Homeless Father Gets Life-Altering Makeover


A Kind Heart

People do their best to help those in need by giving them food or money, but that doesn’t change the fact that living on the streets is terrible. Even the strongest people question their faith after living on the streets for too long.

This was the case with Larry Green, but everything changed when a kind angel offered to help him.

The Start Of Something Beautiful

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This story is about a man that underwent one of the most astounding transformations.

This transformation is guaranteed to make you believe in the goodness of mankind once again, just as it did for this man. The man prayed that it would also change his life, but did it?

She Wanted To Help

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A sweet woman wanted to help out a person in need. She frequently volunteered at soup kitchens and always ensured to buy someone a meal which truly needed it. However, she desperately wanted to do more.

So she decided to use what she did best. Her salon floor was covered with hair that belonged to a homeless man from Dallas. If only they could talk, then they would share his heartbreaking story.

All He Ever Wanted

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Larry Green was a 60-year-old man who lived on the streets. He was fortunate enough to receive an amazing gift just a few days before Father’s Day.

This gift was remarkable and changed his perspective on life entirely. It was truly the best thing that had ever happened to him.

He Deserved More

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Larry had been denied many opportunities due to his circumstances as well as his unkempt appearance. He desperately hoped that his new transformation would change all of that.

He knew the future was bright, and he couldn’t wait to see what life had in store for him next.

She Had Her Limits

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Mrs. Hot Hands wanted to give Larry an opportunity to feel like a person again.

She was well aware that Larry had children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He deserved to feel special and to look good for his family. She wanted to do her best for him, but she could only do so much.

He Needed A Break

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Larry’s life was no walk in the park. He woke up every morning and had to fight for his survival. He was close to giving up; all he wanted was a break.

Some higher power must have listened to his prayers, because they delivered an angel to Larry and her name was Mrs. Hot Hands.

Money Doesn’t Matter

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“We wanted to give him an opportunity to feel good about himself again. We wanted to show him that even though he doesn’t have any money, that doesn’t make him less of a person,” Mrs. Hot Hands shared during an interview.

Thankfully, he received that message and finally felt good about himself again.

Doing Her Best

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Even though she wanted to fix everything for Larry, she knew she couldn’t. However, she knew that he at least deserved to feel and look good about himself and not be on the streets, even if it was only for a couple of days.

Everybody deserves a chance to feel like their best selves, and she was going to make that happen for him.

Rude People

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Living on the streets is not for the weak. They are constantly faced with poor weather and no food, but to add insult to injury, most people disregard them. It is as if they forget that they are still people.

Larry was thankfully reminded that he was a fellow human being by Mrs. Hot Hands.

He Was Used To It

Instagram- mrzhotthandz

As difficult as life had been for him, Larry had been homeless for more than 20 years.

So, he had undoubtedly given up hope until his savior/stylist swooped in to save the day like a true superhero.

Self-Esteem Boost

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Although the initial makeover started out as a simple haircut, it meant everything to Larry.

“I know she’s made me look like somebody. I don’t feel as low. I don’t feel like I’m nobody,” he said.

He Has A Goal Now

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Larry had a lot of kids, but living on the streets had prevented him from seeing them.

But now, thanks to his amazing makeover, he found a renewed sense of hope that he might see them again and reclaim his life.

The Real Larry

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Mrs. Hot Hands didn’t just stop with the hair on Larry’s scalp.

She also trimmed and shaped his overgrown beard, and when he saw himself, he explained, “It’s a blessing. I can see the real me.”

He Got The Full Treatment

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OK, back to Larry Green. Once Mrs. Hot Hands was finished cutting his hair and trimming his facial hair, she treated him to some new clothes, which he desperately needed.

And judging from his face, he liked the new version of himself.

His Weekend Accommodation

Instagram- mrzhotthandz

The makeover and fancy duds also came with a hotel stay, allowing Larry to sleep in a comfortable bed for the first time in a while.

He also took advantage of a nice hot shower.

Dinner with Friends

Instagram- mrzhotthandz

Although Larry’s financial situation remains dire, Mrs. Hot Hands’ gift allowed him to enjoy a hot meal in a cozy bed instead of asking for money on the lonely streets.

