Infected Mushroom: The 5 Biggest Obstacles to Producing Great Music

As you made your way through the crowd at this year’s 2013 Coachella Music Festival then you were hopefully lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the psytrance duo who make up the group Infected Mushroom. Their creative compositions are on the beautifully psychedelic end of trance music, and this great mixture is thanks to all the hard work Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani were able to put into producing their sound since 1998 when they formed.

We were able to get in touch with the guys to find out what it actually takes to create such amazing music.

5 Keeping Up with New Media and Programs (Though Erez is Pretty on Top of it)

“[The type of New Media we use is] our little secret haha… but we have our typical programs like Massive, Omnisphere, and Nexus2 – there are lots of plug-ins and patches coming out all of the time! We also have our own custom Infected synth that’s pretty killer.”

4 Trying to Keep Up with the Younger Generation – Some Visionaries These A’Days

“Additionally, there are a lot of youngin’s who are making huge tunes these days. I don’t think it’s an obstacle (more of an inspiration), but it makes it more difficult for our music to make it to the forefront, including commercial radio (which may or may not be a bad thing) – we are lucky to have such amazing supportive fans who have helped our music transcend time. Zedd, Porter Robinson, and Skrillex are a few that come to mind…”

3 Harnessing the Energy to Go Straight to the Studio After Coming Home from a Long Tour

“[Without a working espresso machine] we otherwise harness energy from food because we love to eat. If you have noticed, a lot of our songs are named after the food (or food places) we love. We don’t vacation much because being home is kind of like our vacation…”

2 Dealing with the Fact that our Espresso Machine is Broken :/

“Between the traveling and the daddy-duty we have to find time for sleep… This is also why espresso is so important, and why the situation with the broken machine is dire. Let’s be honest, without caffeine the world would be a much tougher place. There is nothing like the feeling of a hot espresso hitting your lips. It livens the soul, inspires the mind, and cleanses the body!”

1 Finding Time to Balance Studio Sessions with Family

“We travel a lot, typically around 150 shows per year… so when we arrive home on Sunday or Monday each week, we can’t simply go straight back to making music. We both have two beautiful children so we have daddy-duty. We like to take our kids to the park, to the petting zoo (they love animals), we help with homework, drop-off/pick-up from school, fill in where we can to be as helpful as possible when we are in town. We love being a part of our kids’ lives.”

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