Here Are The Best Free Tokyo Photography Spots To Snap Dazzling Pics

Tokyo is one of the only places in the world that gracefully blend the traditional and the ultramodern, offering its visitors dazzling Tokyo photography spots. From its neon-lit streetscapes to its lush green gardens and beautiful shrines, Tokyo photography spots never cease to provide amazing opportunities to take breathtaking pictures and cultivate photography skills of both amateurs and professionals.

Take your camera and follow us on this journey. Here are the best Tokyo photography spots you absolutely need to visit to capture the beauty of Japan’s capital!

6.) Harajuku – 原宿

tokyo photography spots

Scott Walsh – Flickr

Harajuku is where Japanese youth-oriented fashion happens. No one can deny that the teenagers and young adults roaming the streets of Harajuku have a high sense of fashion, and if asked nicely, a lot of them don’t mind being snapped in a picture or two.

In that regard, Takeshita Street is the focal point of Shibuya. Rainbow cotton candy, pink crepe shops, anime cafes and kawaii clothing stores, everything in this street breathes cuteness and quirkiness. Shoot a pic in front of them, and you will create a whole new aesthetic on your feed!

tokyo photography spots

工房 やまもも – Flickr

When you visit this Shibuya district, you will also be amazed by the thousands of fashion styles and subcultures naturally blending with some historic sights. If you are more inclined to snap the grown-up side of Tokyo, head to Meiji Jingu, one of Tokyo’s major shrines, located right beside the railway tracks of Harajuku Station. You can also visit the small Ota Memorial Museum of Art or the Nezu Museum.

Your photo album will illustrate the beautiful clash between yesterday’s and today’s art.