Groomsman Stops Wedding After Getting 17-Year-Old Bride’s Prenatal Test


Her First Test

The young girl stood in the cubicle in her school bathroom. It was just after the first period. She had got an older friend to buy it for her. It was the first time she ever used one.

The teenager stood with a pregnancy test in her hand. She cried thinking that her whole life could change in a few minutes.

But she had to find out. She was feeling sick, and soon everybody would know.

A Good Girl


In the quaint town of Marshbrook, where the wind rustled through the leaves and secrets whispered in the air, lived a young girl named Cindy White.

She was the epitome of innocence, her rosy cheeks and bright eyes hiding a secret that would soon unravel and change her life forever.

Then, when she was just about to finish her senior year when something unexpected happened.

She Likes Him


Cindy was a shy and reserved young girl, barely eighteen, living in a quiet town in Massachusetts. She came from a well-to-do family and got good grades in school too, but she had a weak spot.

There was one boy that she had an interest in, and a side romance kindled.

He was a distraction and he was much older than her, but that didn’t stop her from seeing him.

One Night Of Fun


Cindy at just seventeen, found herself in the throes of an unexpected pregnancy. Fear clutched at her heart, and she concealed her growing secret for as long as she could.

However, by the time she reached the five-month mark, the evidence was impossible to ignore.

Her life was about to change dramatically as she discovered she was pregnant. She tried to keep it a secret from her family and friends.

Starting To Show


The bump in her belly betrayed her, and her parents, Emma and Jeremy White could no longer remain oblivious. They actually thought that she was depressed and gaining weight from overeating.

Panic set in as she realized she couldn’t hide her growing belly from her parents any longer. It was around five months when her mother noticed and insisted on a visit to the doctor.

What could Cindy do to avoid the consultation?

The Test Results


The truth came out in the sterile atmosphere of the doctor’s office. Cindy, tearful and terrified, confessed to her parents that she was carrying a child.

Shock and disappointment were etched across their faces. Her father, 50-year-old Jeremy, demanded to know who the father was.

But the poor girl was in tears and clearly distraught about the whole situation.

Worried Parents


The next day the truth spilled out like rain from Cindy’s tearful eyes. Her parents, stunned and disappointed, faced the harsh reality that their daughter was with a child.

Jeremy, a stern man with a protective streak, demanded to know the identity of the father. The poor girl couldn’t speak and didn’t know what to say.

Cindy hesitated but finally confessed that it was her boyfriend, Steven.

Not My Daughter


The news of Cindy’s pregnancy hit her family like a thunderbolt. The once-vibrant young girl was now a reluctant bearer of a secret, one that couldn’t stay hidden any longer.

They came from a good Christian family and were shocked that Cindy would do such a thing.

Why was she being so rebellious? Where had they gone wrong?

Who Is The Daddy


At five months pregnant, her growing belly was becoming harder to conceal. When her father, Jeremy, finally confronted her, the truth spilled out like an unstoppable force. The father, she claimed, was her boyfriend, Steven.

Jeremy was furious to find out who the father was. He knew the family personally as business associates.

Steven was a teenager when Cindy was born, so she grew up with him by her side.

Closer Than You Think


Jeremy, recognizing the name, knew Steven and his family. They had spent many holidays together. His mom and Cindy’s mom were also old friends. He was a good family friend, that is, until now.

The tension escalated as he demanded they march to the doorstep of the young man’s home. Forty-five-year-old Emma tried to calm her tyrant husband down.

“We can’t go now. It’s not appropriate Jer, come on, calm down.” Would he listen?

The Right Thing To Do


Jeremy, fueled by a sense of responsibility, demanded that the young couple marry to rectify the situation. “It’s the right thing to do, you know,” he said to his daughter.

Cindy was sitting on her bed. The sight of her sobbing made his eyes grow wet, too.

The reality of the situation struck him. For the first time, he felt powerless.

Daddys Girl


Although he was a strict father, Jeremy was a big softie at heart. They had four children altogether, three girls and one boy. He would protect his family at any cost.

Jeremy, a stern man with a no-nonsense attitude, wasted no time.

