He Picked On Her For Years In School, But She Finally Got Her Revenge


It Became Too Much

Taylor had never felt this embarrassed before. She couldn’t quite believe that someone could actually be so cruel. She couldn’t let this go on any longer. She had to get her revenge.

It was at her school’s high school prom that the bullying she endured finally reach a critical point.

The pain and humiliation were too much for her to bear, and she had to stand up for herself. The results would be anything but pretty.

Teenage Years


For the majority of Taylor Jones’s teenage life, she felt shy and awkward. She never had many friends, but the few she had were true and honest.

She was the middle child of three, and she’d always admired her older sister, Jan. Jan was a beautiful, tall, athletic cheerleader.

Taylor dreamed of looking like her gorgeous sister. She never thought that one day, her dream would come true.


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Taylor never really had an easy time at school. She and her best friends, Milly and Emma were always getting made fun of and bullied.

The worst part was that students would taunt her about her weight. She’d always been self-conscious about it, and getting made fun of for it made her sad and embarrassed her.

But she never knew just how bad the bullying would get.

Seeking Comfort

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Whenever she ate junk food, she felt extremely guilty. But she couldn’t stop. The food comforted her whenever she was feeling down.

On rough days, she would get a bunch of food and eat it alone in her bedroom.

She was angered by everyone’s comments. She knew that eating her feelings made everything worse, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

Prom Announcement

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One day, Taylor was sitting with her two best friends in the school cafeteria. That’s when it was announced that prom was just one week away.

Taylor wasn’t bothered by this. She and her friends had already decided that they weren’t going. They had a special horror movie and pizza night planned for themselves.

But just then, as she was minding her own business, someone approached her out of the blue.


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Jason was one of the most popular boys at school, he was a star football player. He was gorgeous and every girl adored him and saw him as the perfect boy.

Jason walked up to Taylor and asked, “Hi, Taylor. Will you go to prom with me?” She couldn’t believe this. Why would he ask her, of all people, to the prom?

She didn’t think, she simply agreed happily. She had no idea that this was where all the problems would start.


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The big night finally rolled around and Taylor was beside herself with excitement. Her stomach was in knots, but at least she had Milly and Emma by her side while she got ready.

They were all so excited for her. Her older sister, Jan, had even done her make-up. She would never forget this night.

The students were expected to be at the school hall at 6 pm sharp. By 5:50, Taylor was getting worried. Jason hadn’t arrived yet.

What Happened?

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When the clock hit 6 pm, Taylor had given up all hope. She wondered if something had happened to Jason. Jan and her friends knew better.

After waiting for a few more minutes, Jan told the girls to get into her car so she could take them to prom herself.

Taylor had a bad feeling about the entire thing. She wondered what was really going on. When they arrived at the school, Taylor’s world came crashing down.

She Fell For It

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Taylor couldn’t believe her eyes. Jason was at the school, all dressed up with a different girl on his arm. Her name was Karen, and she was the most popular girl in school.

Taylor felt so dumb. She should’ve known that it was all a setup and a prank. How could she have fallen for this?

She was devastated as she turned to Jan, begging her to take her home immediately.

The Next Day

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The following day was a living nightmare when she got to school. Everyone was talking about Jason and Karen. They were the new prom king and queen.

When Taylor arrived at school, everyone burst out laughing at her. They were pointing as they called her a loser. She ran to the restroom, crying.

When her friends tried comforting her, they soon discovered that it was no use. Taylor was angry. She wanted Jason to regret his decision.

School Nightmare

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All through high school, Taylor suffered. She just wanted to finish school so that she never had to see those people again.

She had gained a bit more weight, and the bullying was getting even more intense. She knew that Jason and Karen were the instigators.

She needed to get back at them but didn’t know how.

Doctor’s Orders

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A few weeks passed, and Taylor visited the doctor for a routine check-up. She checked her blood pressure and sugar levels. Ultimately, she wasn’t happy with Taylor’s results.

The doctor said that she urgently needed to lose some weight as she was at a high risk of getting diabetes. Taylor was shattered.

She couldn’t believe that she was faced with another obstacle in her life. But this time, she was ready to tackle her problems head-on.

A New Start


Taylor was ready to let go of all the hate and sadness in her life. It was time for a change.

It had been three years since she left school, and she was still carrying around the anger from the bullying.

She was going to turn her life around, and she needed to let go of the emotional anguish she still carried.

A Little Help From Her Friends


With the help of her friends, Milly and Emma, they would take walks every morning. Taylor wanted to start slow and pace herself.

She couldn’t see a difference just yet, but she knew if she kept going, she would see results soon enough.

She was getting control of her life again and had blocked all the past traumas from her mind. Little did she know that it would come back to haunt her.

Life Was Good

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It was three months later, and Taylor had lost a considerable amount of weight. She was happy and felt confident.

