Setting Up Your Dream Home Office On A Budget? Here Is What You Need!

The biggest perks of working from home?  Wearing pajamas all day AND setting up your own dream home office as you please.

A plain simple corner in the living room or in an empty guest room can become your new home office den with the right tech supplies and accessories. Creating the ideal work environment is crucial for rocking home office productivity and the key is sprucing up your special place to accommodate your own personality and habits.

Are you an organization whizz who needs a post-it line-up on their desk? Are you prone to being distracted by the smallest noises of the distant TV? What type of chairs do you feel most comfortable in?

If these questions will help you shape your ideal home office, there are still some essentials you absolutely need to ace the working-from-home lifestyle. The great news? You don’t have to break the bank to create the state-of-the-art office you always wished for!

Take your home office game to the next level with these on-budget must-haves.

Spoiler alert: we have coupons! 

Gear Up: It’s (Affordable) Tech Time

The Laptop

The work-from-home revolution was only possible because more and more jobs only require a computer and a stable internet connexion. Your job depends on it, and choosing your right fit could be overwhelming with the never-ending choices.

After a quick search online, we found our dream laptop with the sweetest price/value ratio.

home office

Dell Refurbished

Sober and imposing, this Dell Latitude E6440 has an Intel Core i7 4th Generation processor, with a 4 GB memory and a 320 GB hard drive. Its adonized-aluminum exterior and powder-coated base give it the good looks and strength of the professional laptop you’re looking for. It comes with a Windows 7 Ultimate, so no need to worry about installing the operating system on your own. 

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The Desktop

If you’re more of a desktop type of person and like the comfort of a high-performing computer and large monitor, then brace yourself for this desktop combo.

The OptiPlex 7020 business-class desktop delivers essential performance, security and manageability features to match your productivity needs. Available in the mini-tower and small form factor chassis, the OptiPlex 7020 will seamlessly integrate into any office setting.

It has an Intel Core i5 Quad 5th Generation processor and 4GB memory and 500 GB hard drive. It also comes with a convenient Windows 8.1 Professional operating system.

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Are your computer monitor search criteria include a vast screen, an outstanding resolution and vibrant colors? If you’re a graphic designer or a professional gamer, you know the importance of these details. Rejoice, affordable and yet high-performing, this is the model you are looking for.

The Dell Professional Series 19.5″ (P2004H) is a high-performance 19.5-inch monitor with LED and with a 1600 x 900 maximum resolution.

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Comfy And Professional: The Best Of The Two Worlds

The Table

The home office table is more crucial than we give it credit for. It should accommodate you and blend with the room it’s already in. A traditionally-decorated room may call for an ebony table whereas a more modern room may need a minimalistic pastel-tone table.

Our advice is to go for a versatile table that you can pump up with a few accessories.

home office


Our favorite is this chic all-in-one MICKE computer work station from IKEA. It caught our eye instantly with its 41 3/8 ” width, magnetic writing board, drawers, adjustable shelves and overall cool vibe. It’s the perfect match between its price and its features, as it would cost much more if you were to buy each item separately.

The Chair

You don’t have to compromise for a good comfy chair. A chair that will relieve your back for hours a day can be as affordableas it gets, and we know it because we found one.

home office


The RENBERGET swivel chair from IKEA is lightweight and easy to move with an adjustable height. With casters with pressure-sensitive brake mechanism and adjustable tilt tension, this chair got it all. 

Buckle up, work is about to get done!

The Lamp

Working late at night is very common when working from home, and taking care of your eyes becomes a priority when doing so.

home office


Chose a lamp that will match the rest of your design or one that will add a pop of color to your desk, it’s your call! You may also want to check the JANSJÖLED work lamp from Ikea, available in bright red, yellow, electric blue and black. 

The Organizational Items To Keep You On Track


A Notebook

Jolt down your ideas quickly in a sleek notebook and organize them on the go. A solid notebook is the backbone of your creative process and of keeping your work progression in check. Turn it into an organized bullet journal or into a space for your brainstorming sessions, it’s your call.

home office


We like this Poppin blue notebook in Staples, with bendable soft cover and 192 lined pages. Your notes and doodles are safe and at the tip of your fingers.

A Calendar

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re working from home. This is why a desk calendar is a must. It will also add a touch of creativity to your workspace, as you can choose from a large selection of flip calendars, calendar pads, tear-off weekly planners and more, available online orin stores.

home office

Calendar Club

Head to Amazon to browse all their available categories, or to Calendar Club, a British-based company with the cutest calendars.

What do you think of these on-budget home office items? Are you planning on setting up your own soon? Which items are must-haves for you? Let us know in the comment and don’t miss our next article about the best home office storage solutions!