Wife Gets Payback On Ex-Husband Who Left Her For Her Sister


She Couldn’t Believe It

She had to pinch herself to make sure what she was reading was real. She was taken aback by what her husband of 15 years wrote. She couldn’t believe that this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

How could he treat her like that? Worse, it was with her own sister. Her world was collapsing around her. She would, however, shortly exact her vengeance.

They Had Seen Better Days

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Alicia knew that her relationship was going through a rough patch. She had been struggling with her own mental health problems, and they fought much more than normal.

However, she didn’t even consider it getting to that point. That was the absolute last thing she expected to happen. What made her so blind to James’ true colors?

Through Thick And Thin

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She was certain that theirs was a true love story in which they would always triumph over adversity. They always got through difficult times, no matter what.

However, it was not like that this time. How could he discard everything they had shared together throughout the years?

They Made It

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Since they began dating they had to go through many difficult things, such as James dropping out of school for a part-time bartending job and Alicia’s struggle to secure employment after graduating.

Moreover, they faced a lot of obstacles from the get-go. However, they had overcome everything, had built a life together for years, and were now married. So what had happened?

They Put In The Work

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Even though Alicia’s parents did not like the idea of her and James being together, having the viewpoint that James was not good enough for her, they managed to get through that together.

Alicia asked her parents to give him a chance. They were in love and would overcome any obstacles and live happily ever after. That’s what she assumed.


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They managed to deal with every curveball life threw at them. She consoled herself with a thought whenever she felt insecure about their shabby apartment or angry about James’ meager contribution to the household income.

She found comfort in the thought that things would get better. James would find his purpose, and he would be able to afford to take care of them while doing what he loved. He just needed her love and support.

Doing Better

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Alicia and James even managed to work through Alicia’s depression. A month before she stumbled across the note, Alicia had been going through the worst time of her life.

Their financial situation was really wearing her down. Alicia had to confess that she wasn’t the most pleasant person to deal with. Still, she was doing much better: she was receiving help for her mental illness and was enjoying her new job.

Horrible Timing

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That very morning, Alicia had some news to share with James. She was eager to get home and inform him of what had occurred. Their lives would forever be changed after that.

However, when she got to their place, there was no one there. No one answered when she called her husband’s name. All she discovered was a note taped to the refrigerator door.

The Note

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Alicia was stunned by the letter’s content. James detailed how he was no longer happy with her and that he no longer had the energy to try anymore, seeing as he was the only one who did.

And as Alicia read through the letter’s justifications, everything seemed to get more and more bizarre to her with each paragraph she read.

Acting Crazy

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James grumbled about the weirdest things in his letter. He claimed he felt undesired and neglected since Alice had missed commenting about his new haircut one day while she was depressed.

He was also blaming her for being unfaithful to him! And all he had to back up his claims were his assumptions. That, however, was not the worst part.


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He was accusing Alicia of cheating on him in the same letter where he confessed to having an affair with her sister for half a year now! Everything was so absolutely off-the-wall that Alicia didn’t even know what to think.

But one thing was clear: James had shown his true colors. She had been deceived for years, thinking that he was a good human being deep down. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

There Was More

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James ended his letter by letting Alicia know that neither he nor Alicia’s sister wanted to be contacted by her; they had moved to North Carolina, where they intended to start a new life together.

At first, Alicia was devastated by this. But then, she remembered the news she wanted to break down to James when she first got home, and her expression slowly changed to a smile.

She Thought About It

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The big thing she had found out just that morning was that she had just won the lottery! She was about to receive the big prize of 10 million dollars.

When she first heard the news herself, she thought it seemed like a heaven-sent gift to help them with their difficult financial situation; she thought it would fix most of the anxieties and worries that both partners felt, which were starting to take a toll on the relationship. But now, she saw things more clearly.


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She understood that James’ sudden change of heart and infidelity had been another heaven-sent event, together with her winning the lottery.

If he hadn’t left with Alicia’s sister, he would have stayed with her just because of the money; and he would have kept deceiving her. That would have been a much worse outcome than what ended up happening.


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So in a way, Alicia had been doubly blessed. Not only were her financial worries gone forever; he had also gotten rid of a bad person who had deceived her for years. She stopped feeling sorry and started feeling a strong sense of relief instead.

So instead of calling James in tears, she called her parents and friends, joyfully told them the good news, and started planning her new life.