Hairdresser’s Life Takes An Unforeseen Turn While Combing Teen’s Hair


Unexpected Visit

Fear gripped the hairdresser. Her client almost got cut. What was that? ” Martha let out a harrowing scream and dashed for the door.

In her chest, her heart thudded like a drum. After seeing what she had just witnessed, her tired mind struggled to make any sense of it. In an attempt to clarify the image, she blinked repeatedly in disbelief.

In spite of this, what she saw in front of her was real and flesh and blood.


An Artist



As an avid hairstylist, Martha loved her job immensely. Empowering a feeling of self-confidence and beauty in people was something she held close to her heart.

Located in Los Angeles, California, her salon was in the heart of the city. Over the many years, she had built up a loyal clientele.

A life-changing surprise would come her way one fateful day.


Shifting Gaze



No one could have prepared Martha for the surprise she received when she walked into her beloved hair salon. Someone burst into her shop as she was combing through a customer’s hair.

As Martha stared at the creature with darting eyes, she was frozen in place. Despite her best efforts, the creature fled when she attempted to talk to it.





As Martha finished up with a client, it was a quiet afternoon like any other. She didn’t expect it to walk into her shop after ten years of business. About four feet tall, with tiny darting eyes, it looked absolutely petrified.

As Martha ran away, she wondered why she was so fearful. Although she was confused, she tried not to let it rattle her.


Back Again



As usual, Martha opened her salon the next day. As usual, her staff arrived individually. They heard shuffling by the door all of a sudden.

The creature surprisingly returned. Despite its small size, it appeared to be weeping. Her eyes were glued to its face as she tried to examine it more closely. In order to find out what it was, she was absolutely determined.


Unusual Critter



As Martha slowly approached the creature, she was extremely cautious. The creature wore a dark green hoodie littered with animal fur.

There was a huge, high mound like a cone on the head. With each encroaching step, her heart pounded harder and harder.

There was a whimper from it. Because its head was aimed straight down, Martha couldn’t get a good look at its face. Little drops of what seemed to be tears fell from its miniature face to the earth.


A Books Cover



It wasn’t a creature at all; it was, in fact, a small child; as she got closer, Martha eventually came to the realization. A little girl stood before her rather than the terrifying creature she had anticipated.

Eventually, after much back and forth, Martha convinced the girl to remove her ragged hoodie and take a seat for a haircut.

Martha was totally perplexed at the sight she saw on the child’s head. Her eyes simply couldn’t make sense of what they were seeing. Looking around urgently, her jaw dropped, wondering desperately if anyone else was, too, bearing witness.





A chaotic mess consumed every inch of the little girl’s head. The hair she had was all tangled, dry, broken, and in the worst shape, she had ever seen.

What could cause a child’s hair to become so unkempt? Peering closer at the immense damage, Martha’s thoughts began racing.

She had matted hair beyond restoration, and her entire head appeared like it had been inhabited by a wild animal. Inhaling deeply, Martha got straight to work at what she was best at.


Love Yourself



It was a surprise to Martha when the creature eventually made its return. She felt silly for thinking it was a supernatural being.  Despite her matted hair, she was just a scared little girl with wildly neglected hair.

In order to get the girl to sit down, Martha tenderly asked if she needed a haircut. Brianna was her name, she said. As Martha touched Brianna’s hair, she realized she had her work cut out for her.


Dire Situation



Martha was unsure if she could bring order to the chaos worn on poor Brianna’s head. In spite of this, she tried her utmost to unravel Brianna’s severely matted hair, which took her the better part of her work day to accomplish.

In spite of the challenges, Martha was beyond determined. She was dead set on helping this lost child gain sight of her true identity once again.


I’m In It Now



She spent hours combing through Brianna’s hair, slowly untangling the mess. The girl sat still the entire time, and Martha could see that she was still scared.

As she worked, she gently asked Brianna about herself. The girl didn’t say much, but Martha learned that she was a foster child who had been bounced around from home to home.


A True Story



Brianna had always felt trapped. Her mother was incredibly controlling, always hovering over her and her younger brother, making sure they did everything exactly as she wanted.

