Guy Gets Scammed, Then Works For A Thief


Down On His Luck

Bobby was absolutely devastated when he lost it all. He had worked so hard to get to where he was, and now it was all gone in an instant. He was feeling hopeless and helpless, so he decided to seek out a way to make some money.

He stumbled upon an opportunity that could change his luck, but he knew it was all too good to be true.

A Hardworking Man

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Bobby Stevenson was a hardworking man who had a promising career in the corporate world. He was well-liked by his colleagues and was considered a great asset to the company.

He was happily married, and his wife, Jenna, was pregnant with their first child. He was happy as he had everything going for him. But Bobby would soon notice the first cracks immerging.

Important Meeting

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Bobby got ready for work as usual. It was a formal suit and tie kind of job, so Jenna made sure that his shirt was pressed and his suit was dry cleaned.

He had an important meeting with the executives today. He wanted to look his very best to impress them and also because he was certain he was finally getting that promotion they had hoped for, or so he thought.

Would He Get It

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When Bobby arrived at the office, he was swiftly ushered into the boss’ office by the secretary. She didn’t really look at him when he greeted her. She just looked down.

There were four men sitting around the boardroom table who welcomed Bobby. His manager looked particularly nervous. Was Bobby getting the promotion he had hoped for?

No Such Luck

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Bobby received news he was not prepared to hear. The company was filing for bankruptcy, and he would be let go.

This was not what he needed. He was under the impression that the company was doing well and that his job was secure for years to come. His mind began to race. He and Jenna had just started to renovate the extra room in the house for the baby. Things were not looking good for them.


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Bobby couldn’t believe it. All the years of hard work and loyalty, and he had nothing to show for it. They were just going to give him his severance pay and a referral letter.

They couldn’t even look him in the eye. There was no point in fighting it. This was the end. It was time to pack up his things and leave.

A Struggle


Bobby was now faced with the difficult task of finding a new job. He had been out of work for a few months, and he was struggling to make ends meet.

He had to draw on his savings to pay his bills. He had been looking for a new job, but the local job market was bleak. He was unable to find anything that was close to the pay he was making at the company. Then one day, Bobby’s luck would turn around.

A New Start

Thorold News

As Bobby was looking through various newspapers circling possible job opportunities, he noticed an ad for something new he hadn’t thought of going into.

It was a job as an IT guy for a construction company. It looked interesting, and it promised a great salary. He thought it would be good to get into a different field of work. But Bobby wouldn’t know that his nightmares would just be starting.

Renovations On Hold

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Since Bobby was laid off, he and Jenna had to put a hold on the renovating that they were doing on the nursery.

They spoke to the contractor and told him that Bobby had unfortunately lost his job and they weren’t able to continue with the renovations just yet. They asked if it was possible to get the deposit they had paid back but were met with an unexpected answer.

Rude Contractor

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The contractor was rude and told them that there was no way they could get the money back as it had already gone into buying materials for their nursery.

Then, Jenna asked for the materials to be delivered to them so that when they were ready, they could just start up with the building again. They received another strange response.

Still No Building Materials

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The contractor had promised to deliver the materials in a couple of days, but to Bobby and Jenna’s dismay, they hadn’t seen the materials yet.

They decided to leave it for now as Bobby would be starting his new job at the building company soon, and he wanted to focus his energy and put everything into this job. Bobby would soon discover that it would not be easy.

The New Guy


Everything went smoothly on the first day. Bobby was welcomed as a member of the team, and he even got his own office.

He met the rest of his colleagues at lunchtime, and everyone seemed to be really great, down-to-earth people. Bobby felt like he made the right decision by accepting this job. Or so he thought.

Great Work Environment


Bobby was happy going to work every day. The atmosphere was great, and he had made friends with the other IT guy, Joe, and the accountant, Robert.

The three of them would talk for hours, and it seemed they had a lot in common. They were the same age and married, and each had a young kid. Bobby fit in just perfectly.

Lunchtime Talk


Every day, Bobby, Joe, and Robert would take lunch outside and talk about sports and current affairs. They even set a date to watch some live games together.

Then they started talking about the company and how and when they each started working there. Then they heard a loud yell. Bobby would soon discover something disturbing.

A Disgraceful Scene

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All three of them got up. What had they just heard? They walked into the warehouse and saw something that would leave them shocked.

The boss, Mr. Jenkins, was reprimanding one of the warehouse workers. It was bad. He screamed at him like he was a child, and Bobby felt bad for the guy. He decided to do something.

