Hilarious People Who Understand What Irony Is


Sense Of Humor

Let’s face it, even famous people experience huge failures and humiliating occurrences. Not the failure per se, but how you handle it is what matters.

You need to be able to laugh at yourself in order to maintain composure or to save face. These people demonstrate that self-irony may be beneficial in any circumstance by doing just that. To laugh with them, keep scrolling!

You Can Be Anyone


You may virtually become whomever you want in today’s world of social media platforms and applications. You can transform yourself into anything with one of the many filters available, including a bird, a famous person, or even your own mother.

Therefore, we bet this Snapchat user wasn’t expecting to see a cartoon version of herself when she decided to apply a filter to her face. Even though it was a joke she made herself, she still managed to laugh rather hard.

Never Become A Blonde

Wayne’s World!

What began as a well-liked Saturday Night Live sketch evolved into one of the greatest cult masterpieces of all time. In the original sketch, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey played basement-dwelling, hottie-obsessed music enthusiasts.

The skit quickly became a movie, which was released in 1992, and the audience loved it! But you don’t have to become Garth just because you’re into it! We’re only kidding, but it’s funny that this lady here saw the similarity.

How Would He Know?

“How Would I Know?”

Leonardo DiCaprio is unquestionably one of the greatest performers of his time and is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most prominent figures. He has been nominated for several awards over the years for his superb performances, but he didn’t actually win his first and only Oscar until 2016 for The Revenant.

The picture you guys see here was taken shortly after he received the honor. The venerable actor was forced to quip about never having received an Academy Award.

Cops And Doughnuts

National Donut Day

Why are police frequently linked to donuts, you might be wondering. There haven’t traditionally been many options for food in the early morning or late at night because many police officers are required to work long, irregular hours.

In the 1940s and 1950s, graveyard cops had limited options, according to the former chief of the Seattle Police Department. In any case, it’s wonderful to see cops like this one here make fun of themselves over the stereotype. They could pack lunch, hope for an all-night eatery on their route, or eat a lot of doughnuts because they were affordable and convenient.

At Least They Tried

You’re Very Welcome

If we didn’t know any better, we might have assumed that the couple hit the sign on purpose. But that would be insane! Even if there may have been an accident, this image screams irony: they had to drive into this road sign because of all the others.

That sign figuratively expresses gratitude to motorists for their careful driving At least the OP may make fun of herself and her husband, provided that nobody was hurt, of course!

His Very Own Car

Pimp My Ride

If this Snapchat user hadn’t posted the second selfie of himself, he could have easily deceived us into thinking he bought a car. However, that was his intended outcome; he wanted to deceive his users into believing he had finally acquired his own whip before disappointing them by disclosing that he was actually riding the bus.

And while this guy might be disappointed that he still doesn’t have his own car, he definitely has a fantastic sense of humor. I think that’s fantastic.


When You Wish Upon a Star

Dreams do come true, if we just wish long and hard enough, as Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie famously stated. You can have it if you are willing to give up everything else to have something in life.

That sentiment appears to have been taken and run with by this OP! This person wished fervently enough to achieve their desired weight, and voila. I tell you what, guys, dreams do come true!

The Dental Artist

My Precious

A painting of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings showing him before and after treatment would be the ideal approach to demonstrate your dental expertise. It’s possible that the dentist in this OP only practices dentistry during the day and is a night artist.

That would be much more logical considering that, in all honesty, there are other methods to demonstrate your expertise as a dentist or orthodontist than to display this painting in your waiting area.

The Beauty Genius

Make-Up Hack

Now that we see this woman’s genius let’s move on. It’s impossible to ignore this woman’s intelligence, whether or not she’s making fun of herself for donning goggles in the shower. This is completely relatable to those who use makeup.

There are certain days when you apply everything precisely, from the liner to the eyeshadow to the concealer, and you don’t want to take the chance of messing everything up just to shampoo your hair. So, how do you proceed? Obtain a set of goggles for yourself!

The Perfect Sweater

Holiday Cheer

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an ugly sweater joke, as the joke has been around for a while, we still find ourselves laughing at the guy’s sly grin as his boss looks at himself in the mirror.

We must give credit to the store manager’s employee for the creative attire, despite the management sporting the customary ugly sweater. What are your thoughts?

