Hotel Maids Reveal The Secrets And Hacks They Don’t Tell Guests


Hotel maids know more about us than we think. When traveling, we tend not to care that much about the mess in our room, which they end up cleaning up after us. We also trust them with our belongings, like documents, clothes, electronics, jewelry, even wallets.

You’d be surprised what they actually do in the guests’ hotel rooms when no one is watching. Some of the things they do could get them fired on the spot, but they found a way to be sneaky and anonymously released their biggest tricks and secrets they would never ever tell a guest in-person…

They Try On Your Clothes

Mental Floss

If you brought some expensive clothing or jewelry on your trip, expect the maids to try it on while you’re away.

After trying on your most expensive dress, they will put it back, and you’ll never know that it was touched. Sometimes guests do find out though, but that rarely happens.

They Ignore The “Do Not Disturb” Sign

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Even though every hotel room comes with the “Do Not Disturb Sign,” most hotel maids tend to ignore it so they wouldn’t have to come back again later to clean the room.

Some people leave this sign on their doorknob even when they aren’t in their room, making it very hard for the maids to do their job on time.

They Nap In Your Room


Sometimes, they get too tired and end up taking a short nap in your room while you’re away. This usually happens when they have a lot of cleaning to do, and a short nap is all that’s needed to get back to work.

It’s not unusual for hotel maids to use guests’ bathrooms too, even though they aren’t allowed to do so. So keep in mind that you aren’t the only one sleeping in your room or using the bathroom.

They Steal Food From Your Room Sevice Plate


Most hotel maids simply don’t have enough time to pack lunch before heading to work, so they usually just grab small things off the room service plates before they are delivered to customers. Ever wondered why your room service portions were so small?

Yeah, it’s not the kitchen’s fault. One of the hotel maids probably got hungry and decided to take some food from your plate.

They Finish Their Shift At 5:30 PM

Business Insider

You might not be aware of this, but most hotel maids finish their shift at 5:30 PM at the latest.

In case you need to request something special from the housekeeping service, it’s best to ask for it in the morning or early afternoon.

They Don’t Have Much Time To Clean Your Room

The Active Times

If you notice that your room wasn’t thoroughly cleaned, that’s probably because the hotel maid didn’t have enough time to do her job. In that case, you would notice that the small areas of your room weren’t cleaned at all.

What’s interesting is that the housekeepers who work for a hostel almost never have a problem with time constraints.

They Fight Over Your Room

Hotel Management

Senior members of the housekeeping service sometimes will call dibs on private suites and more expensive rooms.

Typically, if you happen to forget something in your room and never claim it, the hotel maid will take your item home with her.

They Can Lose Their VIP Room Roaster If They Get Caught


Hotel maids take a significant risk when it comes to breaking the rules. If they get caught disrespecting a customer or going through their things, they’ll lose their VIP roster of rooms, meaning they would have to clean rooms that are much cheaper and less desirable.

Their salary might get docked, too.

Bed Sheets, Coverlets, And Duvets Barely Get Washed

Good Housekeeping

You probably already know that hotel maids don’t really wash the bedsheets, duvets, and coverlets that often. If a maid comes across a small stain that can easily be blotted out, she will just use some water to pat it down until it’s no longer visible.

If the bed sheets don’t have any visible stains or wrinkles on them, be sure that they won’t be changed at all.

Their Salary Depends On How Clean Your Room Is

New York Post

Hotel maids get paid per room that they clean, meaning if yours stays clean throughout your stay, your maid will be able to skip it and clean more rooms, which will get her a higher paycheck.

So, try to keep your room as tidy as possible, so your hard-working maid can get some extra income.

They Want You To Take The Hotel’s Shampoos, Towels, And Soaps

Smart Side

Believe it or not, but your hotel maid wants you to take that shampoo or towel from your hotel room. That way, you will go back home with a memory from the hotel you stayed in, which is also advertising for them.

These things don’t cost the hotel that much, but if you decide to steal an iron or a TV, expect a massive bill on your credit card.

They Receive A Compensation Budget

Los Angeles Times

A Ritz-Carlton employee revealed that the staff receives a budget of $1,500 to make sure each guest has a pleasant experience and is treated like royalty.

One time, a guest lost his Rolex watch during his stay at the hotel, and the staff gave him a new one as a part of their budget.

They Stalk Your Socials


Once your booking is confirmed, the hotel staff typically searches for you online and go through your Instagram or Facebook to try to learn as much as possible about you.

They want to know what you like and don’t like, so they can create a pleasant stay for you.

They Investigate Your Room

Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Hotel maids enjoy looking through your stuff when you aren’t around. When they are bored, they develop different theories of how you got that stain on your bed or that smear on the floor.

While going through your possessions, they find it very interesting to make up stories about you and try to figure out what kind of person you are.

They Don’t Touch The Remote Control

The Telegraph

Did you know that the remote control collects more bacteria and dust than any other item in your room? It’s almost never cleaned, and your hotel maid is the only one who knows that.

Fortunately, most people don’t book a hotel room to sit around and watch TV all day, anyway.

You Can Receive A Discount If You Complain

The New York Times

If you want to score a discount, then complaining about your experience is your best shot. If you whine about the room rate, you will most likely receive a 10% discount.
Because let’s admit it, selling a room at even 20% of the usual price is better than nothing. However, if you decide to haggle in front of a big group of people, you will probably get turned down.

Some Forgotten Items Go To the Front Desk

Business Insider

Guests often forget small electronics or chargers in their room, which get turned in to the front desk by the housekeeping staff.

If you ever forget to pack a phone charger on your trip, just ask your housekeeper for one.

