Woman Insists On Staying With Dog So Husband Installs Camera


The Alert

Herman was away and staying in a hotel when his phone buzzed. His first thought was that it was Maria. Grabbing his phone, he was surprised at receiving such a message.

His mind began to race when he realized it wasn’t an ordinary text but an alert from his home security system. The system had detected strange movements inside his home. He knew Maria was there and grew concerned for her safety.

Moving In


When Herman Perez and his wife Maria moved in together, it was a new step in their relationship. Married life had so far been amazing and he hoped it would continue this way.

They’d been together for a couple of years now and marriage had seemed the next logical step. They hadn’t been living together when Herman was suddenly struck by what went on in his home when he wasn’t around.

New Routines

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Herman technically hadn’t been living alone before Maria moved in. A resident of Washington, he shared his home with Elsa, his loving dog. Herman’s usual routines consisted of a morning run.

Afterward, Herman and Elsa usually had breakfast together. Elsa was then dropped off at her puppy daycare before Herman left to work. Meeting Maria changed all this.

The Newbie

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Herman and Elsa had a new housemate for the first time. Maria meant the world to Herman and was everything he’d ever dreamed of in a wife.  She was the total package and he could not have been happier with his choice.

Not only did Maria possess a great sense of humor, but she also challenged Herman to learn new things and grow as a result of her influence. However, there was another side to Maria and the real dynamic of having her as a housemate was soon evident.

He Rescued Her

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Elsa was equally as important to Herman as he had rescued her when she was still a little pup. They’d been together for years now and he could never imagine his life without the pooch. He spoiled her a lot and tried to always ensure that she had every comfort in his home.

Elsa could be a little fussy and territorial about her home. In fact, she usually never liked having other people around and was possessive of Herman. She usually barked and snapped at strangers but seemed to be oddly submissive around Maria.

First Meeting

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Herman and Maria had been dating a short while when she and Elsa were introduced.  After sniffing Maria tentatively, Elsa only whined a little and went to sit over by the couch.

It was strange behavior on her part but Herman was just relieved that she hadn’t been aggressive toward Mariaa. They were his two favorite girls in the world but he had no idea just how serious things would get between the pair.

Time Passed

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In the space of no time, two years had already passed since that day. The couple was now living together. Maria worked from home and Herman had to commute to the city as he worked in an office.

That first week, Herman was away for work. It was to be the first time that Maria and Elsa were left alone together and Herman worried about how the pair would get along. Elsa had grown quite large and could be a handful when she felt threatened.

He Was Anxious

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It began when Herman was asked to travel out of the city to meet with a new client.  He was worried about how Maria would react to him needing to be away so soon after they’d moved in together.

Maria turned out to be supportive and didn’t make a big deal about it. She insisted that he should go and that she and Elsa would be fine. He never guessed what Maria would actually get up to once the was gone.

The Trip

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Before his trip, Herman made arrangements incident occurred, Herman installed a home security system, including motion-sensing cameras. The feed could be accessed directly on his phone and it made him feel better since there had been some recent burglaries in the area.

The system worked with an alert system if he was away. The cameras were programmed to detect odd or unusual movements and could instantly alert the homeowner when it captured anything strange going on. What one of them ended up catching left Herman in tears.

He Was Alerted

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Herman’s business trip was going well. He’d had a good meeting with the client and was spending that evening relaxing in his hotel room when his phone buzzed.

Thinking it was a text from Maria, he was confused when he saw an alert from the security system. Panic welled inside him. He wondered if Maria and Elsa were okay.

Expecting The Worst

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The security software quickly launched and brought the camera interface. Among the many cameras installed in the house, the kitchen one blinked with activity.

Herman’s mind began racing. He remembered that Maria usually took Elsa on a walk during that time of the day, so she couldn’t be home. Fearing the worst, he clicked on the camera feed.

Witnessing The Best

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The feed came to life, and Herman covered his mouth in surprise. Maria stood in the center of the kitchen, and right before her, standing on two feet, Elsa.

The two were dancing, something that Herman could not explain or believe. Maria danced with the dog for a few minutes, holding her up before letting her down. But it didn’t stop there.

It Continues

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Maria lay down with Elsa, teaching her how to roll around and petting the dog when she rolled the correct way. She even brought treats out, teaching Elsa how to sit.

The interaction left Herman speechless and teary. He thought about calling Maria but knew he couldn’t ruin such a beautiful moment. He was still watching the video when he remembered something.


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Over the past few months, Maria had always insisted on watching over Elsa. On the other hand, the pup was always restless when Maria wasn’t around.

Herman had never thought too much about it then, but watching them bond now, he knew they were soulmates. As the two finally stopped and Maria started making dinner, Herman knew what he needed to do next.

He’s Thankful

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Herman called Maria, telling her what he’d seen. At first, his fiance was embarrassed that he’d seen her. She’d forgotten about the cameras in the house.

Herman told her how lucky he and Elsa were that she was in their lives and shared that he’d never trade her for anything in this lifetime or the next. But this isn’t the only time a hidden camera revealed a dog’s strange behavior to its owner.