Now, everyone’s hoping this Father’s Day gift opens up a new world for Larry that takes him off the streets.

Organizing His Fundraiser

GoFundMe- Tabitha Lorickz

Two days after giving Larry his gift, Mrs. Hot Hands did something even more special for him on June 15, 2019.

She created a GoFundMe account to raise enough money to help this homeless dad in need.

It All Goes to Him

GoFundMe- Tabitha Lorickz

These days, anyone can open up an online fundraising campaign to get donations, but Mrs. Hot Hands had no ulterior motives.

“Please know all donations will be received and going directly to Mr. Larry!” she wrote on the funding site.

The Goal So Far

GoFundMe- Tabitha Lorickz

Although a makeover can be a powerful thing, money also speaks volumes, especially when you don’t have a roof over your head or a paycheck every month.

So, Mrs. Hot Hands set up a fundraising goal of $5,000 for Larry. So far, $1,870 has been raised by 103 donors.

She’s Gotten Tons of Praises

Instagram- @mrzhotthandz

Mrs. Hot Hands has gotten plenty of praise in the comment section of the GoFundMe page. Erica Reed called her and her brother “angels.”

While Instagram user @nicolegeauxs thinks she’s “an inspiration to all of us.”

She’s a Slayer

Instagram- @mrzhotthandz

Her Instagram page reads, “I slay hair for a living.” And boy, can she work miracles! Then again, she’s not exactly new at this. The stylist has worked in the hair industry for more than 20 years, so she knows her stuff.

In fact, she’s done a bunch of makeovers that have truly changed her clients’ lives.

One Head at a Time

Facebook- Tabitha Lorickz

Unlike some salon owners, Mrs. Hot Hands isn’t just in it for the money.

She also asks people to donate to those in need, like when she asked for help to give a homeless woman named Mimi a mani, a pedi, and a full makeover.

She Did It Again

Instagram- @mrzhotthandz

With her followers’ help, she was able to give Mimi what she so desperately needed.

She thanked everyone who donated and shared photos of the lovely woman’s amazing transformation. She’s like a totally different person now!

She’s a Miracle Worker

Instagram- @mrzhotthandz

Mrs. Hot Hands is a serial do-gooder.

With her impressive knowledge of hair, she managed to give one of her clients, who suffers from Alopecia, one amazing protective style quickweave that restored her confidence and smile.

Keep Up the Good Work

Instagram- @mrzhotthandz

Mrs. Hot Hands is a licensed hair specialist trained in the art of diverse natural hair care and styles as well as hair extensions. And she uses her impressive styling skills to change the world, one makeover at a time.

The world could definitely use more people like her!

Meet the Homeless Marine


Before we see Larry’s final transformation, let’s meet some other homeless men who were given life-changing makeovers. Former Marine Donald Gould was in his 50s and had spent seven years living on the streets.

At first glance, all anyone saw was a man with weary eyes and a wild beard. But underneath was a talented, classically trained musician…

The Road to Nowhere


Gould endured many life challenges, like the death of his beloved wife in 1998. After that, he lost custody of his son because he was deemed an unsuitable parent.

Gould fell into despair and turned to controlled substances. Eventually, he wound up living on the street…

The Project That Saved Him


The city of Sarasota, Florida, placed a bunch of pianos throughout the city, which made Gould truly happy. He went looking for the nearest piano, and it quickly drew attention to him.

He left a cap on the lid of the piano and passersby started tipping him.

Gould Was a Hit


A stranger recorded Gould playing piano and posted it on YouTube. That got the attention of news stations everywhere. Eventually, it led to job offers at piano bars, and a GoFundMe account to raise money to help Gould out.

Then, “Inside Edition” offered Gould a makeover…

Recovering in More Ways Than One


After getting a new wardrobe, Gould went to a barber for a clean shave and a haircut. He won a new lease on life and even got a job playing piano at a local restaurant.

He also got the chance to reunite with his son, Donny, who had seen his story on TV. The father and son were back together after 15 years apart. Now Gould’s life is better than ever.

Down on His Luck


Bobby from Rome, New York, was a homeless man who was down on his luck when he ran into some helpful police officers. But these cops weren’t there to arrest him.

