55 Hilarious Notes on Dinner Receipts

Sometimes a receipt is just a receipt. Other times, it has a hilarious message. Read our favorite notes on dinner receipts.

Let’s forget about leaving reviews on Facebook or comments on a restaurant’s website for a while, and let’s go back to doing something much simpler: writing notes on dinner receipts.

Whether you want to congratulate a waiter who made your night out an utter success or want to pass a message to management, leaving notes on dinner receipts can be more rewarding, as it feels more personal and real than a faceless or nameless review online, although we know those help a lot as well.

Leaving notes on dinner receipts goes both ways. Restaurants nowadays want to have fun and connect with their customers. Their latest whim? Adding side-splitting notes to the bills they hand to curious customers. These messages can be discreet, written in big, bold letters, or hidden between the meals of the order.

We rounded up the best notes on dinner receipts and bills that will make you smile, laugh, and sometimes wonder how on earth management agreed to print out these notes!

55.) You Can Hear This One in Your Head

funny notes on dinner receipts thanks boy

Read this in Flavor Flav’s ‘Yeah Boyyyyy!’ to make it even funnier!

Just some laughs.

54.) This Is Rude

notes on dinner receipts eating for two

Being pregnant can be an exciting time for any woman!

If she is not pregnant, it can be awkward and insulting.

53.) This Isn’t a Good Tip

notes on dinner receipts no tip

A tip for a server is money. No one should ever leave this kind of tip!

It’s common sense.

52.) Is It Pi Day?

notes on dinner receipts pi

Sometimes you cannot think of all of the numbers, but this seems like an odd way to tip a person.

Let’s hope the server gets their money!

51.) Does Anyone Ever Really Read This?

funny notes on dinner receipts does anyone readthis

Chuck Norris jokes are some of the best one-liners that make us laugh really hard.

But the funniest caption on this receipt is, “Does anyone ever really read this?” Our answer: yes! They even go viral on the internet for the pleasure of all.

50.) This Excited Japanese Restaurant

funny notes on dinner receipts fire

This restaurant doesn’t use fire; they use ‘FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Huge difference, fellas.

At least it’s free!

49.) Naked George Strikes Again

funny notes on dinner receipts naked birthday boy

The user who uploaded this picture on Reddit said that all of this restaurant’s receipts have the same caption on them.

Imagine the confused look of customers who wonder who this George person is and whether they would enjoy a free burger if they came to the restaurant naked on their birthday.

48.) EB Games Speaks Internet

funny notes on dinner receipts new games eb

We love companies that know how to appeal to their audiences. Sometimes, small details can blow the minds of their customers.

EB Games is apparently slaying this game.

47.) The Brutally Honest Bookstore

This one isn’t from a restaurant, but there are some notes we can’t help but share with you.

The person behind the counter of this bookstore was so chill that we low-key wanted to become their friend. Is their name actually Rapunzel, though?

46.) Oh, that’s Nic… Wait, What?

notes on dinner receipts birthday girl pass out

The Drinker of the Group is the real MVP.

Even when drunk, they still managed to be nice and show their appreciation for the waitress. Thumbs up for you, stranger! And we hope the B-Day girl was fine after her night out!

45.) Having Children Is Scary

notes on dinner receipts i have children

When you are a parent, it can be a wonderful time!

But as this restaurant admits, this can be scary.

44.) When You Just Can’t Math

notes on dinner receipts birthday girl pass out

When math isn’t your forte, taking a guess and rounding up to a higher number could be a way to go, especially if you’re feeling generous.

If you have your phone on you, though, the calculator app could be a real lifesaver. That way, you won’t have to leave these kinds of notes on dinner receipts.

43.) It Wasn’t a Silent One

notes on dinner receipts fart charge

If this pizzeria charged this customer for a fart, then it was either a thunderous one or a repulsively stinky one.

We just hope it wasn’t both.

42.) Really?

Garlic breath is sexy

Garlic bread? Yes, please, always. No need to ask.

Garlic breathe? No, thanks. We’ll pass.

41.) I Am a Poet

notes on dinner receipts haiku

Haikus are usually poetic. They portray scenes, sounds, and stories to convey strong feelings.

Other times, they just don’t make much sense. Especially when they’re taking notes on dinner receipts.

40.) WHO?!

Lady Gaga clerk

What would your reaction be if Lady Gaga was your waitress or counter attendant?

I would probably send thousands of resumes to that restaurant until I got a job there too.

39.) That Tan Did Not Go Unnoticed

Luv ur tan

It’s always nice to feel noticed, you know. On the condition that the encounter remains respectful, especially if it’s with random strangers.

There are notes on dinner receipts that can come across as a little bit creepy. This one is short and sweet.

38.) This Is How I’ll Be Signing My Receipts From Today On

nom nom pacman

Leaving notes on dinner receipts will probably become our new obsession.

You can make someone’s day only by writing a short joke, a thoughtful message, or a fun doodle, just like this Pacman signature above!

37.) We’re Living in a Simulation

notes on dinner receipts nom nom pacman

*slow clapping* That’s a really cool note on a dinner receipt.

