Guide to Detoxing and De-cluttering Your Home

Detoxing and de-cluttering one’s home is something that must happen on a regular basis. Here are a few ideas for each room in your house.
Detoxing and de-cluttering one’s home is something that must happen on a regular basis. It’s an organic thing really, as things come into our lives daily and it requires thought and effort to discern what we actually need and don’t in our living spaces. By freeing up space in your home on all levels, you will find yourself feeling clearer and more focused as well as much freer, and very possibly more creative. If you have things piling up anywhere in your home, this is a sign that you need to go through and really figure out what is bringing down the appearance and energy of your home and donate things to people that could actually benefit from appliances, books, clothes, vases, jars and fixtures. Here are a few ideas for each room in your house.
Cluttered Bathroom - Guide to Detoxing and De-cluttering Your Home

Cluttered Bathroom


Bathrooms are notorious for embarrassing situations when company comes over with little or no notice. Hanging underwear, towels we only use for spills and clean ups, overflowing hampers, and products crowding the countertop can create quite the mess. Once again, easy organization makes these situations easier. A basket under the sink to toss all the products in, and maybe an in-cabinet drawer set could really free up the space out in the open while making it easy to find the things you need, toss ‘em in in a pinch, and not stress about the mess. Keeping on top of laundry can be difficult when you’re busy, but make it easier by doing it the same day (or days if you have children) every week so you know that it will get done on those days. Toss out the old raggedy towels or create a specific place hidden away for them if you’re cleaning spills and things a lot. If you have way more than you actually use, just get rid of them. Holding on to them is unnecessary and crowding.  Buy Bathroom Storage Products at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Messy Bedroom - Guide to Detoxing and De-cluttering Your Home

Messy Bedroom


Your bedroom is your cave of comfort and should be as comfortable as you want it to be, but remember that clarity comes from a clear space, so organizing your belongings here as much as possible will help you to feel cozy and welcome, as long as you don’t treat the room like a museum where a pair of shorts on the floor drives you crazy. Expect a little mess every now and then, and just clear up when you can. Use organizers in your closet to make it easy to throw things in and still look good, and buy shoe racks, hanging knick-knack pockets and a sufficient dresser for your underwear, swim-suits, tank tops etc. The easier you make it on yourself to organize your things, the quicker it will be to clean up.  World Market can help you declutter your Bedroom 

Cluttered Living Room - Guide to Detoxing and De-cluttering Your Home

Cluttered Living Room

Living Room

The living room is much like the dining room in that it should be regularly up-kept for company as well as your own family, but it can be a little more lax here, as it is generally the center of attention where people watch TV, play board games, gather for a talk or a glass of wine with friends, and where the kiddos run around all day trailing pull-along toys and leaving books and cars and dolls strewn all over. Keeping a toy box in here, open or closed is an excellent idea if you have children, so you can just throw the toys in there in a pinch and teach them to do so too. In this room books tend to begin to crowd the shelves, DVD’s spill out, plants can overrule and couches can get worn out. Donate the books you no longer read or could find at a library when you actually need them, figure out which DVD’s you realistically will never watch again, trim the dead parts of the plant or relocate them to open the space up and reupholster the failing couch to be more eco-friendly.

Dining Room - Guide to Detoxing and De-cluttering Your Home

Dining Room

Dining Room

The dining room is a place for family and friends to gather for a meal, converse and have a good time – keeping this space free of pretty much anything besides some nice decorations is necessary for clarity and good etiquette. Don’t start storing things in here in the first place and you won’t have to deal with them later. If you have boxes or clutter in here, now is a good time to sort through and see what you need and don’t need or can donate. Sometimes giving away things you haven’t used in months or years feels very enlightening, so get to work if things are piling up in your dining room.

Cluttered Kitchen - Guide to Detoxing and De-cluttering Your Home

Cluttered Kitchen


For many of us the kitchen is a sacred place. Everything that feeds our families and ourselves comes from this space and requires attention, care, and good thoughts and feelings. Getting rid of and donating things you don’t use like the old food processor shoved in the back of the cabinet from 1980 and 4 of the 5 coffee grinders will help free up clutter and rid the kitchen space of cluttered thoughts as well as cabinets. It will be easier to find what you need and allow for energy to flow better while you are preparing meals.

Clean House

Clean House

De-cluttering your home can seem overwhelming, but if you just set aside a day a week to work on each type of room, within a little over a month your house will be clutter-free, or mostly so. It’s always a work in progress, so don’t stress. Just enjoy working with your living space.