40 Creative T-Shirt Pairings You Wish You Thought of First

By Jessa December 8, 2017 View all posts (1)

We’ve been seeing a lot of t-shirt pairings as a trend lately. Do you ever see couples holding hands while wearing the same shirts, or a mother and a daughter matching? Thanks to Bored Panda we’ve found some t-shirt pairing trends that you might actually consider.

Clothing is one of the easiest and most visible ways to express yourself and show a statement. These couples, besties, and families have taken their t-shirt game to the next level and we love it. Take a look at these clever ideas!

1.) A Slice Of My Heart

T-Shirt Pairings

Otherwise known as “big pepperoni,” and “little pepperoni.”


2.) 2018’s Version of Marco Polo

T-Shirt Pairings

We wonder how many times Jan lost him before they finally had shirts made?