Couple Investigates About Adopted Girl, Return Her Few Days Later


A Happy Family

When the little girl finally entered their family, they couldn’t feel more ecstatic. Now, their first priority was to make her feel right at home. And even though she seemed a bit shy at the beginning, she began opening up shortly after. 

But months passed, and the family started learning more and more about the girl’s history. And when they knew the whole truth, they had no other option but to return her.

Making The Family Bigger


Victor McIntyre and his wife Tracey had been looking to adopt a little girl from Africa; they wanted to expand their family, but they also wanted to help a child in need.

This family from Orlando already had four children who they loved with all their hearts. Still, adopting a kid with a troubled background and providing him or her with a good life was something they always wanted to do.

A Fifth Child

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From any possible point of view, they saw adopting a child as a more human and necessary action than bringing another kid into the world by themselves.

They reached out to several adoption agencies in Africa; eventually, they stuck with one of them, based in Uganda. It would be thanks to this agency that they would find the fifth member of their family; but they didn’t have a clue of what they were getting themselves into.

Starting The Process

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After some back and forth with the people from the Ugandan agency, the McIntyres reached an agreement with them. The agency promised that they would find a child for them to adopt; however, they warned them that it would be a long and expensive process.

After a few months, the family received some profiles of children in need of foster parents. As time passed, they were getting closer and closer to an event that would change their lives forever.

Seeing Her

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Eventually, they heard of a five-year-old girl named Namakula who instantly called her attention. According to her profile, she had been orphaned at a really young age due to poverty.

Right then, Victor instantly sympathised with the girl. She knew she was the one. He shared his impressions with his wife, waiting to hear about her perspective on the matter.

She’s The One

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Victor’s wife Tracey instantly agreed with him. She was moved by the little girl’s story, and right after she saw her picture, she knew it: they had to help her and give her a good life.

So the decision was made. Instantly, they told their four kids about Namakula, assuring them that they would do everything they could to bring her home with them. Little did they know that they were in for a surprise.

Going To Get Her

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Just a few days later, Victor and Tracey took a flight to Uganda. They met Namakula and, with the agency’s help, they arranged everything to bring her back home with them.

From the first day, they tried their best to make her feel right at home. And even though she was kind of closed off in the beginning, she slowly became the liveliest and bubbliest child in the house. However, the real truth would soon come out.

Blending In


Two years later, Namakula was already a McIntyre through and through. Her English was impeccable, she got along beautifully with everyone, and she was doing well in school. But soon, the family would find out the truth about her.

One day, Victor remembered something: the adoption agency had told him that the adoption process would be lengthy; however, they had spent less than a month in Uganda. This rubbed him off the wrong way. And when she asked Namakula about how her life used to be in Uganda, the girl’s response made him realize that somethig was fishy.

Making Things Clear


During the adoption process, the agency had told the McIntyres a long and tragic story about her past. Not only did they say that she had been orphaned due to poverty; they added more details to Namakula’s background.

“Namakula’s father was the only breadwinner in the family. He used to work construction, and he passed away as the result of an accident during one of his shifts” the adoption agent had said. They also told them about Namakula’s mother.

About Her Family


“Her mom had problems of her own” the agent said. “After her husband passed away, she wasn’t able to raise her six kids by herself. She had a substance abuse problem and passed away shortly after.”

Every time Victor remembered this story, he’d look for Namakula and hug her. But one day, he asked her if she remembered anything about her parents; Namakula’s response left him absolutely baffled.

Digging Deeper

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Victor asked Namakula about what she loved the most about growing up in Uganda, to which she answered her family. Thinking the answer was odd, Victor asked her about her them. (  

Namakula revealed that her parents were the best, and she was doing everything to make them proud. Victor’s brows drew close. But what his daughter would reveal next would make him run for Tracey.

The Truth

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“They’re waiting for me to get a good education so I can go back to help them,” Namakula said with her usual sweet smile. “I can’t wait to see them.” 

At first, Victor thought Namakula didn’t know her biological parents had passed on. But the more she talked, the more he realized the terrible truth. 

Calling His Wife

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Victor slowly walked out of the room and relayed everything to his wife. She listened to Namakula’s story, hearing about how her biological parents were still alive when she was taken. 

To make matters worse, the agency took Namakula when she was five and not two as her report read. Frothing with the guilt of separating a daughter from her family, Victor and Tracey knew they had to make things right.

Uncovering The Truth

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The McIntyre family couldn’t believe the agency lied to them. They’d lived with Namakula for two years, and those years had been the brightest in their lives. 

They didn’t want to lose her, but they also couldn’t stomach the thought of her biological parents having sleepless nights because of their missing daughter. With help from the US government, they managed to make contact with Namakula’s mom. This would open a can of worms they were not ready for.      

The Right Thing To Do

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Namakula’s mom conversed with the McIntyres through a video call. The distraught mom cried out when she saw Namakula in the frame. She revealed that some people came to her home, telling her they wanted to offer her daughter a scholarship. She found out it was a scam after Namakula was gone. 

Victor assured her they’d do everything to bring Namakula home. Of course, they nulled their adoption of the sweet seven-year-old since her parents were still alive. Although it broke their heart to take her back to Uganda, they knew it was the right thing to do.