He Said, She Said: Top 5 Gender Role Reversals of Modern Day

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People are getting with the times and equality is now. This isn’t your grandfather’s world we live in and, frankly, it’s starting to get confusing. Somehow politically correct became the new polite and certain manners your mother taught you are now gender demeaning. It’s hard to get it straight, but the passing of time teaches us all that neither gender is above the other.

5 Courtship

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Probably the most profoundly changed gender role. At this point, we don’t know who’s courting whom. It used to go: boy meets girl, boy asks out girl, boy kisses girl, girl takes boy home, boy ask girl’s father for her hand in marriage, they get married. Simple gender roles defined. Now it’s gotten a little muddy: girl gives boy number, boy texts girl, they meet for a drink, girl waits for text from boy while dating other boys, boy wants girl to put out, she does, girl meets boy’s mother for approval, boy moves in with girl, they go on a break, then get back together, on again, off again, they go ring shopping, they get engaged, they plan a wedding… for a year, then they get married. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like anybody is wearing the pants. More like cargo crops with a drawstring waist.

4 Bartender / Drinker

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Back in the 1920s it was the men who dealt the drinks. I’m not saying women didn’t imbibe; they most certainly did, and were encouraged to do so. But it was the gentleman’s game to deal with the spirits and it was nearly unheard of for a woman to mix a drink. Then along came the sports bar, where a man could go to watch the game, get some wings and get into trouble with friends. I don’t know who the first female genius was to discover she could make a killing pouring beers in a low cut top, but she really changed the game!

3 Stripper / Patron

There was a time when you needed a secret password to see well-endowed ladies as scantily clad bunnies. Slowly, the clothes came all the way off and live nudes were something for men to see in dark rooms on the wrong side of the tracks. But then Chippendale’s paved the way for bachelorette parties, making it totally acceptable for a woman to want to see the human male form in the raw, just for kicks and thrills. How many sitcoms are going to do the male stripper / bachelorette bit? At this point it’s been beaten to death, especially now that Magic Mike did so well at the box office. The girls of the 21st century are not shy to seek what they want to see anymore.

2 Boss / Secretary

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My mother once told me that when she graduated high school she had a few choices: teacher, nurse or secretary. Every boss had a ‘girl’ and all you have to do to get a gist of this is watch an episode of Mad Men. Today we have assistants. With more equality in upper management positions more women need ‘girls’ to answer phones, take notes, and pick up dry cleaning. Businesses are promoting within and sometimes the best strategy for getting ahead is to be behind someone. More and more men are accepting assistant positions to females in power in the hopes that the loyalty will lead to power of their own.

1 Breadwinner / Homemaker

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Women are still having babies, but the dads are staying home to raise them. The newest generations going to be raised by Mr. Moms (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Women are going out and making the dough while men are elbows deep in diapers and laundry. Is it hard to take care of two kids, make the house presentable and put a nutritious dinner on the table by 6:30p.m.? Heck yeah! And all that cliché complaining of “what did you do all day” was just discovered by the opposite sex. With the shoe on the other foot, women are finding it difficult to “have it all.” They can’t be there for every school play or soccer game. Balancing motherhood, marriage, and a full time job isn’t easy. The gender that once wished their husbands could “be around more” and “help out around the house” are eating their words.

The lesson here is to note that times are always changing. The next generation is going to grow into an even crazier set of gender roles than we’ve set for ourselves. Let’s meet those roles and our current ones with compassion and open minds.

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