Little-Known Hells Angels Rule Women Fear The Most


Respect For The Club

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, known for its distinct identity and reputation, has established a set of rules for its female members.

These rules encompass various aspects of behavior, dress code, and manners, aiming to maintain the club’s values and standards. Female members must demonstrate unwavering respect for the Hells Angels, its history, and its members.

They should uphold the club’s values and contribute positively to its reputation. Let’s explore some of the tough requirements that women aspiring to join the Hells Angels must meet.

Commitment to Brotherhood


Women joining the Hells Angels must understand and embrace the importance of brotherhood within the club, fostering a sense of unity and loyalty among all members.

They have to spend some time with the group before they can join. This is just to get a sense of whether you will fit in or not. The group has a variety of people with various real-life occupations, all of these aspects are considered.

Riding Skills


Female Hells Angels members must be skilled motorcyclists, capable of handling their bikes proficiently during group rides and rallies.

Many people want to join thinking that they can learn how to ride, but the leaders prefer that aspiring members already know how to handle a motorbike well. It is not a school after all.

Code of Silence


It is imperative that female members maintain a strict code of silence, refraining from discussing club business or activities with outsiders.

This applies to everybody, not just the females. Members are not allowed to talk to the press or let out any information about their meeting or rides. Previous gossip had led to problems that put the group in serious situations.

Personal Integrity


Women in the Hells Angels must possess strong personal integrity, acting with honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness in all their interactions.

It’s great if the ladies are already involved in charitable organizations. The angels always support various NGOs and show their presence in the community. It’s important that they represent their humanity as a group and that they care about others too.

Respect For The Colors


Female members must respect the significance of the club’s colors, ensuring they are worn with pride and treated with reverence.

It is a great privilege to earn your colors in the group. Any biker puts it on his biker jacket with pride. They are taught how to take care of it and wear the brand with respect.

Dress Code


Female Hells Angels members are expected to adhere to a specific dress code, which typically includes leather attire, club patches, and appropriate insignia.

People don’t expect bikers to have a standard when it comes to their dress code but they actually do. There is no reason you can’t look fabulous on a motorbike. Just make sure your hair is tied up so it doesn’t fly in your face.

Physical Fitness


Maintaining physical fitness is crucial for female members to participate actively in club activities and endure the demands of long motorcycle rides.

During long rides anything can happen. Sometimes your bike can break down in the middle of nowhere and you’ll have no choice but to walk! Keeping fit is essential for being an agile rider.

Security Awareness


Women in the club must be aware of potential security threats and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their fellow members.

Most girls are pretty tough, but being out on the road means meeting a few unsavory characters. Keeping a weapon is not advised, but many of the woman keep pepper spray or taser guns on their person.

Knowledge of Motorcycle Maintenance


It is essential for female members to have a basic understanding of motorcycle maintenance to ensure their bikes are in optimal condition.

Bikes options break down on long trips and it’s important to know the basics like changing a flat tire. You have to own a Harley Davidson motor bike in order to join, so the bike knowledge is specialized and you should show off your knowledge if you want to get in.

Alcohol and Drug-Free


Hells Angels members, regardless of gender, must refrain from using illegal substances and excessive alcohol consumption to maintain a clear state of mind and ensure safety.

It is the most important rider’s rule. Riders have to be reminded that they don’t have the protective casing of a car around them.

If anything happens, the accident will be direct. It’s better to be aware and keep safe distances. There is a zero-tolerance rule.

Club Events Participation


Female members are expected to actively participate in club events, including rallies, charity rides, and social gatherings, to strengthen bonds within the community.

The group has annual meetings in the various Charters across America. Neighbors and friends are encouraged to keep a close relationship with those that are living closest to them. You can also hold your own get together and start your own charter if your personal group is big enough.

Supportive Attitude


Women in the Hells Angels should exhibit a supportive attitude towards their fellow members, providing encouragement and assistance when needed.

The relationship extends beyond the walls of the group. Many women keep in contact after meetings and get to know each other on a personal level. They are more than friendships, it’s like family. (Zolpidem)

Loyalty to the Club


Female members must demonstrate unwavering loyalty to the Hells Angels, prioritizing the interests of the club over personal conflicts or differences.

If a member has an important position of leadership, it’s their responsibility to follow up on their duties. Volunteering is encouraged as most of the work is done without any pay, but there are other perks.

Organizational Skills


Women in the club should possess strong organizational skills to help with the planning and execution of various events and activities.

There are various events that are held across America and the team tries to get the best possible person for the job. If you have any skills that are important then you should share your talent for the benefit of the group.