Brianna’s father had left home years ago, leaving her mother to raise the children on her own. With her brother having special needs, her mother was constantly stressed out, and money was always tight. Martha’s heart broke as she listened to the girl’s sad tale.


Rough Childhood



Brianna had been home-schooled her whole life, and she rarely had the opportunity to play outdoors or have any kind of social life. As she approached her teenage years, Brianna felt like her childhood had slipped away from her.

“Just cut it all off Brianna shouted. “I don’t want it, I don’t like it!” Martha knew now where this anger was coming from. She had to help this girl come out of her shell.


Poor Self Image



One thing that Brianna held onto during these difficult years was her hair. She hadn’t cut it in three years, and it flowed down her back in long, tangled waves. It was a small act of rebellion, but it made her feel like she had some control over her own life.

But now, she was growing into a young woman, and she was changing. She couldn’t bear to live like this anymore. She had to speak out.


A Sign



Brianna said that “One day, when I was walking past the hair salon, I caught a glimpse of a kind-looking angel woman working inside; it was you.”  Martha smiled and understood because she was a hairdresser with decades of experience.

Brianna found herself drawn to Martha, and she mustered up the courage to go inside and talk to her. It was a sign of change.


Real Feelings



As Brianna sat in the chair, Martha listened to her story. Brianna poured out her heart, telling Martha about her controlling mother, her absent father, and her isolated childhood.

Martha listened with empathy, and Brianna felt like someone finally understood her. But were Brianna’s intentions real? Was this a true relationship? It was too soon to tell.


Help A Girl Out



Martha suggested cutting Brianna’s hair, and Brianna hesitated. Her hair was the one thing that made her feel like she had some control over her life.

But Martha gently reassured her that cutting her hair could be a symbol of a fresh start, a new beginning. Brianna looked at her ugly hair in the mirror.  She hated her reflection.


It’s Time



This was the final moment, and she had to let go. Brianna took a deep breath and agreed to cut her hair. “What can we do with you?” the hairdresser said as she analyzed Brianna’s messy mop.

As Martha snipped away at her matted locks, Brianna felt like a weight was being lifted from her shoulders. As the long strands fell away, Brianna felt like she was shedding her old self and starting anew.


Trying To Help



As Martha worked, she talked to Brianna about the importance of self-care and self-love. She encouraged Brianna to find activities that brought her joy and to prioritize her own mental health.

“How can I love myself if nobody loves me? Nobody wants to talk to ugly girls like me.” Martha tried to stifle her tears as she worked.


A Depressed Girl



“Brianna, why do you say such things?” Martha cried, “You’re still so young, and you have your whole life ahead of you, don’t give up!” “You don’t understand; nobody wants to be my friend, I’m all alone”

Martha was heartsore that such a delightful girl was going through such trauma. She had to help her no matter what.


The Big Reveal



Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Martha was finished. Brianna had finished her story, and by the time she was done, Brianna’s hair looked brand new. They chose smart layers which framed her face, and she looked amazing.

Brianna’s hair was no longer a tangled mess but a beautiful, shiny mane.  She looked clean and neat for the first time.  But would the teen love her new look?


Moment Of Truth



The girl looked up at Martha and smiled, and for a moment, Martha felt like she had made a real difference in someone’s life. “I love it!” Brianna exclaimed. “It doesn’t even look like me!” she squealed.

“Hold your horses, America’s next top model; we are not even done yet. I still have to put a hair mask treatment on you.” Martha asked Brianna to come back when she could, and Brianna happily agreed.


Round Two



Martha was looking forward to seeing Brianna. She thought she would come in the morning, but she didn’t show. It was towards the late afternoon that the worried hairdresser saw her latest pro bono client.

Brianna looked at her with a troubled face. “Is something wrong, Brianna?” Martha questioned. “Don’t worry about it,” the troubled teen scoffed. She was ruining her new haircut with her sad smile.


Not What I Hoped



Martha continued to massage the relaxer into the teen’s dry scalp. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” Martha reassured her.

Brianna burst into tears. “My mother didn’t even notice my haircut,” she cried, “It’s like I don’t even exist to her at all! Why did she adopt me if she can’t love me?”