He knew Steven and his family well and he was sure he would get a straight answer out of them. How would Steven handle the confrontation?

Let’s Talk Like Adults


Determined to address the situation head-on, Jeremy took Cindy to Steven’s house to confront the young man and his father. Without hesitation, he marched to Steven’s house, determined to make him take responsibility.

The rain beat down like a symphony of disapproval as they confronted Steven and his father with the impending news.

The atmosphere was tense as Jeremy and Steven’s father engaged in a heated discussion, ultimately leading to an agreement that the young couple should marry. But was this the right decision for everyone involved?

Not Happy


Cindy wasn’t feeling particularly happy about the situation, but she loved Steven, and of course, she wanted them to do the right thing in order to raise the baby in a suitable environment.

She knew that his family could afford everything that she needed in order to take of the baby and more.

In a way, she was happy that it was Steven because she knew that he had the means to provide for her and their baby.



Cindy looked at Steven and saw the disappointment in his eyes.

She could see that he did not want this, and he didn’t want to be in the position that he was in at that moment.

However, he was well aware that his actions had consequences, and he just wished that they had been more careful. He was sitting a monumental issue on his lap, and there was only one way of fixing it.

Never Be The Same Again


Cindy didn’t know how the conversation was going to end. Right now, she watched as her father began raising his voice to not only Steven but also his father.

It seemed like the family friendship that they had had for years would never be the same again after this whole revelation about the pregnancy.

Things had changed for both families. But it would get even uglier on the day of the marriage.

A Good And Understanding Man


Jeremy had long been a good and understanding man. He was also fiercely loyal and protective, especially to those he considered dear.

His loyalty and protectiveness had transcended his family.

He’d offered it to Steven’s family for the longest while, seeing them as part of his family. But why was this?

High School Buds


Well, Jeremy and Steven’s dad had been buds since high school. They’d gone through a lot, had planned their futures together, and had worked hard to see their dreams come true.

Jeremy had been there when Steven and his siblings were born. He’d been in the hospital just as worried as their dad.

He’d been around when they got sick or had achievements to celebrate. But that was only half of it.

He’s Always Been There


Steven’s dad was also there for all the milestones in Jeremy’s life, from every promotion at work and his wedding to buying his house and the birth of his kids.

The two had been brothers for a long while, which made matters worse.

Wasn’t Steven in the hospital the night Cindy was born? Didn’t he hold her, claiming she was like his little sister?



As far as the two families had seen it, the two were like siblings. Given how close the families were, this wasn’t a surprise. Steven had basically watched Cindy grow up.

He’d been to every one of her birthdays and babysat her and her siblings on more than one occasion.

Standing before him, Jeremy wondered if this fondness was why this tragedy had happened.

He Feels Responsible


It was no secret that Jeremy felt responsible for what had happened. This was his daughter, after all, the apple of his eye. But he had failed to protect her from the dangers of the world.

He had failed to teach her that not everything that gave a golden luster was good for you.

As far as he saw it, he had failed. And not just as Cindy’s parent but as Steven’s guardian, too.

A Drastic Thought


The thought playing in his head was the most drastic ever. To him, there was no other way out. As someone raised in the church with strong feelings when it came to purity and the constructs of society, he knew what he had to do to fix this situation.

He knew Steven’s dad might be opposed to it.

But he would say “Yes,” regardless of how he felt. Jeremy would deal with whatever consequences came afterward. But he had no clue what he was signing his family up for.

Deep Breath


Jeremy took a deep breath and started explaining his plan to contain this travesty. The plan would ensure that both families kept their dignity.

More than anything, it would ensure the child had the best future possible.

He cleared his throat and turned to Steven, barely even looking at him. “You’re gonna marry her,” he said.

A Drastic Action


Steven’s face leached of color. He hadn’t expected such a drastic action.

He thought Cindy’s dad was only here to get him to own up, not marry Cindy. He would have owned up to what he did. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to get married.

A wave of heat pushed through his body, and he held in a gag. His life flashed before his eyes as if this was his last second on earth, and he reeled back, dizzy.



