20 Hilarious Tweets About Ramadan That Are Also Educational

Ramadan is here folks! If you're fasting, these tweets will get you screaming 'Saaame!' and if you're not, they will introduce you to some facts about this month, fasting and show you the do's and dont's to nail Ramadan's etiquette.

Ramadan is here folks, it’s time for Muslims to observe fasting on this Holy Month and for the “Not even water?!” questions to begin.

If you’re fasting, these tweets will get you screaming ‘Saaame!’, and if you’re not, they will introduce you to some facts about this month, fasting and show you the do’s and dont’s to nail Ramadan’s etiquette.

Read along folks, these gems from Muslim Twitter shouldn’t be missed.

20.) “If They Fast Today Then Does That Mean We’re Fasting Tomorrow?”

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. The month officially begins as soon as the new moon is sighted in the country/region. Because of this, no one can exactly predict when Ramadan starts, which fuels quite the conversations.

19.) That Awkward Moment When The Neighboring Countries Have Spotted The Moon But Yours Didn’t

FYI: Muslims in United States, UK and other European countries follow Saudi Arabia moon reports.

18.)  But When The Moon Is Spotted, A Whole New Story Begins 

On Ramadan, Muslims restrain from eating and drinking from dusk till dawn. It is strongly advised to have Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal, in order to recharge for the day.

17.) Suhoor Can’t Be Missed

Every second counts, every bite and sip can make a difference…

16.) Iftar Is No Joke

Breaking the fast is done over Iftar at dawn. All family members gather around the table to eat, often in a buffet-style large meal.

15.) And Cue The Questions And Remarks

Yes, not even water. Yes, it’s for one month. No, there is no such thing as “eating when no one is looking”.

14.) Again, Not Even Water

If Muslims had a dime for every time they get asked “Not even water?!”, every Muslim would be richer than the Kardashians.

13.) Ramadan Food Is The Best Food

You might think that a fasting person would lose weight during Ramadan, right? Rest assured, it is absolutely not the case. The power of Iftar can get Muslims a long way.

12.) Hunger Is Still A Thing Though

Fun fact: It is actually prohibited to push back Iftar time. Muslims need to break their fast as soon as they hear the Maghrib Adhan (call for dawn prayer), with whatever food is nearby. Not soap though, but you get the idea.

11.) Not Everyone Fasts Y’all 

Only fully capable adults fast. Anyonewho hasn’t reached puberty, who is ill, pregnant, breastfeeding or traveling shouldn’t fast. Fasting Ramadan shouldn’t cause any hazard to one’s health.

10.) Oh Yes, Shark Week Is Out Too

In addition to the cases stated above, women on their period should not fast as well. However, they will make up for the missing days after Ramadan is over.

9.) Actually, It’s Not Only About The Food

Restraining from eating is only the tip of the iceberg. Many consider Ramadan as the month of prayer, charity and one should strive to purify their mind and body. Swearing and gossiping are no-gos and people are encouraged to be kind to one another.

8.) No More Swearing

Keeping it G-Rated all month long buddies.

7.) No One Said It Would Be Easy Though

Many perfect comebacks have been wasted…

6.) But still…

Some forgive, but not too much.

5.) The Long Awaited Taraweeh Prayers Are Here

The Taraweeh prayers are performed only during Ramadan. They are performed immediately after the Isha prayer (one of the 5 daily mandatory prayers) in all Mosques.

4.) It’s Duaa Season

Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for Muslims to make ‘Duaa’ (Arabic for ‘prayer’), as it is believed that the doors of Heaven are open during the whole month.

3.) A New Sport Is Born

There is a lot of standing involved, as the prayers usually take more than an hour.

2.) Yeah, This Happens (A Lot)

There is always this one guy…

1.) It’s Eid Time!

‘Eid’ is the day that marks the end of Ramadan. It’s one of the two major celebrations in the Islamic calendar and is a huge deal in the Muslim community. It’s a holiday in many Muslim countries when they enjoy visiting their families and friends and having a good time.

How did you find these Ramadan tweets? Do you have any Ramadan anecdote you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! And if you need some recipes to spruce up your Iftar table, make sure to check out these yummy Moroccan appetizers by clicking ‘Next’.