Imagine if Keanu Reeves ordered something from this cafe, though. That would have been trippy.

36.) On Behalf of All the Restaurants: Thank You, Kids

notes on dinner receipts wellbehaved kids

Kids can get pretty hard to manage in a public space. Especially if their guardians haven’t been firm on discipline and behavior in public.

This is why a family with well-behaved kids sometimes deserves an extra tip. Take note, parents, keeping your kids quiet could get you a few bucks off your bill!

35.) “Hi, My Name Is Booby.”

funny notes on dinner receipts bobby

There are harmless typos that people don’t even notice. There are Starbucks-level misspelled names that are funny but still cute.

And then there are names that should never be misspelled, like Bobby.

34.) This Kind Indian Restaurant

funny notes on dinner receipts mild curry indian restaurant

Our taste buds aren’t all the same. Some people can handle spicy food, especially if their daily cuisine uses a lot of spices.

Other people aren’t that fond of strong flavors, though. A restaurant that acknowledges that can save your meal.

33.) We Love Talent

artist notes on dinner receipts

Imagine getting this after you finish serving someone.

This is so thoughtful!

32.) At least They Fixed It

Hey, at least they fixed their mistake!

It’s only a cent, but it’s the thought that counts!

31.) Shake It Girl!

shake it notes on dinner receipts

Getting a positive note like this is great to keep your night going well.

The bacon tops it off!

30.) Unhappy Staff Member

unhappy notes on dinner receipts

The way that they tell people they hate their job is hysterical.

It’s okay to be unhappy.

29.) Yo Mama!

yo mama notes on dinner receipts

Did you know that Yo Mama jokes are still relevant?

We thought it had died out!

28.) Whore Juice

What does whore juice mean?

Is it supposed to be an insult? Or something else?

27.) Satan



Why is Satan at the restaurant?

Hopefully, he enjoyed his meal.

26.) Giving His 2 Cents

two cents


Wow, I’m not sure if this was supposed to be punny or sarcastic.

Anyway, giving two cents for a tip is not good.

25.) Boo, You Fail

boo you fail


Hey, you fail too!

Hopefully, they have a crappy day.

24.) Get a Real Job

get a real job


Actually, being a server is a real job.

Sometimes they work harder than most! Remember, tip your server!

23.) BEWARE!

funny notes on dinner receipts beware of the ninjas

The notes on dinner receipts usually thank people for their orders or ask them to come again.

Others see that small piece of paper as an opportunity to make people laugh their hearts out. Honestly, we would remember a restaurant more vividly if we read a note like this ninja one.

22.) Thank You, But Why?

notes on dinner receipts discounts

Getting any sort of discount on food is super exciting.

But is this a good reason to get a discount on food?

21.) 30% Tip

30 percent tip

Giving a 30% tip is generous, especially when the bill is expensive.

There should be more people like this in the world.

20.) Legal Name Change

butthole teeth

Such a weird name. Did they legally change their name to that?

Or are they just trying to play a prank?

19.) Good Ol’ Abe

abe lincoln

Imagine being named Abraham Lincoln and being able to sign your name like this.

As a waiter, we would be star struck.

18.) Wait, what?

Did they really just call a customer like that?

It seems like a bad spot, and they need to think before writing that next time.

17.) That’s What She Said

that's what she said

If you read this a few times, you might not get it.

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks, and you start laughing out loud!

16.) Birthday Tipping

birthday tipping

This is such a cute note!

You might as well give back on your birthday.

15.) The Cashier Was White

cashier was white

Were they trying to identify the cashier?

This seems weird.

14.) Goo Goo What?

go go sprm

Does anyone know what this is?

We are too afraid to ask.

13.) How Rude

fat girls

This is super rude!

What is this supposed to mean?

12.) High As F*ck

high as fck

The customer is honest and wants to make sure that they get everything they need.


11.) Typo

butter snickers

This is a typo, but it’s a bad typo.

Whoever put this up must be embarrassed.

10.) The tip was bigger than the Bill

tip bigger than bill

Don’t you wish they said a bigger number?

This seems so nice.

9.) Good Luck, Future Mom

good luck mom

This is such a sweet discount.

But is motherhood that stressful?

8.) Soda Wars

soda wars

This soda war picture is funny.

Who knew they would take up all this time?

7.) Asking a Waitress Out

asking a waitress out

That’s really sweet.

We wonder if they said yes!

6.) Don’t milk yet?

don't milk yet

What does this mean?

Was it a typo? Did they not order milk?

5.) Threesome


Imagine asking your waiter to have a threesome.

This is a huge no-no.

4.) Interesting Views


It’s cool to have this view.

No need to preach!

3.) Your Face

your face


This escalated quickly.

2.) Weird Order

weird order

A typo? Maybe.

But it seems a bit cringy.

1.) Luv Ur Tan

luv ur tan

What if you didn’t have a tan?

Flattering, but a little weird.

What do you think of these notes on dinner receipts? Have you ever received or written funny notes on dinner receipts? Let us know in the comments! Also, have you ever seen the homework of a kid? Sometimes, these little bundles of joy write down the funniest and most random answers. We rounded up the 100 most hilarious ones in our next article!