Jan had started training her as well, and they prepared their meals together so that Taylor never ate junk food the way she did before.

Her life was good, but it wouldn’t be long until remnants of her past would creep up on her again.

Garnering A Fanbase


Taylor decided to start an Instagram page where she documented her workouts and shared her and Jan’s favorite meals.

It was fun to interact with like-minded people, and she found that most people asked for her advice on how to lose weight or what the best foods were to stay in shape.

It felt great to be able to help people. What Taylor didn’t know was that her nightmares would soon resurface.



Taylor was flattered that she was asked out on dates by strangers online more than once. She guessed it was part of being in the public eye. But she wasn’t interested.

Her main focus was staying healthy and keeping her mind and body stress-free. She didn’t want to be in a relationship just yet.

It was fun being single and spending time with her friends. But fate had other plans for Taylor – as she would find out.

Message Pop-Ups


Taylor had been updating her status on Instagram when a message popped up on her screen. She paid no attention to it because she knew it was just some guy trying to ask her out again.

But then another message popped up, and another. Who was this person, and why were they so persistent?

Taylor’s blood ran cold when she saw the name of the person who sent the messages.

An Unwanted Surprise


It was the person that Taylor never thought she would hear from or see ever again, Jason. Why was he contacting her? What did he want?

Taylor composed herself and tried to think about what she should do. Should she reply to his message?

What would she say to him? She thought of the perfect plan.

Lost For Words


In the message, Jason asked her if she remembered him and how she was doing. Taylor could not believe the nerve of this guy.

Of course, she remembered him. He caused her so much heartache and pain. What was his game?

Was this another prank he was playing on her? If it was, she was ready for him, but his next question would be a low blow for Taylor.

The Question


“Would you like to go out on a date with me? No pranks this time, lol,” said the message. This was like history repeating itself. Does this guy have no shame?

He definitely thought the prank was a joke. Although Taylor had put the past behind her, seeing this message only brought everything back up again.

But this time, she was going to teach Jason a lesson he would never forget.

Getting Back At Him

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Why was he asking her out? What happened to his prom queen girlfriend, Karen? Taylor didn’t care. High School was behind her, and she was living her best life.

And yet, here Jason was, trying to get her attention. She was going to use this to her advantage.

This was what she always thought of doing, getting back at him. And this was the perfect opportunity.

Payback Time

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Taylor would concoct the perfect plan to get back at Jason. She didn’t know what it was yet, but it had to be good.

There was no way that he was just going to waltz into her life and pretend everything was okay.

So she accepted his date request. It was time to set the wheels of vengeance in motion.

The Ultimate Revenge


She called Milly, Emma, and Jan and told them who had just messaged her. They met up for coffee and discussed the plan to take the ultimate revenge on him.

Taylor was not a person to hold grudges, but he damaged her self-confidence, and she worked hard to recover after what he and the rest of the bullies did to her.

She was going to make him pay.


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It was the day of the “big date” with Jason. Taylor was nervous, not because she was excited to see him but because she wanted their plan to work.

Everything was in place. She just needed to make sure she showed up and looked drop-dead gorgeous.

And to do that, she needed all the help she could get.

Getting Ready

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Jan gave her a short black dress to wear.

It accentuated her new figure in all the right places. Milly did her make-up with false eyelashes and bold red lips.

Emma did her hair and made full, bouncy curls that flowed over her shoulders and fell down her neckline. Jason would not know what hit him.


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All four of them got into the car and drove to the restaurant. It brought back memories of when Jan drove them to the prom, and the night turned into a disaster.

But not tonight. It would be different this time. They could see Jason sitting at the bar looking at his watch.

They laughed. He was clearly wondering where Taylor was.

Still Waiting


They sat in the car for another few minutes. Taylor wanted him to feel the embarrassment.

The bartender came around with another glass of wine. His face turned red.

Taylor was enjoying every minute of it. Then they saw another car pull up, and this was Taylor’s cue to get out. The girls wished her good luck. It was go-time.

Revenge Is Sweet

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“Hi, Jason,” Taylor said as she stood by the bar. He looked up at her with wide eyes. She was beautiful. Just as he was about to hug her, another guy approached the bar.

“Hey, honey, ready to go to our table?” Jason couldn’t believe it. Taylor had come on a date with a guy that was clearly a model.

She walked away, and they sat giggling at their table, far away from the noise. Taylor had given him a taste of his own medicine, and it was what he deserved.

Great Friends

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Taylor could see how humiliated and angry Jason was. That was exactly what she wanted him to feel. He got up from the table, paid for the few glasses of wine he downed, and made a beeline for the door.

She thanked the guy who helped them for the night, and then her friends joined her for dinner. They toasted to friendship and getting revenge on bullies who deserved it.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.