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Recover from the aftermath of identity theft with LifeLock. Experience round-the-clock data monitoring, instant fraud alerts, expert assistance, and more. Safeguard your data with LifeLock today.

My husband loves baseball games, especially when a bat connects perfectly with a ball. So, for his birthday, I found four tickets online. But, what was meant to be a celebration quickly turned sour. By buying them online, I unknowingly exposed myself to identity theft. The thief accessed my personal information, wreaking havoc on my credit rating, bank account, and even my social security number. Even after the thief was caught, I still suffered the consequences.. To add insult to injury, they even took a vacation in Aruba using my identity!

Protect yourself when purchasing tickets online by taking precautions against identity theft. Don’t let hackers steal your personal information and compromise your financial security. Stay safe and enjoy the game!

It’s Really Common

Identity theft is a pervasive crime that involves billions of dollars in consumer losses every year. Stolen data is often exploited by fraudsters for various risky activities, including opening credit cards in the victim’s name, gaining unauthorized access to medical records, or stealing prescriptions.

Unfortunately, identity theft can occur through multiple avenues, including public places, workplaces, and tax returns. To combat this rampant problem, I put my trust in LifeLock.

Public Places

Moreover, public spaces are a hotspot for potential risks. For instance, using your laptop in a coffee shop could expose you to a range of dangers. Cybercriminals may exploit low-energy electronic signals to intercept your data via “side-channel” attacks.


Workplaces are especially vulnerable environments, where group chat apps can compromise sensitive company data and personal information. To prevent breach of information, prioritizing the use of end-to-end encryption, strong passwords, and refraining from sharing sensitive data within group chats is essential.

Your Tax Returns

Tax documents are often prime targets for identity theft, leaving taxpayers vulnerable to fraudulent returns and stolen refund checks. A practical way to mitigate this risk is to opt for direct deposit of refunds and to file your tax returns promptly.

You are Protected

Identity theft can feel overwhelming, but there are ways to protect yourself. Legal safeguards and resources, such as the Federal Trade Commission, are available to help those affected. There may be insurance policies that can ease some of the financial burden as well, but taking proactive measures against identity theft is crucial for comprehensive protection.

Proactive Prevention is Available

LifeLock has become my go-to solution for safeguarding my identity. Its continuous monitoring provides round-the-clock protection against potential threats, eliminating the need for constant worry.

One of the standout features of LifeLock is its ability to promptly alert me if any unauthorized data usage is detected. This is particularly valuable because it previously took me a week to discover that my data had been stolen. Thanks to LifeLock’s fraud alert system, I receive almost instant notifications about any suspicious activity.

LifeLock goes beyond just alerts in the unfortunate event of identity theft. They provide expert guidance and assign an Identity Restoration Specialist to handle my case. LifeLock even offers reimbursement for any related expenses, including potential lawyer fees. Having this level of support has been invaluable in my journey towards recovery.

What’s more, LifeLock can be easily installed on up to five devices, allowing me to use it anywhere. This feature ensures not only my data remains secure but also protects the reputation of my teenager.

LifeLock provides me with peace of mind, knowing that my identity and personal information are in safe hands. If you’re looking for a solution to protect your identity, LifeLock is the way to go.

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