Beating Herself Up



Martha held the crying girl tightly, “You’re not alone dear; I promise you will be okay.” Brianna tried to hold back her tears, but she couldn’t anymore.

“The truth is that I’m ashamed of my hair,” the distraught teen cried. “I feel so embarrassed about my appearance, and I don’t want to be here.” Martha knew that she had to do something drastic to help this girl.


Desperate Measures



The worried hairdresser quickly finished with Brianna. She showed her how to maintain her hairstyle and keep her hair healthy.

The troubled teen was feeling slightly happier after seeing her new do and flicked her hair as she looked in the mirror. Martha was getting anxious. She tried to talk some sense into Brianna before she left.


I Tried



Over the next few days, Brianna started to make small changes in her life. She started going for walks in nature, something she had never done before.

She started practicing yoga and meditation, and she found that it helped to calm her racing thoughts. She started to act like a new person too. Her new image definitely had an influence on her interests.


Going Smoothly



Brianna’s hair was shorter and more manageable, but it was also a symbol of her new identity. She was no longer the passive, controlled girl she had once been.

The next week Brianna went to see Martha. She walked into the salon with a frantic look on her face. She seemed to be worried about something. Martha noticed that she looked different.


Spoke To Soon



She was wearing her green hoodie again. The young teenager was trying to say something, but she was speaking so fast that Martha couldn’t fully understand what she was saying. “Slow down, Bri,” Martha said and grabbed her by her shoulders, “Who? What?”

Brianna choked on her tears; my mother, she said…she saw…” The poor girl fell on the floor crying. Martha was in shock as she tried to pick the girl off the floor.


Hidden Hair



Martha held the crying girl close and said, “Tell me what happened” Brianna looked up at her, her face full of tears, and said, “I’d rather show you.” She slowly pulled off the hoodie.

What she revealed made Martha scream in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. What had she done? What happened to her beautiful creation?


Bad Hair Day



Brianna’s hair was a mess. It looked like someone had ruffled it up on purpose. Martha thought she knew who it was. “Look!” the teenager turned her head; there was bubble gum stuck to the side of her head.

“Was it your foster mother?” Martha held the girl’s face in her hands. “I don’t know,” she said, “I was sleeping; maybe she did it then.” Martha was furious.

She asked Brianna to come back the next day for a touch-up, and the girl agreed. But she also knew that she was in a bigger problem now.

Arrival Mama Bear




The next day, Brianna’s mother barged into the salon, demanding to know who had cut her daughter’s hair. Martha was scared, thinking that she had done something wrong,

But when Brianna’s mother walked into the salon the next day, Martha was terrified. The woman was big, loud, and looked like she was ready to start a fight.


Blunt Confrontation



“Who cut my daughter’s hair?” she demanded, looking angry. Martha took a deep breath and stepped forward. “I did, ma’am. Is there a problem?”

Yes, there is a problem, actually,” the tall woman said with a stern voice. Martha was prepared for the worst, but she also had her comeback ready if Brianna’s mother overstepped her boundary. She was in her salon, after all.


Unexpected Response



Martha braced herself for a screaming match, but Brianna’s mother surprised her by thanking her. “How is it possible that you are this good with this type of hair?”  Martha was speechless.

“You have to squeeze me in some time,” the mother said coolly. All Martha could do was say thanks.

The woman’s expression softened. “No, no problem. I just wanted to thank you. Brianna never lets anyone touch her hair, not even me. But when she came home yesterday, she couldn’t stop talking about you. Thank you.”


The Mothers’ Side



Brianna’s mother explained that her daughter had never allowed anyone to touch her hair before and that Martha’s efforts had made her daughter incredibly happy.

Brianna’s mother was a big and loud woman, but her gratitude towards Martha was sincere, and Martha was happy to have helped Brianna.

But Brianna looked doubtful. She kept shaking her head in disbelief. Did the troubled teen know something more about her mother?


Fine For Now



Martha felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. She was relieved and happy that she had made a difference in Brianna’s life.