Communication Skills


Effective communication is essential for all Hells Angels members, and female members must be adept at expressing themselves clearly and assertively.

There is a special dictionary that the group has. If possible, it would be wise to learn the lingo beforehand. But as you integrate more into the group, you will find that you’ll pick up on the words very easily.

Etiquette and Manners


Female Hells Angels members are expected to uphold proper etiquette and manners, reflecting positively on the club during social interactions.

It’s a common misconception that bikers are loud and noisy, not all the time! Many of the women in the group are advanced professionals like doctors, lawyers and psychologists. It is vital to respect each individual member.

Conflict Resolution


It is important for female members to be skilled in conflict resolution, using diplomacy and communication to defuse potential tensions within the club.

There are often meetings held to ensure that everyone airs their concerns. There is an open-door policy when it comes to problems. Members are encouraged to be honest and speak their truth.



Women joining the Hells Angels must demonstrate independence and self-reliance, capable of making sound decisions and taking responsibility for their actions.

You should read all the rules and regulations beforehand. It may sound intimidating at first, but it is all for a good cause. Maintaining personal boundaries is also important so that nobody walks all over you.

Dedication to Community Service


Female members should actively engage in community service and charity work, representing the Hells Angels in a positive light.

Every year the various charters choose different charities to support. They organize bike rides and charity fairs to raise funds for the chosen charity. The Hells Angels have raised millions of dollars for charity over the years.

Mental Resilience


The demanding nature of club membership requires mental resilience, and women must possess the ability to handle challenging situations with strength and composure.

It can get daunting on the road. Sometimes women are not as physically strong as the male riders when it comes to handling the open road.

Some rides have gone through wind, hail and snow storms. You have to be ready for the challenge.

Knowledge of Club History


A deep understanding of the club’s history, traditions, and significant milestones is expected from female members to preserve the Hells Angels’ legacy.

There is a plethora of Hells Angels reading material and it shows commitment to be knowledgeable about the club’s past.

Ralph Sonny Barger was the club’s original founding father. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 83 from Cancer.

Personal Hygiene


Maintaining proper personal hygiene is crucial for all club members, including women, as it reflects respect for oneself and the club as a whole.

Some bike rides can go over a month without having a decent shower. You need to know how to pack and travel light. Although they plan routes with motels, you can go days without taking a shower.

Financial Responsibility


Female members should demonstrate financial responsibility, ensuring they can cover their own expenses related to club activities and their motorcycles.

You have to have insurance and be adequately covered. Maintaining a Harley Davidson bike can be a costly affair and you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Save your money for parts, you will need it!

Respect for Outlaw Culture


The Hells Angels are deeply rooted in the outlaw culture, and female members must respect and embrace this aspect of the club’s identity.

The spirit of the group is about enjoying the open road. The bikers all have the same sense of adventure and fun. It’s about living the American Dream which means that anything is possible.

Continuous Learning


Women in the club should exhibit a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to continuous learning about motorcycles, the club, and its culture.

As the years go by, the group is growing in various ways. Every new member brings a different sense and purpose in their own way.

Many of the women have open conversations about how their lives have changed since joining the Hells Angels.

Conflict Management Skills


Female members must possess effective conflict management skills, capable of resolving disputes peacefully and maintaining harmony within the club.

After a couple of drinks, some of the members tend to get a bit rowdy. There have been many cases of bar fights and violence, which is not encouraged. It’s this kind of behavior that gives the group a bad name.

Cultural Sensitivity


Hells Angels members interact with diverse communities, and women must be culturally sensitive, showing respect and understanding to people of different backgrounds.

Under no circumstances will any prejudice or racism be tolerated. Everyone is treated as equals and maintains a level of respect for each member.

Resilience in Adversity


The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club sets stringent rules for women seeking membership, ensuring they uphold the club’s values and maintain its standards.

Female members must demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity, able to handle challenges and setbacks with determination and grace.

Being part of a biker group doesn’t come without its fair share of problems. Some women face discrimination for being bikers, but still, they strive through the setbacks. It’s all up to you!

Dedication to the Hells Angels Lifestyle


Above all, women in the Hells Angels must embrace the lifestyle and culture of the club, demonstrating their dedication through their actions and commitment.

There are members that have been a part of it for over thirty years, others have generations of Hells Angels in the family. It is a place to call home, when you are on the open road. By meeting these requirements, women can contribute positively to the club’s legacy and further strengthen the bonds within the brother/sisterhood.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.