“Are you disgusted by what I just said?” Jeremy roared. He flashed forward, fists balled, jaws clenched. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

After what Steven had done, how could he look sick at the mere mention of marrying Cindy?

The dad stormed forward, his arm an arsenal cocked and begging to be launched. Jeremy answered the plea.

Landing The Blow


But Steven’s dad appeared before him, catching the attack. Something popped, and Steven’s dad whirled aside. Jeremy stepped back, the red haze in his eyes snapping off.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d laid hands on his friend. Come to think of it, he’d never done such a thing before.

Steven’s dad turned to him. His nose was red, its bridge crooked. In one swift move, he popped it back into place and spat. This was war.



The fury that had taken over Jeremy at Steven’s reaction still simmered within him. But he’d hurt his oldest friend because of it.

A war broke inside him, the struggle of letting everything slide because of his bond to Steven’s dad or standing with Cindy. But he knew where his heart lay, with his daughter.

If these men wanted a fight, he’d give them one they’d never forget.

It’s Final


“He’s going to marry her,” Jeremy said, barely getting the words out coherently.

He’d never been a violent man before. But today, there was reason enough to cross that despicable line.

“He will do it, or by God, I will bring wrath to your door!” He turned to Steven, and the boy, who should have been a man, cowered in his presence.

Is He Overreacting


Many witnessing this conversation might have concluded that Jeremy was overreacting. But what would you do if you were in his shoes?

Cindy wasn’t even twenty yet, and Steven was thirty. Just thinking about it made the dad furious all over again.

He started pacing around, hurling out angry word after angry word. Betrayed couldn’t even start describing how he felt.

A Lifelong Friendship Hangs In The Balance


Jeremy was now yelling at his friend whom he had known since high school—someone who had always stood by him through the good times and the bad.

And now, because of this pregnancy, Jeremy felt like their friendship would never be the same again.

It was a heartwrenching scene, and Cindy wished that she could turn back the hands of time.

Not Ready


Steven just sat there, unable to process what was going on in front of his very eyes.

Although he was 30 years old, he wasn’t ready or willing to have a baby just yet.

He still had so many dreams and ambitions, and now, thinking about the prospect of being a father made all of those dreams disappear before his eyes.

As Traditional As They Come


But what did he expect would happen, especially with a man such as Cindy’s father? The man was as traditional as they came and wouldn’t accept anything else.

In his thirty years of life, he’d never seen Cindy’s dad lose his cool before. The man had charged toward him, eager to pound him to a pulp. But his dad had caught the first blow, saving Steven. It was quickly dawning on him that Jeremy wouldn’t take no for an answer.

A Solemn Discussion


The atmosphere was tense as demands were made – marriage. Steven, unable to refuse under the watchful eyes of both fathers, reluctantly agreed, and the planning for a hasty wedding began.

Steven, caught in the storm of emotions, couldn’t refuse the demand, and his father, a stern figure like Jeremy, made sure he kept his word.

He would have to own up to his responsibilities.

Soon To Be Wed


Plans for a wedding were set into motion, shrouded in an aura of suspense that hung thick in the air. People suspected that Cindy was pregnant but nobody dared ask her.

Marshbrook buzzed with whispers and judgment as the town eagerly awaited the union of Cindy and Steven.

Would the age-inappropriate couple make it down the aisle?

A Desperate Act


As the wedding preparations unfolded, desperation overcame Cindy. She couldn’t bear the weight of the impending marriage and the judgmental eyes of the town.

In a moment of despair, she felt like she wanted to run away from the whole ordeal.

Because what no one knew was that Cindy was keeping something from everybody. And it was something that could tear everything apart.

Gone Too Far


She sat in her bedroom, wondering how she had allowed everything to go so far.

She knew what she wanted, but she didn’t know that she was capable of taking things so far.

She was scared of the consequences, but it was the only way she was going to secure a good future for herself and her unborn baby.

A Change Of Heart


Each day, she wondered if she should just stop everything and reveal the truth, but then she remembered how sincere and helpful Steven had become over the last few months.

It was like he had a complete change of heart.

He wanted the baby, and most importantly, he wanted to be with her. That was all that she wanted.