There’s A Black List


Remember, you don’t want to misbehave at a hotel because you can end up on a black list. This list exists for those who don’t follow the rules and act inappropriately, and it also gets shared among other hotels.

So, if you decide not to pay or steal something valuable from your room, be sure that you won’t be welcome in many other hotels in the future. Nobody wants to deal with this kind of behavior.

They Don’t Actually Scrub The Tubs


Hotel maids don’t usually scrub the tubs, unless, of course, it’s in a horrible condition. Instead, they will just turn on the water and rinse the tub until it looks clean.

So, unless it smells like cleaner or bleach, your bathroom tub wasn’t actually cleaned.

They Don’t Like It When You Call Them By Their Name

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The hotel workers don’t like it when you call them by their name, as it makes them feel like subordinates.

A hotel employee explained that guests calling him by his name makes him feel like he is just an item included in the price of their stay.

They Have A “Magic Trick” For Cleaning Mirrors


The housekeeping service uses furniture polish to get the mirrors sparkling clean. Try it at home, and you’ll see it’s actually better than Windex.

The downside of this technique is that it will be extremely hard to scrub, and it causes a lot of buildups, so don’t try this at home unless you are prepared to spend the majority of your day removing it.

Hotels Are Actually Very Profitable


Some hotels are very profitable. The operational expenses per each room are around $30-$40, so if you pay any less than this amount, then it probably won’t cost them more than $5 a day.

This cost includes the workers’ wages, cleaning supplies, and electricity.

They Lie About A Lot Of Stuff


It’s not unusual for the hotel staff to lie about all the rooms being the same. They say to all the guests that there’s nothing that can be done, that they are sorry for making you feel unwelcome, that they appreciate your feedback, and they didn’t mean to come off as rude.

They don’t care if they see you again or not. It’s just something they have to say to everyone.

They Don’t Talk About Celebrities


Many hotels respect the privacy of high-profile guests and celebrities by offering them a quiet and luxurious stay at the hotel.

The hotel staff doesn’t go around telling everyone about who had just checked into the hotel, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find out that you’re staying in the same hotel as a celebrity.

Your Pointless Requests Annoy Them


Hotel staff usually have to say yes to every legal and appropriate request from the guests. Some people, however, go crazy and demand something weird and impossible.

One hotel maid had a guest asking her to “make the rain stop.” C’mon, really?

You Can Get Breakfast In Bed For Free


If your room price includes a breakfast buffet downstairs, you can request it to be served in your room free of charge.

It’s very unlikely that the staff will refuse your request.

Being A Regular Will Really Benefit You

Hospitality Net

Try using the same hotel if you are traveling to the same destination often. That way, you will become acquainted with the hotel staff and will receive special treatment.

It’s not unusual for regulars to get free room upgrades and other exciting discounts.

Let Bellmen Help You


Since the invention of the wheeled suitcase in 1970, the bellman’s career has been going downhill. Bellmen used to be much more important and useful members of the system.

So, next time he offers to help with your suitcase, think twice before saying, “No thanks, I got it.” They have families to feed and bills that need to be taken care of.

He Can Help You Out


Did you know that if you’re nice enough, your bellmen can get you a free room upgrade or bring free water bottles to your room?

So, make sure you’re nice to him and tip him well during your stay!

They Deepend On Your Tips


The monthly salary of a hotel maid is around the same as a fast-food worker’s. Your tip will help them increase their annual income.

Being a hotel maid is one of the most challenging and stressful jobs out there, so make sure you leave a good tip for the maid next time you travel somewhere.

You Don’t Have To Pay For The MiniBar

Hospitality Net

Guests don’t have to pay for using the minibar in their room, as they are the most argued charges on every hotel bill.

Minibars are maintained by a person, and there are always plenty of errors, such as delays in restocking, keystrokes, and double stocking, which end up getting voided at the end.

Get The Free Stuff At Night

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Apparently, late night is the best time to get some free stuff from the front desk. The hotel staff are too tired to deal with you and will get you anything, so you would leave them alone.

The guests can get extra soap, slippers, toothbrushes, and even shower hats at the front desk.

You Don’t Have To Pay For The Movies

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Several hotel workers revealed that guests don’t necessarily have to pay for those in-room movies. All you have to do is pick a movie, call the front desk and explain that you pressed it by mistake or something along those lines.

Be sure to tell them you’re not interested in restarting the movie and just go to bed. That way, the charge will be dropped.

Sunday Is The Best Day To Check In

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Several hotel workers said that the best time for check-in is the first Sunday of the month. This is when most people return home from their vacation, and the business travelers haven’t arrived yet.

You might get a chance to pick your own room because the hotel will be quiet and empty during this time.

The Toothbrush Holder Isn’t Always Washed


Most hotel maids don’t wash toothbrush holders in guests’ bathrooms.

So, try to bring your own toothbrush holder, because you definitely don’t want to touch the one in your bathroom.

Hackers Don’t Sleep


Sometimes, an imposer would call your hotel room late at night, pretending to be one of the staff members to try and get your credit card number.

The front desk will never call you late at night, so hang up the phone right away!

Not All Rooms Are The Same


All of the rooms vary in size, price, and cleanliness. Each room has a different rate, and the housekeeping department treats them accordingly. If you’re staying in a low budget room, it won’t be as thoroughly cleaned as more expensive ones.

No One Will Repair Anything During The Weekend


If an elevator breaks during the weekend, chances are, it won’t be fixed until Monday or Tuesday.

The hotel staff will tell you that “It’ll be fixed soon.” It won’t.

They Snoop Through Your Stuff


As we mentioned above, the hotel maids will go through your stuff and read your documents and notes. They want to know who you are and what you do, mostly because they’re just bored.

So, if you decide to leave your personal documents and notes in a visible place, they will read them all.