A Strong Jeep

Heavy Lifting

There is nothing better than traveling down the interstate and observing various car types with their corresponding license plates, stickers, and even tire covers. Consider the image above.

This savvy owner chose to purchase a tire cover that gives the impression that their small Jeep is carrying all the weight, unlike some folks who would simply tie their Jeep to their RV and drive it down the highway as is. Even though we are all intelligent enough to realize that the RV is actually doing the job, it’s still humorous.

A Funny Doc

Play Ball!

We won’t lie: this prosthetic specialist strikes us as a very cool person with a fantastic sense of humor. Imagine how difficult it must be to be born without a limb or to lose one at some time in your life.

However, as is often said, laughter is the best medicine. And this Doc would certainly concur, we’re sure. He is, after all, posing for a photograph while holding a baseball bat in the socket of his prosthetic limb. More evidence that self-irony is useful in all circumstances may be found in this image.

The Perfect Costume

Flash Is the Fastest Guy in Here”

There is no disputing that the DMV is one of the worst places to be. You better expect that you’ll be spending a significant portion, if not the entire day, there because the personnel is quite unpleasant and the lineups are absurdly long.

Fortunately, this DMV worker is all too familiar with the difficulty and chose to poke fun of it by dressing up for Halloween. But this isn’t any old costume. He donned a Flash the Sloth costume from the 2016 film Zootopia. Get it? due to the fact that the DMV lines move as slowly as sloths do!

New Workout Equipment

Benching Bottles

The next individual totally nailed self-irony! Why not learn a few things from this poster if you enjoy drinking but aren’t a gym rat? They chose to create their own exercise plan since they enjoy unwinding with a bottle of wine after a long day at work, knowing well that they won’t make it to the gym.

The fact that they are drinking all the calories they are also burning off may make it seem a little pointless, but doing something is always preferable to doing nothing at all.

“You’re A Wizard, Harry!”

“You’re a Wizard, Harry!”

Well, this is bizarre. If we ourselves had to do a double-take, then we can only imagine how actor Daniel Radcliffe reacted when he was approached by this fan — a fan that looks more like his famous character, Harry Potter, than he himself does.

Perhaps the fan is really the wizard here?! All jokes aside, from the looks of it, Radcliffe didn’t seem too phased by the interaction. Maybe this happens a lot more than we think it does…

No One Noticed

No One Noticed

Whether you just got a haircut or had your nails done, there’s nothing worse than getting pampered only for no one to notice! Come on — we all know someone that gets offended if someone doesn’t notice their new do. Take Ghufran, for instance.

She must have gotten multiple haircuts throughout the year yet no one seemed to care! Obviously, we’re only playing around and getting in on the joke with Ghufran. Because she wears a hijab that covers her head and hair, no one can possibly notice whether or not she’s recently been to a salon.

All By Myself

All by Myself

You could be the nicest person on the planet, but if you have resting (you know what) face, people will automatically assume that you are totally unapproachable. Take this lovely lady, for instance.

She’s perfectly sweet — when she’s speaking to someone. When she’s by her lonesome, though, it looks as if she hates everything and everyone. After receiving a photo of herself sitting alone in class, she herself realized this.

Keep Them At Arm’s Length

Keep Them at Arm’s Length

This gal ain’t wrong — her arms really do look long enough that she could tie her shoes without bending over. The question is, how come? Does she have unnaturally long arms? Did someone Photoshop her arms to look that way? Is it just the angle and lighting?

We’re guessing it’s the latter. Still, we’re sure that this poster here felt a bit unsettled after scrolling through these photos. But, what better way to get past it than to make a self-deprecating joke?

Is This Bad Luck?

Is This Bad Luck?

Whether you’re getting take-out or sitting in at a restaurant, there’s really nothing like some good ‘ol Chinese food. From eggs rolls to lo mein, Chinese food is one of the most comforting cuisines, especially when you know you’ll be getting a fortune cookie at the end of your meal.

But, what if you ended up with a fortune cookie like this? Sure — there’s a cookie and a fortune but isn’t the fortune supposed to go inside the cookie? In that case, we think it’s safe to say that the job isn’t really that well done.

Failure Is Not An Option

Failure Is Not an Option

You heard the mug — failure is not an option, even if the handle on your favorite coffee mug breaks off as you take your first sip of coffee in the morning. Life can be rough, and this picture only proves that.