Forgive Me


But the guilt of the lie she was telling had begun to consume her every being, and she wasn’t sure how long she could go on.

She instinctively rubbed her belly and began to speak to the baby.

“I don’t know what to do. How had I gotten us into this mess? I’m so sorry. If the truth comes out, I hope that you can forgive me. Just know that I did it all for you,” she said with tears streaming down her face.

Feeling Sorry For Herself


She was a depressed mess, and she spent her days just sitting in her bedroom feeling sorry for herself.

She had no energy to do anything else, and she wished everything would just go away.

But she knew she had so much to do before the wedding day. She tried to her best to be happy, but it was very difficult in her current mood.

An Unhappy Bride


As the days passed, Cindy found herself immersed in the chaotic whirlwind of wedding preparations. With every passing moment, the weight of her situation grew heavier.

She couldn’t shake the feeling of being trapped in a life she hadn’t chosen for herself. Her once-bright future now seemed like a distant dream.

She made one mistake and it ruined her future plans. She was filled with regret.

A Life Of Lies


As the wedding preparations unfolded in the following month, Cindy found herself engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions. Steven was of no support and even continued seeing other girls behind her back. Cindy was just one of his toys.

The weight of her situation bore down on her, and the forced union with Steven did little to ease her distress.

Her happiness was replaced by a somber acceptance of her fate. She wanted to be with a rich bad boy.

Receiving Blessings


The wedding date loomed, only a month away. Cindy, with a prominent baby bump, stood at the altar in a white gown that concealed the struggles hidden beneath the fabric.

The church was filled with friends and family, all seemingly supportive of the unexpected union. Just as the vows were about to be exchanged, a hush fell over the congregation.

Everybody was all ears, waiting to hear the words of the groom.

Not A Match


The wedding day arrived, a mix of tearful vows and forced smiles. The tension in the air was palpable, and the guests exchanged hushed conversations.

The odd couple tried their best to seem normal, but inside they both were keeping a lot inside.

If only they had reached out to each other before. If only Cindy was brave enough to stand up for herself. But she couldn’t.

Playing Games


As the ceremony unfolded, the burden of responsibility weighed heavily on Steven’s shoulders. He had made a stupid mistake with an underage girl, now it would cost him dearly for the rest of his life.

The two exchanged glances with each other, both silently acknowledging the gravity of the situation they found themselves in.

He was a 30-year-old spoiled rich kid; he was not the man for her.

A Sudden Outburst


On the day of the wedding, the air in the venue was thick with anticipation. Cindy, adorned in white, stood at the altar beside Steven. The couple were just about to complete their vows when they were interrupted.

Friends and family gathered, unaware of the storm brewing beneath the surface.

Just as the vows began, Tyler, Steven’s best friend, burst into the scene like an unwelcome tempest. What was he doing?

Forever Hold Your Peace


Suddenly, the chapel doors swung open, and in walked Tyler, Steven’s best friend. He was out of breath; his tie was undone as if he had rushed to get there. He was supposed to have been in line with the other groomsmen but he was late.

The guests turned to stare as Tyler made his way down the aisle, a determined expression on his face.

Cindy’s heart raced as she tried to signal him to stop, but Tyler wasn’t deterred.

I Object


Reaching the altar, Tyler took a deep breath and declared, “This wedding can’t happen!” Gasps rippled through the crowd. “Get this drunk man out of here,” Cindy said, but he pushed her side.

Cindy desperately tried to shush Tyler, fearing what he might reveal.

Ignoring her, Tyler held up Cindy’s purse and announced, “I know something, something that changes everything.” What was in Cindy’s purse?

A Wedding Drama


The guests were on the edge of their seats, their curiosity piqued. Whispers spread like wildfire through the church, and the atmosphere became charged with anticipation.

All eyes were on Tyler, and a collective murmur rose from the crowd, demanding he speak and unveil the secret that could shatter the fragile facade of this forced union.

What was Tyler going to say?

There Is Something You Don’t Know


Tyler claimed that Cindy was a fraud. “The wedding can’t happen!” Tyler declared, holding up Cindy’s purse for everyone to see. Gasps rippled through the crowd.

