Top 5 Guide For Chinese New Year 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen buzz surrounding the upcoming Chinese New Year. Friday, Feb. 16 is the start of the Lunar calendar and we’ve got the must-have guide to everything from the history to the breakdown of the Chinese zodiac signs. Here is the ultimate guide to celebrating this vibrant cultural holiday!

5.) Chinese New Year History And Origins

chinese new year


You may be familiar with Chinese New Year celebrations, and you may even have gone to a parade or two, but what is the history of this exciting tradition? While the roots of this holiday aren’t necessarily clear, there are many tales about how this festival came about. The origins are believed to date back to the Shang dynasty with the religious ending ceremony. Some legends say that the festival began with a fight against a beast called Year. This beast would apparently appear on the night of New Year’s Eve and try to hurt animals, people and their properties. The Year beast was believed to fear the color red, fire and loud noises. In order to protect themselves from the beast, people would hang Diu Lian, or antithetical couplets, install lanterns and launch fireworks at the end of the year.