Luckily, this particular poster knows how to shake things off with a laugh. She’s well aware of the fact that her mug failed her today, but even so, she’s prepared to drink some of that irony before owning the day!

Buzz, Buzz

Buzz, Buzz

According to this next poster, “My friend, who has been in a coma for three months and presumed dead, texted me this.” Can you imagine receiving this kind of message from your buddy?

Your phone buzzes with a notification, and you check to see who it’s from, only to find out that the dude you’ve been mourning for the last few months has woken up. Clearly, the former comatose pal has a great sense of humor considering that he sent a duck-face selfie as if it was just any other day.

World’s Worst Parking Inspector

World’s Worst Parking Inspector

Wow — if this photo doesn’t scream irony, we don’t know what does. This dude works as a parking inspector. As an inspector, he’s supposed to patrol streets and parking lots to enforce local parking restrictions. In some cases, inspectors may even arrange to have illegally parked vehicles towed away.

While this guy was on duty, though, he parked his own truck in the wrong place. So, some other parking inspector came along and placed a tire boot lock on the car. Let’s just hope no one told his boss!

Old Farts

Old Farts

Considering that this group of guys comes to this restaurant every single day, it only makes sense to give them a sign that they can use to claim their table. In fact, if we’re being completely honest here, they’ve lived long enough to earn that honor.

What’s written on the sign makes it all that much funnier, especially because these ‘old farts’ don’t seem to take notice or even care that this is the name their group was given.

Picture Day

Picture Day

Imagine finding out that you have a twin years after you’ve already grown up. In fact, you really only find out because your faculty picture in the school yearbook is located right below your twins.

Thanks to the power of twin telepathy, you two wore the exact same outfit and posed the exact same way. All jokes aside, this is a pretty funny mishap… although it probably wasn’t the most cost-effective mistake to make considering that all the yearbooks had been issued by this point. Still, we’re sure Mr. Ben Kisila had a good laugh.

Whatever Floats Your Goat

Whatever Floats Your Goat

As you age, your body inevitably changes. And with age comes thinning hair, and even balding for some. Just because that’s the case, though, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of what you got! Take this guy, for instance.

He may have gone bald over the years but that hasn’t stopped him from living his best life. In fact, he made a joke of his hairless head by tattooing a goat on the bald spot. He also had the tattoo artist add some grass so it looks as though the goat is taking a bite out of the little hairs he has left.

Ralph Lauren Won’t Break Your Heart

Ralph Lauren Won’t Break Your Heart

Love can make you do some crazy things, including tattooing your partner’s name on your body. But, what happens if you guys break up — or worse if you get dumped? Well, you take a page out of this guy’s book, of course.

To honor his girlfriend at the time, he got her name, Lauren, tattooed on the inside of his wrist. Unfortunately, though, Lauren broke his heart. Rather than resorting to getting the tattoo removed altogether, he decided to dress it up. What’s better than Lauren? Ralph Lauren… duh!

ICU, Honey

ICU, Honey

There’s no denying that sickness and hospital stays can really take a toll on your mental health. If you’re constantly going in and out of the hospital, it can understandably get really depressing. As we’ve said before, though, laughter is the best medicine — and this guy seems to agree.

He may be dressed in a hospital gown and walking around with an IV, but he’s here to show the ladies that he’s the ultimate catch. Any takers?

Be Different, They Said

Be Different, They Said

Today, more than ever, people are constantly finding different ways to express their individuality. After all, it’s important to embrace who we are as individual people and to celebrate our unique qualities.

That’s essentially the mindset that this group of guys had when they each got dressed in the morning. Unfortunately, though, things didn’t go as planned. Although they each wanted to emphasize the importance of individuality, they completely defeated the point by showing up in the same t-shirt. ‘Be different’ lost its true meaning that day.

Safety First

Safety First

Think safety first, people! After all, who needs a ladder when you’ve got the railings of a staircase to break your fall? In reality, the ladder would make this all the more dangerous! In all seriousness, this picture is a funny case of self-irony.

But, if you’re going to preach something, you’ve got to follow through with it in your own actions. Otherwise, you’re just a hypocrite. Perhaps the guy that decided to make the staircase railing a jungle gym of sorts shouldn’t be the one actually putting up a safety sign.

