The Five Best Honeymoon Destinations in The United States

Instead of heading overseas for your honeymoon why not enjoy all that the United States has to offer instead? Booking a local honeymoon can save you time, money and be drastically less stressful to plan. No visas, surprise immunizations, or passports needed to visit romantic destinations like Big Sur, Block Island and Kauaii.

There is so much natural beauty to witness right here in the United States. You can escape to the island life, take a romantic vineyard tour and explore ancient ruins without even leaving the country! To make your newlywed life easier we broke down the top 5 best places to honeymoon right here in the United States. Hotel, dinning and activity recommendations included!

1.) Napa Valley, California

Honey Moon Destination Napa Valley


Napa Valley is the number one honeymoon destination in the United States and it’s clear why. You’ll find beautiful vineyards, rolling green hills and idyllic sunsets. Also known as wine country, Napa Valley’s wineries are rivaling those in popular European wine locations like France and Italy. After visiting Napa Valley in the 1800s write Robert Steven declared that, “Wine is poetry.” This California honeymoon destination is sure to enchant newlyweds.

After booking a romantic day trip to a Napa Valley vineyard for some wine tasting, indulge in a couples spa day and some gourmet dinning. Splurge on a award winning wine and a Michelin starred menu at La Toque and spend the day strolling through the O’Brian Estate. Stay at the family owned Senza Hotel for modern design and all the comforts of home.

Pack a picnic and head to Bothe Napa Valley State Park or Skyline Wilderness Views for breathtaking hiking trails. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of local Napa Valley wine! After witnessing the serenity and beauty of this popular honeymoon destination, you’ll be ready to book your next trip asap.