Identity Guard Review

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Identity Guard® Review

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Identity Guard® is a credit monitoring solution created by Intersections Inc., which has provided identity theft and credit monitoring services to more than 35 million individuals since 1996.

Identity Guard offers Total Protection®, a credit monitoring solution that includes monitoring of credit files at all three major credit bureaus. This plan monitors Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion® credit files and quickly alerts customers to certain changes. Customers also receive quarterly credit report and score updates, which summarize certain changes. For victims of identity theft, the experts on the ITAC Victim Assistance® team will assist customers through the recovery process and help them through every step of regaining their financial identity.

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5.0/5.0 Stars

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The enrollment process is quick and straightforward, allowing prompt access to a customer’s personal information. After providing basic personal information (name, address and email address), each customer is asked for his or her Social Security number and date of birth to verify the customer’s identity and help prevent anyone else from gaining access to their credit information. A valid credit card number is required for the free trial and service will continue if a cancellation request is not submitted before the end of the trial period. Another security measure requires customers to answer several authentication questions that pertain to information in the credit report. Once users have passed the authentication process and selected a user ID and password, they will be shown their Identity Guard Dashboard, and can see all of their credit and identity details, all in one place.

Credit Scores and Credit Report Updates

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Identity Guard Total Protection offers an up-to-date view (with unlimited access) to credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to help customers stay aware of their current credit standing at each bureau. In addition to the three initial scores, Identity Guard provides quarterly credit report and score updates.

Service Features

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Identity Guard monitors customers’ credit files at all three credit bureaus. Members are alerted whenever certain changes are detected, such as: new lines of credit, cell phone accounts or loans. Customers can be alerted by email (default option), text or phone call.

Identity Guard monitors thousands of databases for publicly available information and alerts customers to certain changes, such as name and aliases, address history, license and registrations, criminal and civil court records, and bankruptcy filings.

The Credit Analyzer tool lets customers explore the impact that various hypothetical credit scenarios could have on their credit—such as balance transfers, opening or closing accounts, credit inquiries and more.


To sign up for a 30 day free trial, visit Identity Guard >

Extra Services

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Inside the Identity Guard Member Area, users will find tools that can help them analyze their credit and get insight into their financial future. Identity Guard Total Protection calculators include: Home Mortgage, Home Budget, Auto, Retirement Planning, Savings, Personal Finance, and others.

Identity Guard also offers ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite, an all-inclusive package that contains anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software. This service is provided for free over any duration of membership, saving customers hundreds of dollars off the price of standalone security products.

The innovative PrivacyProtect® Anti-Keylogger Software actually encrypts keystrokes, making them unintelligible to keyloggers so customers can stay safe online while they browse the Internet, or connect securely to Wi-Fi hotspots through their laptop.

Identity Guard offers a mobile app for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphones, providing a secure and convenient way to receive alerts promptly.

Identity Guard also actively monitors your name, address and Social Security number for specific activities—such as new applications for credit cards, cell phones, auto or home loans, utility accounts and more—so they can alert you to them. If you ever receive an alert, you have unlimited toll-free access to Credit Education Specialists, who can help answer your questions. The Identity Guard resource center also provides valuable tips and information to help you understand identity theft risks such as dumpster diving and phising.

Customer Service

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Identity Guard member service associates are available toll-free from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST on weekdays, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on Saturdays. Personal recovery assistance, which is available during the same hours, can benefit members who become identity theft victims.

The first 30 days of Total Protection coverage is free to Top 5 customers and only $14.99 per month thereafter. Service may be cancelled at any time.

Identity Guard makes itself a standout choice by offering advanced tools, services and resources to help consumers monitor their credit. With Total Protection, customers can rest easier knowing they’ll be alerted quickly whenever certain changes occur to their credit profile.


To sign up for a 30 day free trial, visit Identity Guard >

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