Year of the Sequel: Highest Grossing Movies of 2011

The year 2011 wasn’t really a game changer as far as the types of movies that made the big bucks in the U.S. of A. Big, recognizable brands and sequels proved to be the winning formula when it came to making it into the top five. These movies better rake in the cash because the studios and producers put so much money into making and promoting them, if they don’t have a blowout box office somebody might lose their jobs. The people working on these flicks are probably doing just fine though. Let’s see if these five are worthy of all of our hard-earned money.

5 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ($241,071,802)

Good old Johnny Depp. He really did create an amazing character in Captain Jack Sparrow. He was influenced by Rolling Stones pirate Keith Richards, and in the first Pirates movie Depp was amazing to watch. Then they kept churning them out, and evidently people kept going. Depp’s love for fringe and man jewelry in real life is getting a little old, but he’s a huge star so he can wear whatever he wants! The Pirates franchise seemed like it would never end. It’s kind of hard to keep track of them now.

4 The Hangover Part II ($254,464,305)

The first Hangover movie was hilarious, well done, and a gigantic hit – for good reason. It was like a crazy, messed up trip where we got to watch some amazing comedians do their thing and make our stomachs ache from laughing. So since it made a gazillion bucks, they decided to do a sequel. Only, the sequel kind of sucked. It was the same exact movie just in a different setting, and wasn’t nearly as funny. People still paid to see it though. And now Hangover 3 is in the works. Let’s hope they change the plot.

3 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I ($281,287,133)

Ah, more emo vampire love. It’s so easy to make fun of the Twilight franchise (and most non-teenagers do) but it tapped into something for sure. When the first movie blew up producers all over Hollywood were looking for “The next Twilight.” Turns out the next Twilight really is a bunch of Twilight sequels. The knockoffs don’t stand a chance. Teenagers love this impossible love thing, and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are gigantic stars now. Whether their real life love is real is another question.

2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($352,390,543)

Good old Michael Bay. He really likes to blow crap up and cast hot chicks that do nothing but… look hot. He brought Megan Fox to the masses – then replaced her. Who knows what really went on. The Transformers movies aren’t that good (the first one was fun but definitely not Oscar worthy), but for some reason people still love them. Maybe it’s that childhood nostalgia for your toys or something. Shia LaBeouf runs around looking stressed and things do blow up and explode so… it’s vintage Michael Bay. Go big or go home.

1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($381,011,219)

Good old Harry Potter – kids and adults act like, well, kids when it comes to this franchise. People dressing as wizards and waiting in line for hours to sit in a dark theater and watch the magic unfold. Conventions, chat rooms, mass hysteria. At least there aren’t any vampires, right? Always nice to get a break from them. This sequel had fans coming out in droves. JK Rowling has moved onto writing “adult” fiction (not porn, just fiction without warlocks and wizards) so we’ll see if she ever revisits Harry P. We’ll always have the DVDs.

So what’s your take on 2011’s most profitable flicks?

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