How to Eat All Day (Sensibly, Of Course!) And Lose Weight

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Eating can be stressful in and of itself for many people these days. We have options at our fingertips everywhere we go, from vending machines to stalls to quick-stops to full blown restaurants. Then we have home, where we have the ability to make ourselves whatever we want, and often find ourselves bored by our small repertoire of foods. When it comes to weight loss, we try to follow diets with super complicated recipes that we don’t have enough time for, or simply end up eating out always, asking for dressing on the side and ‘baked, not fried’. Eating for weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult, tedious, frustrating, or boring. All you have to do is eat in a way that allows your body to cleanse on a consistent basis, and no, this does not mean you have to drink lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne all day. Here’s what you do:

5 Dinner

Once your mid-afternoon snack has digested, you are ready for another meal, and by golly, eating so well all day you deserve a beautiful, well combined meal! Follow the same protocol as lunch, but feel free to add a little more cooked food in if you desire, and some nice dark chocolate for dessert! Dinner is the time to have your largest meal, as it will ground you for the evening, which you don’t want in the morning like many people suggest. It also gives you something to look forward to throughout the day while your body is allowed many hours to digest and process the meal and provide nourishment for the following day.

4 Snack

Three hours after your big lunch, you might start to feel puckish again as your stomach is emptying. For a miscombined meal, your stomach would still be trying to digest but your blood sugar might drop so you would be piling more food in on top of the still-digesting food. Here you can comfortably say ‘my stomach is emptying now, and I feel hungry.’ Try another fresh juice, fresh fruit, or vegetable crudités like celery, carrots and cauliflower with your choice of a healthy, homemade dip like salsa, lemon-chili dressing, barbeque sauce or organic Greek yogurt. Another option might be a sweet-potato-corn puree, avocado-cocoa-honey pudding or green smoothie.

3 Lunch

Lunch is prime digestion time, and should be a nice big easy to digest meal. Eating well-combined foods is key here, and you can access excellent food-combining charts in books and online. Starches mix beautifully with fats like avocado, but do not mix well with protein. Protein mixes best with vegetables and that is it. Nuts and seeds only mix well with vegetables, so pick one combination category and stick within it – either protein, starch/fat or nuts/seeds. If you’re not hungry for lunch, simply have more fruit. Try to start the meal off light with a fresh raw salad, then go through to the cooked food if you are having any. Eating light to heavy, raw to cooked throughout the day and within a meal helps your digestion beyond what you would expect.

2 Snack

Between breakfast and lunch, the best thing you can do to ease your body into the day, allowing yesterday’s food to flow through and out of your body. To do this we need to eat easy-to-digest foods like fresh water-rich fruit like melons, berries of your choice, apples, bananas, or simply whatever is in season where you are. Even in fall and winter, there are delightful fruits that come in season like oranges, grapefruit, persimmons, apples, pears, and tangerines. Eat them as you please to keep yourself fulfilled. No need to hold back and no need to overdo it. Fruit are a wonderful way to nourish your body while losing weight and no one gets fat by eating fruit. Eat them alone, not with nuts, seeds or yogurts, to allow them to pass through your stomach within 15 to 45 minutes. This allows them to cleanse as well as nourish your body.

1 Breakfast

Breakfast, contrary to popular notions, should always be the lightest meal of the day. Having a fresh unpasteurized juice, squeezed fresh or juiced through your own personal juicer (they range from $70 to over $4000! But thank God the $70 ones will last you years and provide you with everything you need) will do wonders for your health, breaking your overnight fast (hence ‘break-fast’) with an extremely easy to digest, enzyme, vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient dense juice right off the bat upon waking, or shortly after, when your body is well-rested and ready for nutrition.

Eating for weight loss is easy once you get the hang of it — light to heavy, raw to cooked, 50% raw or higher as you wish, and always well-combined. Getting used to food combining may prove to be a little tedious at first, but the fact that you will never have to count calories again, and with food sailing through your digestive tract quickly and with no problems, you will find that it may just be the best change you have ever made to your diet.

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