Smart Doorbells: How Does a Video Doorbell Work?

Do you really need a video doorbell? Exactly how does a video doorbell work? Find out if a video doorbell is right for you and your needs.

There are innovative advancements in the world of home security and surveillance every day. It’s now easier than ever to stay on top of protecting your home from invasion, burglaries and unwanted activity. Do you need a home security system? With all of the home security systems out there and the advancement of smart home technology, protecting your home should be seamless. On top of having 24/7 home monitoring installed by you or a third-party company, there are even more ways to watch your home. Video doorbells are the way of the future, and we’re going to break down exactly what they are so you’ll be able to answer, “How does a video doorbell work?”

What Is a Video Doorbell Camera?

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Before we get into things, lets go over just what a video doorbell is. A video doorbell is essentially an enhanced doorbell that senses and records activity at your front door. When someone rings your doorbell,  you can view the footage in real time and be notified from your smart phone. You’ll be able to choose whether or not to let the person in or ignore it. Some cameras even allow you to speak to the person via a two-way audio speaker.

Video doorbells, or “smart doorbells,” first came on the market in 2012 when Ring introduced their smart doorbell. The idea was that you could monitor with 24/7 video footage and see who was at your front door from wherever you were. The footage can be viewed from your smartphone, tablet or even computer.

After the first company rolled out their video doorbell in 2012, many more companies began to roll out their versions of it. Video doorbells have become a staple part of home automation and home security over the past few years, and every year more and more products are coming out with new features. Since they are relatively new products in the home security world, most companies offer the camera as an upgrade.

Why Do You Need a Doorbell Camera?

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Video doorbell cameras may seem like a luxurious feature to a home security system, but once you see how convenient they can be, you’ll see how useful they are. Traditionally, a regular doorbell has to be answered verbally and requires you to walk to the front door to see who is there.

There are several reasons why a video doorbell camera could be beneficial for your home.

Let’s say you work from home and can’t leave the desk for a certain amount of time. In the event that someone rings the bell, you can see who it is and decide whether or not to get up to answer it. In fact, with a video doorbell, the person doesn’t even need to know you’re home. You can do this all from your desk without ever leaving.

Or maybe you’re gone for the weekend and you want to keep an eye on your home; video cameras allow 24/7 access to your front door whenever you want.

Video doorbells are also extremely popular among people with children, too. With the live feed that is always accessible, you can make sure your kids are safe at home alone or make sure they leave for school on time. It is also great for answering the door while you’re gone so the children don’t have to. The benefits to these smart doorbells are endless.

How convenient is it to be able to answer your door without ever leaving, or from wherever youare? With most video doorbell companies you have two-way communication integration. This means you can communicate with whoever is at the door without being there. Most video doorbells are home-automation compatible, which means you can see the footage from any device with iOS or Android. Overall, video doorbells are a powerful component in home security systems.

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How Does a Video Doorbell Work?

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How exactly do video doorbells send you these signals? What kind of technology goes into making these high-tech doorbells? In general, the specs on a video doorbell differ by brand and by home security company. However, relatively speaking, a video doorbell comes with the following features.

HD Video and Night Vision

Video doorbells may be small, but they pack a big punch when it comes to surveillance. These little cameras a equipped with HD video footage that has excellent daytime quality and impressive night vision cameras. Some cameras even provide full-color night vision so you can get an accurate depiction of who is at your front door.

Two-Way Audio 

One of the most important features on video doorbells is the ability to communicate without walking to the front door. A video doorbell camera is also equipped with two-way audio, allowing you to not only see but also speak with whoever is at your front door, no matter where you are.

Motion Sensors

With smart doorbells you can expect to receive a notification whenever someone rings your doorbell. With motion-sensor integration, you can also receive a notification whenever someone approaches the door. They may be approaching to leave a package or drop off mail; with the motion sensors, you are always aware of who comes near your home.

Mobile App Compatibility

The live feed is usually sent to your phone through your home’s WiFi signal. Most video doorbell models are both iOS- and Android-compatible and compatible with any other security cameras throughout your home. Depending on the company that you go with, your new video doorbell will come with special instructions on how to install and integrate it with your smart phone. For example the Ring video doorbell comes with its very own Ring app that allows you full control over your doorbell.

Home Security Integration

If you already have an existing home security system, a video doorbell will essentially enhance the rest of your equipment. You’ll have the utmost protection with a video doorbell, and integrating it with your existing system won’t be hard. Connect all of your cameras with smart home technology. That includes locking doors and windows and activating motion sensors from the touch of a button. The perfect video doorbell will make your home safer and smarter in no time.