A Little Self-Love Goes A Long Way

A Little Self-Love Goes a Long Way

Sometimes all a gal needs is a little pick-me-up; a compliment of sorts that’ll just make her day. From the sounds of it, that’s what this little lady needs. She hasn’t received a compliment from anyone over the past few days and it’s really gotten to her — so much so that she’s beginning to believe she looks like the zoomed-in reflection of herself inside her makeup mirror.

Well, darling, if no one else is going to compliment you this week, why not compliment yourself? After all, self-love is the most important kind of love!

Happy Divorce!

Happy Divorce!

When couples get married, there are some that just know they’ll be spending the rest of their lives together. Then, there are those that are hopeful for forever… until the day comes that they find themselves filing for divorce.

For many, divorce is a last resort; it’s considered to be a negative ending to what was supposed to be happily ever after. Rather than looking at it that way, though, this particular user celebrated their divorce because why not? After all, this is the start of a very new chapter!

One In A Million

One In A Million

Here we go again with another fortune — this time minus the cookie. Now, if you’re going to write a ‘You are one in a million’ fortune, it’s probably best to make sure that the person who’s on the receiving end of the fortune doesn’t get it twice.

Because if that happens, this person no longer feels like they’re one in a million. In fact, they feel sort of cheated. That’s how we would feel, at least.

Moms Are Superheros

Moms Are Superheros

Giving birth is no easy feat… and this new dad can totally vouch for that. Except, well, he wasn’t actually the one to give birth. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a man passed out on the floor after his wife has given birth. In fact, we’ve seen it plenty of times.

Still, it is proof that men could never deal with the pain that comes with giving birth. Sure — science says that men are physically stronger than women. But, do you understand what kind of strength it takes to push an entire human out of your body?!

She’s A Brick House

She’s a Brick House

We’ve all heard the saying — “It’s like talking to a brick wall.” When people say this, what they really mean is that the someone they are speaking to doesn’t react or listen. This Snapchat user took this sentiment to the next level by posing in front of an actual brick wall and captioning the picture, “Just me and my girl having a disagreement.”

Ha! Get it? Whenever he and his girlfriend have an argument, he feels like he’s talking to a brick wall because everything he says goes through one ear and out the other.

A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

Whoever took this perfectly-timed photo honestly deserves a medal of some sort. The iPhone is so well-placed in front of the guy’s face that it really does look as though the anime character’s face on the back of the phone case belongs to the actual person sitting down at a Japanese restaurant.

Even the real dude’s hair blends in perfectly with the anime character’s. Ignoring the distraught expression on the anime character’s face, wouldn’t you say that this is a perfect match?

Made In China

Made in China

Whether it’s clothes, toys, or electronics, none of us are strangers to the fact that plenty of products are made in China. Sometimes, you’re even able to turn a product over on its backside to reveal the origin label, ‘Made in China.’

Now, although this woman isn’t an item of clothing, a toy, or an electronic, she wants to make it clear to the world that she indeed was made in and comes from China. And what better way to do that than to get an origin label tattooed on the back of your shoulder?

Snap Of A Finger

Snap of a Finger

If you’re a Marvel fan, then you know exactly what you’re looking at. If you’re not a fan of the Marvel comics or movies, then let us fill you in really quick. This mama bear here cleverly transformed her son’s cast into the Infinity Gauntlet — one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe that’s designed to hold all six Infinity Stones.

So, this kid no longer possesses a broken limb. Instead, he possesses infinite power, to the point that all he’d have to do is snap his fingers, and humanity would cease to exist. Whoa.

All Fun & Games

All Fun & Games

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a hand! All jokes aside, though, this picture is filled with tons of self-irony. Much like the prosthesis doctor that we already saw on the list, this Snapchat user clearly knows how to make a joke and have a good laugh — especially when it’s at his own expense.

His facial expression may tell you differently but don’t be fooled because that’s just a part of the act!

Glow Up

Glow Up

And we have yet another person who has found the humor in having a prosthetic limb. With this kind of sense of humor, life is always an adventure — even if you didn’t actually go on a beach holiday like you told your co-workers you did.

Luckily, stain and varnish products exist… not so you can refurbish that outdated piece of furniture, but so you can give your prosthetic leg a tan or glow-up of sorts. Then, your work colleagues will totally think you had a holiday in the sun. You’d hate to look lame in front of them, after all.

How Big?

How Big?

When you’re able to buy yourself a first-class airline ticket, you know you’ve made it big. How big? Well, the cover of Forbes big, according to this high school government teacher.

