldcrown’s Bleeding Heart Murals.

Jodee Debes Photography

Nothing makes us want to double-tap like artist James Goldcrown’s whimsical Bleeding Heart murals (AKA #lovewall) that LA fashion bloggers can’t get enough of. Above, you’ll spot the darling fashion blogger, Sydnee Summer, in this colorful photo by It-girl photog, Jodee Debes — two trend-setters whose photos get hearted like crazy. Now, the artist responsible for Instagram’s favorite wall released this limited-edition sock just in time for Christmas: Related Garments X James Goldcrown Socks.

P.S. Model-turned-actress Kate Upton has her own pair!



4.) Picturesque pastries in rainbow hues to upstage the #UnicornFrappucino.

The unicorn Frappuccino had its moment, but we’re so here for tasting the rainbow. We’ve moved on to more important things — like rainbow-colored treats. Hidden rainbow hair kicked things off, but ever since watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, we’ve had combos of pastries and pastels on the brain.

That’s why it’ll be a blast for your pal to DIY her way to a photo-ready feast. She’ll appreciate a hue in Pantone’s color-of-the-year, but when in doubt, the Insta-cool kids adore all things #millenialpink. We die for Foodstirs creations — like their Celebration Rainbow Pancake Kit, pictured below — but Baked In’s Candy Crush Rainbow Cake Baking Kit is legit AF.




3.) The #FloatLife is the good life… and then there’s U-N-I-C-O-R-N life

So what if it’s winter? That doesn’t mean that you should give up #floatlife ’til next summer. After all, it’s just a plane ride away to go where that pool weather never ends.

As the Insta-famous know, a top-of-the-line Funboy Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float is all the inspiration you’ll need to plan a sun-filled getaway that’s chock-full of photo opps. Not only will your bestie love owning the creme-de-la-creme of luxury pool floats, but they come in a treasure trove of photo-popping choices to choose from. Next thing you know, an impromptu vacay to a warm weather climate might be in the works — but hey, that’s what we love about #unicornlife.




2.) #PlantsOnPink? Always a good idea

Trending greenery has officially made its way from our Instagram feeds and into our hearts, thanks to the viral #PlantsOnPink hashtag.

Folks worldwide have been taking photos of leafy-greens and cactus with pastel pink backdrops to boot. (See? We weren’t kidding about millennial pink.) Consider picking up a trendy NCYP geometric vaseHirt’s Gardens Terrarium Kit and some extra Shop Succulents Unique Succulents for a DIY, photo-ready terrarium. Or simply pick up a pre-made Air Plants Online Terrarium Kit to make your home decor infinitely cooler.





1.) Give the gift of the perfect selfie with a TripleC Selfie Remote

Here is the ultimate gift for your Instagram-loving best friend: a Triple C Designs SelfieBeat Bluetooth, Speakerphone and Selfie Remote. With this gift, her selfie-quality will be second-to-none — and her feed will be infinitely upgraded. Unflattering angles, too-close-up views and obvious selfie-sticks will be a distant memory of the past once she gets her paws on this genius invention.

With its trend-right design, complete with rose gold accents, this self-timer and clicker will legitimately change her life. We know you love your BFF, so get her a gift that keeps on giving! All you have to do is click *add to cart.*

Triple C Designs SelfieBeat Bluetooth, Speakerphone and Selfie Remote on Amazon


Which of these gifts do  you think your Insta-obsessed friend would love? Tell us in the comments below!