Trying To Tell Him Something

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Crosby was trying to tell him something but he didn’t understand. He looked at the wall in question and back at the footage.

He got up off his chair and walked over to the wall. The usually sullen Crosby raced over and barked in excitement. It was the most alive he’d seen Crosby in weeks. Feeling encouraged, he placed his ear on the wall.

His Family

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Ever since 29-year-old George Miller adopted his dog Crosby, they’ve been inseparable. As a single young man living in a big city far away from any relatives, Crosby is not only Miller’s best friend, but his family. They do everything together.

Miller describes Crosby as loyal and sensitive, and one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet. But there was something else that Miller didn’t know about his beloved pooch.

Long Walks


The incident left Miller stunned. He had no idea how his dog did that, moreover, how his dog was able to communicate so effectively with him. It was as if Miller had never fully seen him before.

Miller often took Crosby out for walks and playtime at the dog park. He was always amused at how easily Crosby got attached to his surroundings, as well as other animals.



Like most dogs, Crosby was naturally very trusting with an insatiable curiosity. These traits led him into all sorts of mischief but also to his best friend – the dog and cat next door. They had been best friends for nearly 8 years, until disaster struck.

Crosby lost both of his furry friends back to back within a few short months. Their owner was devastated but something in Crosby changed.


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At first, Miller didn’t think much of Crosby’s different behavior. He carried on with their daily routines and his work as usual, completely oblivious to the warning signs.

Then one day, Miller returned from a long day at work expecting Crosby to greet him at the door like always. Instead, he saw something he never wanted to see again.

Staring At The Wall


Crosby looked static, almost possessed as he stared unblinking at the living room wall. Miller called his name but he didn’t turn around. What was wrong with him? Could he hear Miller?

Miller raised his voice as he called for him again. Still no reaction. So he walked over to him and his eyes followed Crosby’s to the spot on the wall. What was he staring at? What was happening?

Snapping Out Of It

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It wasn’t until Miller stood directly in front of Crosby and sweetly asked “what is it boy?” while giving him a worried rub that Crosby quickly snapped out of his trance.

Miller scratched his head as he tried to understand what happened. “He seems to hear me fine now”, Miller thought, “Maybe it was just a bug?”. But it wasn’t a bug. It was something much bigger.

Strange Behavior

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Everything seemed fine with Crosby that evening until it hit midnight. Miller went downstairs to get himself a glass of water when he saw doing the exact same strange behavior that worried him earlier.

Except this time, he noticed something different, there was a new gloominess to Crosby. He looked absolutely miserable as he hung his head low, staring at the exact same spot on the wall. Enough was enough.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

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Miller woke up very early the next morning and drove straight to the store. He bought a recording camera with night vision, and installed it in the house before he went to work.

He waited until the next day to watch it. He had a whole day and night’s worth of footage to watch through. Was this what Crosby did when Miller was away? Why was he doing this? What would the camera record?

Trying To Communicate

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Weird. The footage showed Crosby staring at this wall only when Miller was about to enter the room. He was trying to tell him something? Miller looked at the wall in question and back at the footage.

As he walked over to the wall, Crosby raced over and barked. It was the most alive he’d seen Crosby in weeks. Or more accurately, since his best friends had passed. With encouragement from Crosby, he placed his ear on the wall.

Something Inside


Crosby let out another cheerful bark as Miller dropped to his knees for a closer inspection. Suddenly, he heard a noise and froze. “What on earth was that?” he whispered.

His heartbeat raced as he realized something was inside the wall. He broke off a piece of the wooden paneling that had fallen loose right next to the floor. His jaw dropped as he looked wildly back to Crosby.

A Kitten

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A little kitten had hidden itself within the loose wall paneling of the wall between his living room and washroom. However, what was bizarre about this was that the kitten closely resembled Crosby’s best cat friend.

What’s more is that it was almost impossible for the kitten to have gotten inside the house by itself. Crosby must have brought her in somehow in all his despair for company.

Trying To Find The Owners

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Miller immediately looked for the kittens’ owners but couldn’t find any. He went around to all his neighbors and even hung up posters. However he never heard anything back.

Some neighbors told Miller that they had seen the kitten in the street before and think she’s a stray. Miller then took her to the vet to see if she had any microchip but she didn’t.

Best Friends

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Meanwhile, Crosby loved having her around. He was becoming more and more like the joyful, goofy pup Miller knew him to be. But still, Miller never really wanted a cat, so he decided to take her to the shelter.

However, just as he was about to leave, he saw Crosby standing to see them out, head and tail hanging low. It broke his heart, but he was determined. Little did he know, the universe was working in Crosby’s favor.


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The shelter had no space. With no choice but to keep her, Miller arrived home with a new member to their family and a very excited Crosby.

It was a win, win! Crosby was no longer lonely, and the kitten now had a loving home. And Miller, well, Miller learnt to pay more attention to what his dog tries to tell him in the future!