Funny Subway Moments Captured, Discretion Advised



Subway rides are almost never what they advertise. With a lot of people packed on a subway train there can often be something strange happening.

Individuals are so unique and different from one another. This is very apparent when you ride the subway. Be prepared for some strange things caught on camera!

He Bagged A Husky

Public Domain

This man clearly didn’t know about the rule that dogs aren’t allowed on the subway. He decided that it wouldn’t count if they were in his bag.

Huskies aren’t huge dogs, but we’re sure his shoulder is still probably taking some punishment!

His Favorite Things

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Now here’s a photo that provokes a lot of thought. A prank or a weird costume?

But even with all his hijinks how was this guy allowed onto the train? We’re sure they made a new rule after this one.

Mound Of Moss

Public Domain

This woman can’t understand what she’s sitting next to. Are plants allowed on the train?

This gillie-suited person must know that they are doing anything but blending in.


Public Domain

No here is quite the picture. Are there rules against half-horses on the subway? No? Well they are technically a zebra anyway.

We can imagine how hard it must have been to get through the turnstiles that are designed for two legs.

Pennywise Is Not Above A Commute

Public Domain

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. And we’re sure that Steven King’s IT is sure to make a whole new generation grow up with it.

Pennywise on the train is definitely not helping people get over the phobia. But we’re sure he doesn’t mean too much by it.

Completely Covered

Public Domain

We don’t actually know what this one is… It could be a costume or a mask of some kind…

Maybe she just wants to stay incognito while she rides the subway to work?


Public Domain

Now here’s someone who takes things very seriously. He’s taking his roleplay to the max.

At least the woman in the background seems amused. Spider-Man would want to spread a little joy, wouldn’t he?

That Works… I Guess?

Public Domain

This woman certainly takes protocols very seriously. But she doesn’t have to block out her vision too!

Or, maybe this woman is just really smart and she’s using her mask to get some shuteye on the subway… at least she is covering her mouth and nose.

Bendy Goddess

Public Domain

Dressing up from head to toe in green latex wasn’t enough for this woman.

She is showing off just how limber her long green limbs are – and while her flexibility is impressive, I don’t think the disapproving woman in the back asked for a show.


Public Domain

The Japanese Pokemon star Pikachu is terribly cute, but this one’s anatomy is somewhat confusing.

The hand coming out of Pikachu’s mouth to steady him on the bumpy journey makes for a very strange image.

Army Man

Public Domain

It’s like a green army toy has come to life on this subway train.

Looking like he’s been carved entirely out of plastic, it’s hard to tell if this is really a person or a statue.


Public Domain

When you don’t want to be recognized on the train there are a few things you can do.

This subway traveler was able to travel incognito thanks to a creative mask and a leopard print outfit.

Subway Demon

Public Domain

This passenger may have wanted to elicit a few looks of fear from fellow travelers by dressing head-to-toe in a petrifying outfit.

Unfortunately, his travel-weary passengers are pictured looking completely oblivious to the red-eyed, long talon monster sitting in their carriage.


Public Domain

We can only assume this subway passenger has either attended a furry convention or just enjoys dressing as a fox.

Either way, with his long bushy tail and pointy ears we do know the denim-clad fox is about to indulge in his favorite take-out thanks to his plastic bag full of goodies.