They just wanted to talk, which led to something more.

Cops Pampered Him


Bobby told the cops that he would love to get a haircut and take a warm shower.

So the officers granted his wish and then some. They gave him with a shave, a haircut, a shower and a new ensemble assembled from donated clothing.

Looking Brand New


Thanks to the help these incredible officers gave him, Bobby looked brand spanking new. The officers documented everything and posted it on their Facebook page.

Bobby walked away with a spiky new ‘do, some fresh duds, a bag full of clothes and big smile.

Street Cuts


Mark Bustos is a stylist who works at Three Squares Studio in an upscale area of New York City. Prices for his services start at $150, but his rate can get as pricey as $800.

Yet Bustos takes his rechargeable razor, scissors and combs to the street and gives homeless men and women in New York professional haircuts free of charge.

Seeing Red


This homeless war veteran is often found sitting on a wooden stool on Bowery and Rivington Street in Manhattan. His friends call him Red.

Even though he’s hard of hearing, Red will talk to anyone who’s willing to listen. Bustos listened to Red and, in the process, gave the gentleman a whole new look.

Taking It All Off


This man told Bustos about how he moved to New York for a job offer that ultimately fell through, which is how he wound up living on the street.

The man asked Bustos to just shave his hair off because he wasn’t sure when his next cut would be. Despite the simple request he looks sharp.

Gorgeous Makeover


Bustos went out of his way to make over this homeless man sitting on the corner of Bowery and Rivington Street in Manhattan and reveal how handsome he is.

After Bustos was done, people on the streets couldn’t believe they were looking at the same guy.

Silence Can Say a Lot


Bustos finds that most homeless men are talkative, but Jamar was pretty quiet. Bustos found him outside the Bowery Mission in lower Manhattan.

After he showed Jamar his new look after a free haircut, the man asked him if he knew anyone who was hiring. Clearly, the makeover gave Jamar’s self-esteem a major boost.

For Veterans Day


Jim Wolf struggled with alcoholism and homelessness. But the Degage Ministries found him and turned this homeless U.S. Army veteran into Prince Charming just in time for Veterans Day.

The transformation was truly remarkable.

A Brand New Man


A three-minute time-lapse video showed the beautiful transformation process. The video raised money and awareness for people who are struggling on the streets.

These are the kind of folks the Degage Ministries likes to help.

He Had a Setback


Wolf’s video went viral quickly. He started attending AA meetings. But in 2013, he was arrested for trespassing and creating a disturbance.

Sadly, homelessness and addiction aren’t always solved with a haircut and a viral video. But here’s hoping Wolf can get back on his feet again.

London Hairdresser Helps the Homeless


London hairdresser Joshua Coombes enjoys giving homeless people free haircuts all over the globe. He also loves to connect with them, listen to their stories, and turn their frowns into smiles.

Now Coombes is encouraging others to “do something for nothing” with the hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing.

Haircut In An Alley


Coombes met Chris, a homeless army veteran with PTSD. After listening to his story, he gave Chris a haircut in an alleyway. Coombes wrote in an Instagram post, “He was in a bad way when I first met him.

A friend of his had passed away just a few weeks before.” Before he left, Coombes asked Chris what his message was and he suggested that people should spread as much love as they could.

Florin From Romania


Coombes met up with Florin, a man who came from Romania to Paris and suffered a stroke. When he awoke in the hospital, he had no passport and no way to go home, so he ended up sleeping in the streets.

But Florin’s hopeful he can return someday. Coombes gave him an amazing haircut. The time they spent together really bonded them in a very special way. (Klonopin) Florin even asked Coombes to visit him in Romania when he makes it back.

Mathew From Central London


Coombes met Mathew in 2017 in a park in Central London. He ran into him a year later, and Mathew remembered that Coombes had cut his hair a while back.

Coombes might give these folks free haircuts, but his greatest gift is listening to their stories.

R.I.P. Cedric


In 2017, Coombes met Cedric and gave him a refreshing new haircut. Then the wholesome duo hung out, listened to punk music, and swapped stories. In 2018, Coombes heard the sad news that Cedric had died. But, needless to say, he’ll remain in Coombes’ memory forever.
Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.