Groom’s Ex Invites Herself To Wedding, Now Can’t Go Anywhere Without Being Stopped


Not What She Expected

It was her future husband who occupied the bride’s mind. As the audience gasped loudly, her concentration was interrupted.

Suddenly the doors opened, interrupting her small wedding ceremony.

As the confused bride faced the aisle, she saw what she thought was her worst nightmare. How did she get in? What person let her in?

Everything She Wanted


She felt like the luckiest woman on earth as she walked down the aisle toward her groom, Todd Wilkins.

Her perfect wedding day in Oklahoma was finally here after months of planning.

There were flowers in abundance, music playing, and most importantly, a wonderful man waiting at the end of the aisle to greet her.



The anticipation of marrying the man of her dreams made Rina feel anxious as she stood at the altar.

Todd brought baggage with him, and she was making a big decision.

In spite of Rina’s efforts, she could not shake the belief that Todd’s ex was still in love with him.

Who Invited You?


In the midst of this fairytale moment, Rina was about to say “I do” when an unexpected guest arrived. Her hatred for this woman was unrelenting.

Todd’s ex-girlfriend, Roxanne, was there. Todd’s ex-girlfriend, Roxanne, had a child with Todd, but she didn’t realize she was attending the wedding.

After seeing her for the first time, the nervous bride was overwhelmed with emotions.

Ruining The Moment


She tried to focus on the joy of the occasion and the love she had for Todd as the ceremony began.

It broke her heart to see Roxanne enter the church.

Roxanne wore a tight dress that showed off her curves, and her presence seemed to draw attention. What possessed her to show up uninvited?

Begging For Attention


Roxanne’s presence at Rina and Todd’s wedding made Rina feel uneasy as they exchanged vows.

Todd’s former relationship had always been known to her, but she didn’t expect his ex to show up dressed so provocatively.

This was the shortest dress she had ever worn that exposed her cleavage and legs. As for her suspenders, they were tacky and left nothing to the imagination.

Doing Her Best


It was for her stepson’s sake that Rina put on a brave face and remained polite toward Roxanne. There was no doubt Roxanne was trying to cause trouble.

The lady was constantly making snide remarks and trying to get attention for herself.

It appeared as if there was a mole involved in the arrangement of the wedding, as Rina wondered how she had found the wedding venue. Could Roxanne have gotten the information from anyone she knew?

Bad Energy


It was as if Roxanne’s presence hung over Rina’s special day like a dark cloud. Although she tried to concentrate on the ceremony, Roxanne would always catch her eye.

There was no escaping her loud and obnoxious personality.

In an attempt to find out who the ex was talking to, the bride became enraged and discovered who it was.

A Chatty Mother-In-Law


Rina was stunned. Her feelings of betrayal were overwhelming. The fact that she would do this to her was a shock to her after all the planning and talking for months. Roxanne was chatting with Todd’s mother.

Her mother-in-law Rhonda received strict instructions not to tell Roxanne about the wedding venue.

However, it seemed that she had forgotten about her promise. It was unclear what Rina should do next.

She Couldn’t Believe It


She can’t understand how her mother-in-law could be so cruel. How could she have lied to her face?

Standing in the corner, Rina watched the devious pair laugh at her guests and family.

Although she thought her mother-in-law accepted her, she was in cahoots with the ex all along. The venue address was provided to her by Rhonda, who also let her in at the venue.

Keeping The Peace


Rina wondered whether she should confront her husband about it. It was their first day as husband and wife, and his family had already caused a problem.

She knew that if she said anything, she would look like the troublemaker and she didn’t want to cause a scene on her big day.

She had to think carefully about how to get rid of Roxanne once and for all.

That’s It


After a few glasses of champagne, Rina decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands. She had an idea but she needed help.

She called a few of her best friends and cousins aside and told them about the predicament with Rina.

They all didn’t like Roxanne anyway and were immediately on board. The game was on.

On The Spot


Rina told her besties that they should talk to Roxanne and make her feel special.

The plan was that the guests kept insisting on talking to her and making her feel welcome.

Rina’s best friend Laura kept pulling Roxanne onto the dancefloor. But the rude woman kept denying her. Rina knew that it was because she was too afraid to dance in her inappropriate attire.

An Uncomfortable Dance


Rina and her friends were quietly giggling at how silly Roxanne was being.

Why didn’t she leave yet? She clearly wasn’t wanted. And then the answer to Rina’s question was clear.

Todd appeared and walked straight toward Rina. Roxane’s eyes were locked onto him from the moment he stepped into the room. Her purpose was clear.

Target Locked


All of a sudden Roxanne pushed Laura out of the way and darted straight for her target, Todd.

She had been waiting for him all along.

“Todd, darling, how about a dance with your old love,” she slyly cooed. Todd looked confused and tried to get away. Rina saw this and came to his rescue to pull him away.