Although this guy didn’t actually land himself on the cover of a business magazine, he wanted to let the rest of the first-class passengers — and maybe even the flight attendants — know that he belonged there. What we’re left wondering, though, is if he sat in first-class on the return flight. And if he did, which magazine was he the face of during that flight?

New Diet Plan

New Diet Plan

There are a lot of people who are looking to lose a little weight. They struggle to find a way to do so, or they give up when they don’t see any results. But this guy has a good sense of humor about it.

Not only is he saying he’s broke, but his joke could also be referring to actually shedding weight. Whichever way you look at it, though, it’s pretty amusing!

Looking For Work

Thinking Outside the Box

We know being out of work can come with its own set of challenges. Not only are you stressed about how to make ends meet, but you’re most likely bored too. This person has chosen to try their hand at a bit of comedy, though.

This image is a great example of self-irony at its best. She’s taking something super serious and putting a humorous twist on it! Maybe she found a new career in comedy? Someone call Dave Chappelle!

Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats

We know there’s a time and place in which a good costume is appreciated. When you’re looking for a costume, you often have to filter through a bunch before you find the right one for you and the event.

This guy is taking his belly for a ride in what has to be a custom-designed costume. This could be a new market for a costume manufacturing company for sure — costumes that incorporate your different body parts!

Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside the Box

The tech world has become a multibillion-dollar industry because they know that you don’t only need the hardware, but all the accessories too. This guy has it all figured out. We don’t know if he’s a genius, or just on a tight budget.

Either way, he seems to have created a life hack that many Mac users could probably really use, and he’s not trying to hide it at all.



When you’re a kid, sometimes it feels like an Olympic sport to get the adults around you frustrated — especially when they have a stellar sense of humor like this father. But what does dad think of this?

Apparently, he thinks it’s pretty amusing himself — so much so that he decided to share it with the internet. We wonder what kind of face he’s making now…

I Have My Concerns

I Have My Concerns

Sometimes, you have no control over what your face does. This guy seems to have that problem, and he set out to figure out why his coworkers think he always looks so suspicious. When he figured it out, what did he do?

He decided to share his findings with everyone. Apparently, that’s just his face, and he has had it since he was born. Or perhaps, the poor dude was just wondering why his parents dressed him in this…



One of the biggest events in a person’s life is graduating from college. It’s a day that they want to celebrate with their family and loved ones, especially their parents. So, when your parents can’t be there, that must be beyond disappointing.

This guy’s friends had him covered, though. They even decided to get a few pics of the occasion so their buddy could look back on the fond memories. In all seriousness, this whole scene was staged and is obviously a joke but then again — that’s self-irony at its finest!



Many people struggle with their weight their entire lives. Some even set a goal weight for themselves to reach, and for those that do, it’s something worth documenting. However, people that don’t reach their goal weight in the time they’ve set for themselves have to dream like this woman.

At least she has a good sense of humor about it. Perhaps she should consider this as a sign — the fact that her goal weight is written on the box the scale came in. In any case, we love this OP’s use of self-irony.

Business In The Front?

Business in the Front?

The ’80s and ’90s brought us some pretty unique trends. One of those, the mullet, left its mark on society and continues to do so to this day apparently (yes, mullets are back!). Anyway, this OP’s dad parties like it’s still the ’90s.

Or perhaps, he was making a joke in reference to mullets and the fact that they’re iconically known as the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ hairdo — hence the “party’s in the back” flyer. If only Joe Dirt himself could make an appearance with his iconic mullet. Perhaps his real-life counterpart, David Spade, would be willing to show face?

Isn’t That Cute!

Isn’t That Cute!

We’ve all seen those pictures or reels in which people recreate the fondest memories they’ve captured on film. This father and son decided to do the same. There’s one big difference, though.

This father is making a very different face. We would too. There’s quite a bit of difference between the weight of a baby boy and the weight of a full-grown man.

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball or two. This can lead you to struggle a bit in life. But, you have to pick yourself up and get back to business. This old guy certainly understands that and is doing the best he can.

Of course, he thought, “Why not have a little fun with getting back on my feet?” This sign would definitely stop us and cause us to ask a few questions.



When you’re a kid, and you go to the grocery store, one of the best things to do is ride around in the shopping cart. This father and daughter had a tradition where he would put her in the cart and push her around the store.