From that day on, Brianna came to Martha’s salon every week, and they developed a close bond. Martha had never felt so fulfilled in her job, and she knew that she had found her calling.


Taking A Stand



Brianna also started standing up to her mother more. She set boundaries and refused to be controlled any longer. Her new hair gave her a new attitude.

It wasn’t easy, but with Martha’s encouragement, Brianna found the strength to speak her mind and assert her independence. But what would her mother have to say about it?


A New Life



As the weeks went on, Brianna became a regular at Martha’s salon, and her hair looked better than ever. Martha had never been prouder of her work, and Brianna’s transformation inspired her to help others in similar situations.

Martha realized that being a hairstylist wasn’t just about making people look good on the outside but also about making them feel good on the inside.


Busy Ladies



Brianna’s story became known around town, and Martha’s salon became a haven for people who needed a little bit of extra care and attention. Martha’s clientele grew, and she became known as the “miracle worker” among her customers.

Martha never forgot the lesson she learned from Brianna, and she continued to treat every customer with the same care and compassion that she had shown Brianna.


Making The Most



Martha realized that even the smallest and most unexpected moments can change a person’s life forever. Brianna’s arrival in her salon had been a surprise, but it had also been a gift. Her mother also eased up on her, and they tried to develop their relationship.

It taught Martha that no matter how difficult a situation may seem, there is always hope for a happy ending. But she didn’t know that her story wasn’t over yet.


Not A Good Idea



Martha was overwhelmed by girls trying to take chances to get free hairdos. Some girls purposely mess up their hair to get free treatments. Martha lost a lot of money in the business. Martha had to shut her doors for a week.

During that week, Martha was determined to come up with a solution to prevent this from happening again. She decided to implement a new policy where she would charge a non-refundable consultation fee for any hair that needed significant work or fixing.

This fee would be deducted from the final cost of the service if the customer decided to proceed with the treatment.


Guess Who’s Back



When Martha reopened her doors, she was surprised to see Brianna waiting outside. Brianna had a smile on her face, and her hair was now in pristine condition. Martha was overjoyed to see the transformation and asked Brianna how she managed to fix it. Brianna explained that she had been using a homemade hair treatment that she learned from her grandmother, who was a hairdresser.

Martha was curious about the treatment and asked Brianna to share it with her. Brianna agreed and even offered to help Martha make the treatment for her other customers. The treatment consisted of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, honey, and avocado.

Martha was amazed at how effective it was, and soon her customers were raving about the results. As word spread about Martha’s new hair treatment, her business began to thrive. People were even coming from other cities just to get their hair done by her. Martha was ecstatic and couldn’t believe how much her life had changed because of Brianna and her grandmother’s recipe.


Still Growing Strong



One day, while combing a teenager’s hair, Martha got the surprise of her life. The teenager was none other than Brianna, all grown up and with her own hairdressing business.

She popped in for a surprise visit. Brianna explained that she had been inspired by Martha to pursue a career in hairdressing, and she wanted to thank her for everything she had done for her.

Martha was filled with emotion and couldn’t believe that the little girl with the matted hair had grown up to be such a successful and kind person. Brianna even gave Martha a plaque that read “Best Hairdresser in Town” and told her that she would always be her mentor.


Lesson Learned



Martha realized that sometimes, the biggest surprises in life come from unexpected places. She was grateful for Brianna and the lesson she had learned about the power of determination, hard work, and generosity. From that day forward, Martha knew that no matter what challenges she faced, she could always overcome them with the help of those around her.

Brianna also started to make friends. She joined a local theatre group and discovered a love of acting. She even landed a lead role in a play, something that would have been unimaginable just a few months earlier.

Through it all, Brianna remained close to Martha. The hairdresser had become a mentor and a friend, and Brianna knew that she could always turn to her for advice and support.


Beautiful Brianna



Looking back on that fateful day when she first walked into Martha’s salon, Brianna knew that it had changed her life. She was grateful for the kindness and wisdom that Martha had shown her, and she knew that she would carry those lessons with her for the rest of her life.

And as she admired herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her newly-cut hair, Brianna smiled at her gorgeous new self. Now she was finally herself and felt comfortable in her own skin.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.