Husband Quits Job To Take Care Of Wife, Then Discovers Secret GoFundMe Account



Joseph just sat there, wondering when the officer’s words would finally set in. In the last five years, he never thought of anything but his wife and their child.

He’d given up everything for them. He’d begged for them. And this was the thanks he got? Secrets being exposed by a police officer who had received a complaint about her actions?

Five Years Prior


It was supposed to be just another Monday morning. Joseph had gotten up and gone to work, expecting his wife to do the same. And he wasn’t wrong.

But when lunchtime rolled around, he received a call from Amber’s Human Resources Department. They informed him that his wife was rushed to hospital after falling ill at work.

A Doctor’s Visit


Joseph rushed to the hospital and arrived at the same time as the doctor. Amber explained what had happened while she was at work and stated that she was feeling even worse than before.

The doctor listened intently while making notes in her file. And when she was done talking, he ordered a range of tests. Joseph tried to find out what was going on, but the doctor had no answers.

One Test After Another


The nurses came in and started taking blood for their tests. After that, they pushed Amber into a range of different machines, from MRI scanners to X-ray machines.

She barely had a moment of peace when they came in to do a lumbar puncture. Joseph was stunned. He knew that some of those tests were only done for certain conditions. Was his wife in danger?

It Couldn’t Get Worse


After spending two agonizing days in the hospital, the doctor finally arrived with the results. He offered Joseph a chair and took a seat on the bed before opening the file.

It was the moment of truth, and the news wasn’t good. Amber was diagnosed with early-stage leukemia, and it was progressing quickly. What would the couple do now?

The Doctor’s Warning


The doctor went over all the treatment options and prescribed an endless list of medications. He wanted to overload her system with the hope that they could stop the cancer before it got worse.

But at the same time, he warned the couple of the consequences the treatment would have. The cancer would cause Amber to deteriorate quickly. The medication would make that deterioration seem even worse.

A Piece Of Advice


After discussing all the options available to them, the doctor asked to speak to Joseph alone. The devastated man followed the doctor out of the room, not knowing what else to do.

Once they were far enough for their discussion to remain private, the doctor told Joseph that the best thing he could do was get a nurse. Before long, Amber wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed.

What To Do?


When Joseph got back into the room, Amber was asleep, and he was alone with his thoughts. He was exhausted, but his mind was whirling.

What was he going to do? How could he help his wife through this terrible situation? Who was going to take care of her while he was at work? Those were just some of the thoughts that were plaguing him.

A 13-Year-Old


On top of having a sick wife, he also had a 13-year-old son to take care of. He used to share the parenting duties with Amber, but now he wouldn’t be able to share anything with her.

He’d hardly be home with everything he had to do. On any normal day, he worked for 9 hours now. He had to add school trips and sports events to his schedule as well.

Deteriorating Wife


For the next few weeks, Joseph tried to stay strong. He took all of his tasks in their stride and tried to be home as much as he could. But things were slowly getting worse.

Amber’s condition was deteriorating much faster than he expected. And Joseph had already gotten multiple warnings due to the amount of time he had taken off.

Difficult Decision


Joseph knew he had to come up with another plan if he wanted to succeed. He had a difficult decision to make, and he wasn’t sure he was ready for that.

But he didn’t have much of a choice. He needed to find a way to take care of his wife and child without it costing him his job. What could he do?

Doing Some Research


That night, Joseph sat down behind his laptop and decided to do some research into hiring a home nurse. He finally understood what the doctor meant and knew that the time had come.

But there were multiple problems with the piece of advice he had received. Joseph scrolled through pages of information and soon discovered that things wouldn’t be as easy as he thought.

Pros And Cons


Hiring a private nurse comes with pros and cons. They could do everything Amber needed, from giving her medication to helping her with doctor’s visits.

But they didn’t come cheap, and his medical insurance wouldn’t cover a full-time nurse for the duration of his wife’s illness. Could he make it work somehow? Was this the key to their success?

He Couldn’t Afford It


After countless calculations and trying to rearrange his expenses, Joseph discovered that there was no way he could afford to hire a private nurse.

Even with the amount the medical insurance was willing to pay, he would never be able to afford to have someone there full-time. Plus, someone would still need to take care of their son.

What To Do?


Joseph didn’t sleep that night. His mind was too preoccupied with trying to find a solution to the predicament he had suddenly found himself in.