But it’s very different when you’re a grown adult being pushed around a store by your father. Perhaps it’s time to create a new, more fitting tradition!

Working Hard

Working Hard

Many of us work hard all our lives to build accomplishments that both ourselves and our families can be proud of. This can be a struggle, and when you see others achieving more than you, it might bring out some jealousy.

Of course, you shouldn’t be jealous when the “person” in question is just a duck. However, we can understand why this guy feels a little inadequate around this animal. Look at all those achievements — who wouldn’t want to be that duck?



One of the latest trends in dieting is intermittent fasting. It can be incredibly helpful if done right, but to do that, you have to read up on it. That being said, maybe you should be mindful about what you’re doing when you’re attempting to fast.

We just hope that he hadn’t told everyone he started fasting already. If he did, then we think he needs to hit the books harder, as it’s evident that the dude doesn’t fully understand the definition of fasting…

Need To Read More

Need to Read More

When you do the same thing every day, it oftentimes becomes second nature in that you can basically perform the task with your eyes closed. This truck driver was clearly too desensitized by the message on his truck, otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten himself stuck (literally) in this situation.

He’s just read the slogan so many times now that he barely gives it any thought. Now, though, we’re sure he can see the irony in the situation. Let’s just hope that his boss sees the humor in this…

Not So Psychic

Not So Psychic

There’s no doubt that there are certain individuals born with a special gift that allows them to tap into different energies than others. This often gives these said people the ability to mind-read and predict the future or even contact those that have left this planet.

However, if you do truly have this gift, you should be able to predict the future. The irony here is that this notice — which lets people know that something has been canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances” — was placed in a psychic-medium magazine. Well, then it goes without saying that this magazine’s psychic abilities aren’t all they cracked up to be!

Grammar Isn’t My Strong Suit

Grammar Isn’t My Strong Suit

We don’t know about you, but we’re sure that if we handed this award to any of our teachers, they would probably have a few words to say. Not a thank you, nor would it be a speech about how much they love their job.

It would be about the improper use of grammar on this award. The most ironic part about this whole situation? The fact that this card was given to an English teacher! So, are they really the best teacher ever considering that they couldn’t even teach this student the difference between “your” and “you’re”?

It’s So True

It’s So True

There are all kinds of advertisements that we’re exposed to on a daily basis. We find ourselves drawn to eye-catching and head-turning advertisements. Because of this, we could be missing out on so many other things.

This person found this out the hard way — safety begins with them. By looking at their now-totaled car, they seemed to have gotten the message loud and clear. Plus, they can see the irony of how they learned that lesson!

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

When you come home from a long day of work and see the house in disarray, you often want an answer from those that were home all day. But, this father and son duo has nothing to say despite the fact that they both look strangely suspicious.

In fact, we think they’re actually pleading the fifth. At least mom is able to share this photo with the internet, as we certainly appreciate it! We hope that they eventually broke their silence, though. Otherwise, it must have been a very long night!

Spitting Image

Spitting Image

It’s always nice to receive a handmade gift from a loved one. Even more so when it’s a piece of artwork that was specifically made for you. This grandpa was simply trying to raise his granddaughter’s confidence; he just wanted her to feel good about herself.

Unfortunately, as sweet as Grampy’s intentions were, we’re not sure that it had the desired effect. In fact, we think it probably did the opposite of boosting the OP’s confidence — but it’s the thought that counts, right?



There are always new fads and trends cropping up on social media. One of them is women who are expecting a child posting pictures of themselves pregnant. This woman wants to join in but isn’t actually with child.

Even still, if this was a pregnancy photo, it would be absolutely adorable. Even better than that, though — she has a lot of confidence in her body, and that’s all we could hope for anyone!

Saving The World

Saving the World

Many cities across the globe have begun making governmental changes to help their homes become more eco-friendly. For many of these places, that move was to ban or charge people for plastic bags. However, it seems that not everyone got the memo.

This person wanted to share the fact that the town he was born and raised in clearly hasn’t learned the definition of “ban.” But, hey, at least the OP is able to recognize the irony in this picture.

Not So Much

Not So Much

Coffee and tea mugs are a popular gift for people — be it for their birthday, a holiday, or just because. A lot of these mugs feature a message of some sort. Of course, this can also lead to some ironic statements.

