Staying in Love with Baby when You’re Worn Out

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Having a newborn can sort of turn into a Catch-22. You love the little thing, but even when two parents are on it, or even when you have a nanny, it can be incredibly draining on your energy and ability to think clearly. Movies make it seem like having a baby is the happy ending of a young life of hoping to get to that point with the prospective life partner, but once the baby comes, things can be harder than imagined. With a fragile little being needing 24/7 care (you can’t just put him in a crate like you did with Toby for example), you may find yourself a little out of your mind after weeks of sleep-deprived diaper changing, feeding, burping, cleaning, laundry, and walks to get the little guy to go to sleep for a while.

Every parent has that moment when they think “Am I a bad parent for not loving taking care of him right now? Am I bad for wanting a vacation from all this?” The answer is no. You most definitely are not. A balanced life requires plenty of rest and ‘me-time,’ and during this period you don’t get much of either, so of course you will be craving it more than ever. Here are some ways to make sure you are rested and centered enough to keep the love flowing for the munchkin.

5 Don’t Forget About Your Own Hobbies

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There’s a reason why all of a sudden dad wants a motorcycle and mom is interested in gardening. It is your inborn need for something to focus on other than baby – something that is your ‘own thing’ that is enjoyable and considered time off. It is relaxing and somewhat meditative to partake in a hobby, and everyone needs at least one. Don’t be upset if all of a sudden dad loves spending time ordering motorcycle parts, and make sure to encourage mom to do things for herself too, as hobbies will definitely help relax your minds and take the focus away from baby from a moment so you can come back, renewed and ready to enjoy baby.

4 Spend Time in Nature

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Green is the color of the heart chakra, and with good reason. When in nature, we literally breathe a sigh of relief as the oxygen-rich air presents us with a sense of renewal and peace. Whether you take walks through your local park alone, or go on hikes with the little one or the whole family, spending time in nature is always something we should strive to do. As beings of nature, we do best when we come into our own understanding and connection with it, so be sure to access it in a way that is comfortable and relaxing to you.

3 Take Turns Pampering One Another

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Pampering one another is a great way to add good feelings into every day. Waking up to your loved one massaging your back or running his or her fingers through your hair is simply divine. Sitting down to your favorite meal is another beautiful way to start your day. Being ushered into a candle-lit bathroom where a hot bubble bath awaits is an effective heart-melter for a mom who has been busy and stressed all day with baby, or even dad sometimes. Baths are excellent for calming the central nervous system, bringing down cortisol in the body, and bringing an overall sense of peace and self-care, so that mom or dad can re-center and be ready to deal with baby with renewed love afterwards.

2 Spend Time Together as a Family

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Long walks, going grocery shopping and running are great ways to spend time together talking and going over things at work, sharing laughs together. Sometimes, being efficient by trying to do all these things separately just isn’t worth the results of the separation. Living life together means doing all the little things together, so try to do them as well, not just have dinner and Sundays. This doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment together, just join each other when the inspiration hits or when there’s a spare moment.

1 Keep Your Nutrition Up

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This is quite obvious, but many of us don’t pay enough attention to this. Without enough Omega-3’s, mom may get depressed, and without enough greens, the body may become overly tense, triggering anxiety and the inability to cope in stressful situations. Even if you have to order out, make sure you get your vegetables, steamed, poached, seared or baked. With proteins and whole grains, make sure to keep the fried and refined things at bay, if existent at all. If mom is breastfeeding, this is even more reason to eat a nutrient-rich diet. Up level further by making sure your food is organic and by incorporating fresh, raw juices into your diet.

Having a baby is lovely thing – most of us know that. When we struggle with our feelings when we are overstressed and simply want to be alone or away from it all, this is simply a sign that you are not taking care of yourself on a daily basis. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, be sure to treat yourself as kindly as you do your baby and you will tap into the infinite flow of love that is within.

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