Pains and Aches from Years of Mileage? These Are 5 Natural Ways to Heal Arthritis

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The last thing most of us want to do when we have a chronic ailment like arthritis is take a lot of medications to help with pains which cause other problems that require more medications, which cause more problems that require more medications, which end up declaring a potential arthritic side effect. Goodness gracious! What have we gotten ourselves into? Treating arthritis with unnatural methods will rarely cure the underlying problem. Arthritis is a condition that occurs over time due to an overly acidic body — the blood cannot be acidic for very long without causing harm to the organs, so the body will take alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) from the body in order to balance the acidity. Over time, this process leaches from the bones so much that the bones become brittle and weak. By incorporating alkaline foods into the diet we are allowing the minerals to stay in the bones and to actually rebuild them. Here are practices that will help you do this.

5 Colon Hydrotherapy

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This generally meets a bit of resistance, but there is no need for this. Gravity centered colon hydrotherapy (also known as ‘colon lavage’) is one of the best practices one can take when healing an ailment. By cleansing the colon tract of substances lodged inside for many years at 98.6 degrees, you free the body of many incredibly acidic substances that keep it from cleansing daily at an optimal level. Many people have seen things exit their colon that they haven’t eaten for years, indicating that things do get stuck and stagnate the tract, causing many other issues. If you have a problem regarding your ‘personal space,’ you may also choose to start with an enema kit – just make sure you use plain filtered water, not saline solutions or coffee. Be gentle with your body, not aggressive.

4 Infrared Sauna

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Toxins are particularly acidic, and we all harbor them in our bodies. By ridding our body of these acidic substances, naturally we will become more alkaline. Infrared Sauna is a gentle way to bring the body’s temperature up to increase sweating, and uses the same energy as the sun to do so, unlike dry or steam room saunas. Ladies may also notice a reduction in cellulite as a bonus. You can generally find infrared saunas at detox centers or wellness spas, so take a look around, or buy one yourself (they run about $2,000).

3 Do yoga

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Yoga is an excellent addition to an alkaline diet to increase flexibility and relieve pain from arthritis. Make sure your instructor knows you are arthritic so as to give you modifications for more demanding poses. You can also buy yoga DVDs specific to arthritis and find information and poses online

2 Eat Vegetable Crudités Instead of Refined Snacks

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Chopping up vegetables to dip in a healthy sauce. The more vegetables the better, so just make sure the dip or sauce is one you enjoy, but not high in saturated fats or refined sugar. Experiment – carrots, baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, bell peppers, lettuce leaves and mushrooms are all excellent for dipping. Vegetables are alkalizing and snacking on them prevents hunger for acidic refined foods.

1 Drink Green Juice

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Green juice is definitely the secret to many things – a healthy pregnancy, health breastmilk, morning energy, organ cleansing, constipation relief, glowing skin, and gentle nutrification. It is also very alkaline and easy to digest, meaning that within 15 minutes the juice has already gone through the stomach, utilized immediately for alkalizing and nutrifying the body. Have a green juice (juice a head of romaine, half a cucumber, a few stalks of celery, 1 whole lemon, a small knob of ginger and an apple for sweetness if you like, stevia if lowering sugar intake) first thing in the morning when you feel hungry. Wait 15 minutes before eating or consuming anything else.

Nobody wants to have arthritis, and yet most of us have a hard time making changes in our diets and lifestyle, but you can make changes one step at a time by trying a juice at your local health food store, try a dry sauna at your gym, eat the vegetable crudités and then go from there. Listen to your inner voice and be gentle with your body – medications are not necessary if you work with your body and don’t treat it as something that is malfunctioning as is often done in western societies.

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