A scared Cindy desperately tried to silence Tyler, but he persisted, claiming he knew a secret that would shatter the ceremony.

“She may be young, but she is not innocent,” Tyler continued.

Speaking To Her Father


Intrigue hung in the air as Tyler revealed a shocking revelation. “Jeremy, your daughter is pregnant!” he said loudly, for everyone to hear.

The crowd gasped, and some people chortled in acknowledgment. Tyler tried to explain himself, but he was drunk and mumbled.

Cindy, six months pregnant, had undergone a paternity test, and the results were known to her.

He Was With Her


Tyler held the paper in the air and yelled, “I love Cindy, that’s my baby she’s carrying.” The child wasn’t Steven’s; it was Tyler’s. Steven was shocked to hear that his 25-year-old friend was seeing Cindy behind his back.

The revelation hit the assembly like a bombshell, leaving everyone in stunned silence.

Cindy was in a relationship with both men. What was the real truth here?

We Are In Love


Admitting to the affair, Tyler confessed to his tryst with Cindy, casting doubt over the legitimacy of the impending marriage. Steven, wide-eyed, turned to Cindy, seeking the truth.

Denying Tyler’s claims, Cindy attempted to salvage the situation, but the weight of the revelation was undeniable.

Some people started leaving and others made noises of disgust at the rowdy people. The wedding was over.

Something Doesn’t Add Up


In the midst of the chaos, Cindy fled from the altar, leaving a trail of confusion and disbelief. She couldn’t bear to face the embarrassment any longer.

The once joyous occasion transformed into a spectacle of shattered dreams and broken promises. Jeremy, overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events, couldn’t comprehend the reality before him.

He had to speak to his daughter alone but she had run away.

Angry Dads


Fueled by anger and betrayal, Jeremy advanced towards Tyler, ready to unleash his fury. The groomsmen, sensing the impending storm, intervened, preventing a physical confrontation.

The once-united celebration now lay in ruins, leaving behind a bewildered father and a shattered family.

The suspenseful tale of Cindy White’s unexpected journey had taken an unforeseen twist, leaving everyone grappling with the consequences of hidden truths.

Revelations Unveiled


The town of Marshbrook buzzed with gossip as the aftermath of the failed wedding spread like wildfire. Cindy’s secret life had been laid bare for all to see.

Her parents, once proud and supportive, now faced the harsh reality that their daughter had deceived them.

In the ensuing days, Jeremy and Emma confronted Cindy about the tangled web she had woven. Tears streamed down her face as she confessed to the affair with Tyler. The once-close-knit family now grappled with betrayal and heartbreak.

A Broken Friendship


In the aftermath of the chaos, the friendship between Jeremy and Steven’s family lay shattered.

The revelation that Cindy had been involved with both Steven and Tyler strained the bonds that had held the families together for years

Steven, grappling with the double betrayal, distanced himself from Cindy and Tyler. The once-prominent businessman found himself at the center of a scandal that threatened not only his personal life but also his reputation in the small town.

Facing Consequences


As the dust settled, Cindy, now pregnant with Tyler’s child, had to face the consequences of her actions. The town, once filled with whispers of anticipation for the wedding, now murmured in judgment and disapproval.

The scandal had far-reaching effects, affecting not only the individuals involved but also the close-knit community that had watched Cindy grow up.

The echoes of the shattered wedding would linger in Marshbrook for years to come.

Reflecting On Her Choices


In the quiet aftermath, Cindy reflected on the choices that led to this catastrophic turn of events.

The once-shy girl who had sought solace in the arms of an older boy now grappled with the consequences of her impulsive actions.

The experience forced her to grow up quickly, facing the responsibilities of impending motherhood and fractured relationships with her family and friends. It was a harsh lesson in the complexities of life and the repercussions of deceit.

A New Beginning


As the days turned into weeks, Marshbrook began to heal from the wounds of the scandal. The town learned to move on, but the events of that ill-fated wedding day left an indelible mark on the community.

For Cindy, the journey ahead was uncertain, marked by the challenges she and Tyler faced as new parents and the task of rebuilding trust with her family.

The tangled web she had woven had unraveled, leaving her to navigate the consequences.