How to Maintain Your Brazilian Blowout


You’ve stepped into the salon with frizzy, unmanageable hair. Then you walk out with a sleek, smooth mane courtesy of the Brazilian blowout. As you leave the salon, your hair bounces with every step; the mirror reflects a new you – radiant and confident.

If you aren’t aware of the right techniques to maintain this shine, the results could fade quicker than expected. Knowing how to care for this masterpiece can keep your hair looking fabulous and save you from frequent, expensive salon visits. With that in mind, keep reading to learn how to maintain your Brazilian Blowout. 

Washing Your Hair the Right Way

Try to limit hair washing to no more than three times per week. This serves to prolong the treatment’s effects.

Experts in the hair care industry advise against using shampoos containing sulfate detergents. Sodium chloride is another ingredient to avoid in your hair care routine. Salt is commonly used as a cleanser, but it can diminish the attractiveness and durability of your hairdo.

Brazilian Blowout Conditioner and Shampoo

Proper hair maintenance gives you a frizz-free shine for up to 12 weeks. The Brazilian Blowout aftercare line consists of:

These shampoos and conditioners contain amino acids to promote healthy hair. With each hair cleanse, these components get deposited back into the hair. This leads to longer-lasting moisturizing effects.

Coloring Your Hair

Coloring hair on the same day as a straightening treatment is possible. This will enhance the results of the tinting service by sealing in the color. If you intend to color your hair following the blowout treatment, you should delay it for at least two weeks. 

Consider coloring your hair a shade darker than your intended hue. After all, the color will diminish slightly during the treatment process. Apply pigment to the root only after the smoothing process to preserve the straightening results.

Protection Prior to and After Swimming

Before you dip in the pool, you should be aware that chlorine can damage your Brazilian Blowout. Applying a smoothing serum to the hair creates a protective barrier. The serum also protects against UVA radiation and helps maintain hair color. 

Caring for Your Hair With Deep Conditioning

Using a thorough conditioner twice per month will maintain healthy, lustrous hair. Apply a conditioning masque to newly cleansed hair to infuse the strands with essential proteins. This will keep your hair silky for a longer duration.

Thermal Protection

If you overuse some products, your hair may get greasier by the minute. Every time you wash your hair, let it air dry. Avoid blow-drying, but consider a thermal protectant if you must use it.

It repairs damaged ends, defines curls, and tames humidity. Apply to wet hair, and pay special attention to the ends.

Keep Volume With Rollers

You can section your hair at night and use rollers or pins to keep it in place. Sleep on it, remove it in the morning, and you’re left with gorgeous, wavy hair that looks freshly blown out.

You can also sleep on a ponytail or bun to preserve volume or undulating texture. This is an excellent strategy for straight hair.

Unlocking the Longevity of Your Brazilian Blowout

Maintaining your blowout’s sleek and smooth effect involves a strategic hair care routine. From using sulfate-free products to avoiding chlorine, you can extend the lifespan of your salon treatment. The key to hair quality longevity involves consistent, mindful maintenance. 

Your journey towards stunning, manageable hair doesn’t stop here. There are countless other ways to enhance and maintain your Brazilian blowout. To learn more, check out our unique beauty and lifestyle post selections.