What on earth was he going to do now? How could he take care of his family if he couldn’t be there or hire someone who could? The hours passed him by, but in the end, he knew there was only one solution.

A Sad Email


The next morning, Joseph sent an email to his boss stating that he would be resigning from his position, so he could spend his time looking after his family.

His boss was incredibly understanding and decided to let him leave without giving any notice. But this was just the beginning of his struggles. Now he needed to worry about money as well.

Hard To Adjust


The next morning, Joseph got up early and got to work. He made sure his son had everything he needed before dropping him off at school. On the way back, he did some shopping. And when he got home, he took care of Amber before cleaning the place up.

It was hard for him to adjust to this new routine. But it wasn’t like he had much of a choice. If only he knew what was happening behind his back.

They Made Do


The situation was bad, but Amber and Joseph made do with what they had. Joseph had approached both their families, and he was lucky enough to get their support.

Their son had dropped out of all extracurricular activities in order to help his dad. And before long, they had settled into a routine that suited everyone involved.

Years Passed


Years had passed since Amber was diagnosed, and her family was trying their best to make things work. But nobody knew what she was doing when she was alone.

It would be five whole years before her secret came to light, and when it did, it would blow everything wide open. What was she hiding? And how would it affect her husband?

Getting Worse With Time


Over those five years, things only got worse. Amber’s condition kept deteriorating, and before long, she was completely bedridden. Joseph had to buy a van to get her to appointments and was overwhelmed with relief when the doctor decided that house visits would be a better idea.

They were struggling financially, and things weren’t about to get any easier. But they still held on.

Staying Strong


Joseph and his family stayed strong long after Amber’s family pulled out of the deal. They took turns watching her so he could take care of their son and do an odd job here and there.

But there was no way Joseph was going to give up on his wife. He’d stand by her side no matter what. He might regret that decision when he found out what she was up to.

More Frequent Visits


The doctor’s visits became more frequent over the years. And each time he came by, he had a new idea or treatment that he wanted to try.

Joseph was so tired of it all, but deep down, he still had hope. He wanted to keep his wife by his side for as long as he could, and if it meant more medication, then he’d find a way to make it happen.

Endless Trials


Over the years, Amber had gone through endless trials for new treatments. They had tried anything and everything to help extend her life. And a new trial had just come out.

But as the doctor stood there, examining the frail woman, he made a decision that would change everything. “She’s not strong enough for treatment anymore,” he said.

Nothing They Could Do


The doctor admitted that there was nothing more they could do. In his opinion, the best way to proceed was to cancel all treatment and just give her something for the pain.

That way, she would have at least a few weeks with her family before the condition claimed her life. Joseph was reluctant, but Amber’s mind had been made up.

Cherishing Every Moment


Joseph understood that his wife didn’t want to suffer anymore. She had been through so much during the last few years, and it would be unfair for him to push her even further.

So he decided to treasure every moment he had with her and to build memories that would last a lifetime. And that was exactly what he did. But that might change when he receives a surprise visitor.

One Busy Day


This particular day was a busy one for Joseph. He had gone through his usual routine and then set out to do some repairs on the house.

He had just finished fixing the tap in the kitchen when something completely unexpected happened. As he was drying off his hands, the doorbell rang. And the person on the other side didn’t come bearing good news.

Opening The Door


Joseph was confused when he opened the door, but his confusion only deepened when he saw a police officer standing on the other side.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Grover, but I’m here because someone laid a complaint against your wife,” the officer said, catching Joseph completely off guard. What on earth was the officer talking about?

Shocking Question


Joseph quickly let the officer in and showed him to the living room. The two of them sat down, and Joseph asked the officer to elaborate on his statement.

“For the last five years, your wife has been running a GoFundMe page,” the officer said before clearing his throat. “People have donated a lot of money to her cause, but many said that they believed they were being scammed.”

What Was Going On?


Joseph’s brows furrowed in confusion. He had never received any money from a GoFundMe page he didn’t know about. If this was true, where did the money go? And what was the page for anyway?

He asked the officer all those questions, and the officer looked just as confused as he felt. Why was that?

Are You Sure?


The officer then explained that Amber had told her story about the cancer, and she asked people to donate money for her son. From what they could tell, the money went directly into his account.

“I’m sorry to come to you at such a tough time,” the officer said with a forced smile. “But I think that it would be wise for you to do a paternity test.”

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.