The 5 Best Healing Crystals For Beginners

Using crystals for their healing properties has become more mainstream in recent years. You can find healing crystals dangling on the end of a necklace, taking the place of boring door knobs and even being used for Kegel exercises. Yes, rose quartz “muscle strengthening” is a thing. A very ancient thing. Who knew?

Many people believe that crystals have healing properties. Each crystal is believed to have a different energy that can affect and “heal” different areas of your body or your life. Healing crystals have a variety of uses. Some help you attract love while others clear negative energy from your environment and “aura.” As mystical as crystals might seem, it’s easy to reap their healing benefits without any seances or burning sage involved.

When choosing a healing crystal, it’s important to go with your instincts and select the ones that you feel drawn to. The next step is to connect with your crystal by choosing an intention you want it to represent. If a beautiful piece of citrine catches your eye, you might want to place itwhere you work and set an intention of attracting a raise. Even if you don’t believe in the healing power of crystals, having a physical reminder of your intentions helps keep them at the forefront of your mind. Healing crystals remind you to keep striving to turn your intentions into reality.

There are hundreds of crystals to choose from and even more choices when it comes to how you display them. It can be tricky to figure out where to start! Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe in or are already fully submerged, here are our top 5 picks of must-haves for your healing crystals collection.

1.) Clear Quartz

healing crystals clear quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the “gateway” crystal. It’s also known as the “master healer,” because it can be used to heal a long list of ailments and attract intentions. Whether you’re dealing with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, this healing crystal can help.

Clear quartz “cleanses” your mind and body of negative energy, making it easier to manifest your intentions. It’s often used in tandem with other crystals to enhance their qualities. Clear quartz is also used to “clean” the energy of other healing crystals.

Where to place this crystal: Place clear quartz in areas that get a lot of sunlight, like big, open windows. Also try placing quartz near fountains, pools or other areas with water to enhance the healing properties.

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