This coffee cup features the word “Quality.” But do you see what’s actually happening here? Considering that the handle came right off, we’d say that the quality of this mug isn’t the highest. Oh, irony — we love you!

It’s The Effect

It’s the Effect

You have to get the order to your customer fast, especially when dealing with food. After all, you don’t want to deliver cold food. In that case, walking out to find this kind of scene — it’s as if someone is trying to tell you something, right?

This pizza delivery person knows they will have an intimate understanding of what the “Domino” effect actually means. Ha! Get it? Let’s just hope that their scooter was the first in the chain and not the one under everything!

Almost An A+

Almost an A+

It’s a big thing when a new restaurant gets their first health inspection and aces it. So, it’s not surprising that this person wanted to document the moment. However, they had a bit of a surprise waiting for them when they snapped the photo.

We’re sure they didn’t share this with anyone other than their Snapchat friends — although, unfortunately for this eatery, the post still made its way onto the web. This is just too ironic for words. That inspector must not have been paying close enough attention.

Let’s Be Honest

Let’s Be Honest

There’s a lot of upkeep that a building requires, especially if many people come and go from it each and every day. That’s why this maintenance shop just wanted to be very clear about what they can and can’t fix — right after claiming that they can repair anything, of course.

That being said, they do understand irony a bit. Plus, at least they’re honest and know their limits! With that, no one can say they didn’t communicate properly!

Bad Dog

Bad Dog

When you get a new puppy, there’s a lot of training that comes into play. You have to ensure that they understand what’s right and wrong. Some people send their little fur babies to schools for this.

Apparently, though, just like with kids — sometimes the lessons don’t stick. This person wanted to share the irony of what they came home to with the world. It looks like they need to find their doggo a different school, and perhaps ask for a refund from the last one!

Do As I Say

Do as I Say

How do you tell someone not to do something? The answer is super easy — you put up a sign and then the problem is fixed. That’s what this person’s employer had them do. But, unfortunately, the way they requested him to do it holds just a tad of irony.

That’s why he wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only person who thought this way, and had to share the sign with everyone. He’s right, though. This is super ironic, and we definitely thank him for sharing it with us.



Much like the divorce party that we saw on this list, this guy’s friends celebrated him for getting fired! While getting the axe isn’t necessarily the most ideal situation, perhaps you could consider it a blessing in disguise if you weren’t totally keen with what you were doing.

If you absolutely loved your work, well then, that sucks. From the looks of it, this dude wasn’t in much of a party mood when his friends surprised him with a celebration, so we’re assuming he was probably pretty bummed about getting let go.

Your Package Has Arrived

Your Package Has Arrived

If you didn’t laugh at this next post, we have no idea what to tell you. One look at these photos, and we were cracking up. We can only imagine how the OP must feel every time they receive an email that a package has been delivered to the apartment.

They’re probably waiting for another photo from this delivery guy, who clearly knows how to have a good time. If he didn’t have a good sense of humor, he would not waste his time posing with delivery boxes — just saying.

Hotline Cringe

Hotline Cringe

If you’re a fan of dark humor, then there’s a good chance you’ll like this next example of self-irony. This OP works for an emergency hotline specifically for people in need of mental health assistance. So, their desktop background is pretty ironic, and even a bit cringe.

Judging from the user’s tone of voice, they didn’t choose this picture for their computer background, so they were probably very surprised on their first day of work.

Sorry, Mom

Sorry, Mom

Some parents have a tendency to put pressure on their kids to go down a certain career path. After all, what mother doesn’t love to brag about their children? “My son’s a doctor… my daughter’s a lawyer!” From the sounds of it, this OP used to get the same kind of pressure from his own mom — until he became a published author!

Naturally, he had to dedicate his first book to mom. And along the way, he made sure to reiterate the fact that he chose the right career path because if he had become a doctor, “people would have died.”

Beary Tasty!

Beary Tasty!

In today’s day and age, we can access pretty much anything we want on the internet — including recipes and video tutorials on how to make the perfect dish. This OP got inspired by a food influencer’s rice dish and decided to try it out. While the influencer successfully shaped her serving of rice into a little bear, the OP went for a more alien-like vibe.

Better yet, they recreated Old Grandma’s mom from Spongebob Squarepants! “What are they selling?! CHOCOLATE?” Nevertheless, practice makes perfect, so after a few more tries, we’re sure the OP will get it down pat.

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