An Altercation

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Bobby walked up to the boss and told him to rather speak to Jerry in private. He said it wasn’t professional to air his grievances in this way.

Mr. Jenkins turned to Bobby. He looked annoyed and wondered why he had intervened. He told Bobby to mind his own business and get back to work. This wouldn’t be the last time Mr. Jenkins would be angry.

A New Friend


The next day Bobby invited Jerry to have lunch with them. He was a nice guy, and they decided that he could use some time off from the stress of the job.

They asked him when he started with the company. It seems Jerry was a new guy, just like Bobby. But then Joe and Robert would say something that would leave Bobby confused.

The New Guy Times Four


Bobby found out that Joe started the day before him, and Robert started the day before Joe. They were all new guys.

Was this a new company? Had they just started up? But Bobby was so sure that the job ad said the company had been around for over 20 years. What was going on here?

A Familiar Face

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It was Wednesday morning, and Bobby was busy trying to fix the company’s computer system when someone walked past his office.

He got up and called after the guy. When the guy turned around, he was so sure that he had seen him somewhere before. He looked very familiar, but Bobby just couldn’t remember where he had seen the guy.

Disgruntled Workers

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The four of them were sitting outside for lunch when they heard something that would make them question everything.

The builders were loading the truck to go do a job, but they were complaining about not having enough materials to do the job and that it would be poor quality. Bobby knew this was the start of bad things come.

Game Day


When the weekend came around, Bobby invited the guys over for a bbq and to watch the game at his place. It would be a great time to forget about work.

They were standing around the fire when Robert confided in them and revealed something that would make them stop what they were doing and listen.

The Confession


Robert told them that Mr. Jenkins asked him to do something illegal in the accounting books. He really didn’t want to, but he was threatened, and he needed the job.

He said he secretly recorded the conversation just in case things went awry for him. The guys told him they understood and didn’t hold what he did against him. It wasn’t his fault that the boss was crooked.

Disgruntled Customers

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It would be a day like any other at the office. Bobby would be trying to figure out the system, and everyone else would be busy with their jobs.

Then they heard a loud voice. The boss came walking into the warehouse, and behind him was a man so angry that Bobby thought they had to call the police. The man was shouting about wanting his money back for no work being done to his house. This sounded all too familiar to Bobby.

A Day To Remember

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What exactly was going on at this company? It had hardly been a week, and they had witnessed so many strange things. They weren’t prepared for what they would see next.

Mr. Jenkins had walked into the warehouse sporting a black eye. He didn’t care that everyone was looking at him. He just went about his business. Bobby saw that he was coming his way.

A Visit From The Boss


He knocked on Bobby’s office door and let himself in. Then he sat down, and Bobby wondered what was going on.

He just wanted to know if Bobby had settled into the new job. Bobby asked him what had happened to his eye, and he said that he had a little accident with the bathroom cabinet at home. But Bobby knew that was not a bathroom cabinet accident.

Were Their Jobs Safe

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Bobby and the guys discussed the boss’ black eye during lunchtime. They all agreed that it was a punch that made that shiner.

Were they safe in this company? It seems there were a lot of unhappy people, and Bobby was sure it was the angry customer from the day before who had roughed up Mr. Jenkins.

Time To Dig


They guys made a plan. It was time to start looking at what was going on in this company. Joe did some detective work on his side, and Robert looked at the accounts.

By the end of the day, they were able to find some damning information on Mr. Jenkins and the company. It would be something unexpected.

The Discovery


Joe discovered that the company did exist for more than 20 years. But it kept changing its name.

It moved from state to state. Robert found huge amounts of money that had been paid to the company. Then it would be sent to Mr. Jenkins’ personal bank account. But this would not be the worse part.



Bobby would find out that Mr. Jenkins was the same guy that scammed him and Jenna out of their building materials for their nursery.

He had shaved his head and grown a mustache. No wonder he always wore sunglasses, and this would explain why Bobby recognized one of the builders. Bobby and the guys concocted a plan to get back the scammer.

The New Company

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They reported Mr. Jenkins to the labor department and the police. It seems he was wanted in five different states. Bobby and Jenna never got their building materials, but there was something that Bobby did to put their minds at ease.

Bobby, Joe, Robert, and Jerry started their own building company and hired all the guys from Jenkins’ company. They were happy to work for honest, upstanding guys. Mr. Jenkins would have to pay back all the people he had scammed. Bobby was only too happy to tell Jenkins that he owed him money too.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.