The Hidden Gems of Europe: 10 Must-See Places To Visit This Summer

Thinking about Europe travel this summer? Classic tourist spots are becoming busier year after year, making your relaxing summer getaway seem anything less than, well … relaxing. In regards to Europe travel, instead of fighting for a dinner reservation or Instagram-worthy shot among the crowds of tourists, we are happy to inform you of some great alternatives to the common summer hotspots that won’t leave you the slightest bit disappointed.

We have listed 10 hidden gems of Europe, places only known to those off-the-beaten-path adventurers and local communities. Here is how to avoid the tourist rush this summer and take that relaxing vacation you always wanted:

10.) Riquewihr, France

europe travel in France


Classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, Riquewihr is a medieval town situated in the heart of the Alsation vineyards. It contains cobblestone streets that lead to plenty of wine shops and tasting rooms.

Riquewihr served as a wine trading hub throughout its history. Since it’s surrounded by forest and mountains, you can simply walk outside of your hotel and partake in the natural surroundings.