Vain Attempts


The foxy Roxanne was trying to get Todd’s attention.

She looked desperate in her outfit, showing up unexpectedly was all part of her plan to create a scene.

She started moving her shoulders to the music and moving toward his direction. “Come on Todd”, she said and bravely danced in front of him.

Mini Entrance


Rina was fuming in her wedding dress. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Roxanne made her grand entrance onto the dance floor.

She exposed her tiny dress with black suspenders, and a lot of cleavage was clearly visible.

Some of the guests were wondering if she knew the dress code.

Stop Trying So Hard


Rina became more and more frustrated. She had worked so hard to make this day perfect, and now it felt like Roxanne was ruining it.

She tried to avoid her as much as possible, but the other guests seemed to enjoy watching the drunken women on the dancefloor.

Rina didn’t know whether to stop her or let the guests keep using her as entertainment. What would her husband’s crazy ex do next?

She Just Doesn’t Get It


The couple and their guests were trying to have a good time despite the drama on the dancefloor.

Rina was hoping that Roxanne would have left by then, but to her dismay, she was still there, mingling with the other guests.

Rina’s plan had somewhat backfired, Rina wasn’t embarrassed now, she was enjoying herself. She wanted the attention.

People Ask Questions


Just then, Rina’s father leaned over and asked her, “Who hired a stripper?” Rina was mortified.

He couldn’t believe that Roxanne would show up to her wedding dressed like that.

Rina was glad she had her family there for support and wondered if she had made the right decision marrying a man who clearly had baby mama drama.

Cover-Up Story


Another one of Rina’s guests approached her and asked if she knew who had hired the “stripper”. Rina cringed at the thought of her guests mistaking Roxanne for an exotic dancer.

She quickly corrected her guest and explained the situation. Rina felt embarrassed to have to say such things on her wedding day. Rina’s anxiety turned to anger as the night went on.

She couldn’t believe that Todd’s ex-girlfriend would be so disrespectful on their special day. Rina was ready to confront Roxanne and demand that she left the wedding.

A Serious Realization


But then something strange happened. As Rina watched Roxanne dance, she couldn’t help but notice how good she looked.

Her body was toned and fit, and the dress showed off all of her best assets.

Rina had to admit – Roxanne looked amazing. She understood why her husband Todd fell in love with her in the first place. Todd was a good man and Rina felt sorry for Roxanne’s desperate attempts to make her husband jealous.

A Mature Bride


Just as Rina had that empathetic thought, something strange happened. Rina couldn’t believe it.

It all happened so quickly and suddenly. Everyone turned to look at the noise.

Her best friend immediately looked at her and thought that she had something to do with it. But it wasn’t her. It seemed as though her wedding wasn’t the main event of the day.

Instant Karma


There was a loud thud in the middle of the dancefloor. A woman yelled out and everybody turned to look.

It was Roxanne, she was dancing like crazy, missed a step, and fell hard on the floor.

She fell flat on her face with her backside in the air. She lay on the floor, exposing her suspenders and nether regions to everyone. It was a sight for sore eyes.

Fall On The Floor

Public Domain

This could not be planned, it was hilarious. Roxanne was quite a big-boned lady, so it took her some time to get up off the floor.

“Somebody help me!” she squealed.

Roxanne had definitely had one too many! Perhaps next time she will think twice before getting drunk and deciding to show off in front of another woman’s husband. But just when Rina thought it was over, Roxanne did the worst thing anyone could think of.

Going Down Again


She struggled to sit up, her dark eyes trained on Rina.

Pointing at her, she struggled to her feet, moving around like a toddler before finally standing.

Everyone was staring at her now, the music at a halt. She tried to step toward Rina, but her knees buckled, and she toppled into the floor again.

Another One Down


Gasps filled the lively hall as Rhonda motioned some of her nieces to help.

She was already hurrying to Roxanne, trying to help her before she made an even bigger fool of herself.

But in her bid to help the drunk lady, she slipped, falling directly over her. Rina had to turn away, masking a grin with the crook of her elbow. “Don’t just stand there,” she called to some of Todd’s friends. “Help them.”

It’s Not Over


Rina watched her mother-in-law and her husband’s ex struggle on the floor. The men hurried to them, pulling them to their feet. They dusted their dresses and started away.

Everyone was murmuring as they watched, wondering why an ex would cause such a scene at a wedding ceremony.

But in the shimmering voices, Roxanne gave Rina a dirty look, whispering, “This isn’t over.”

Keeping Them In Sight


Rina kept a close eye on the two of them as they disappeared into the washrooms.

Roxanne’s dress was torn down the back, displaying much of her back, which was covered in the day’s dust.

A hand slipped over her shoulder, and she found Todd staring at her. What he’d tell her would change everything.

Go And Face Them


“I’m not going in there,” Todd smiled. “Those two are dangerous.” He gestured for Rina to go to the washrooms and said, “You are the wife. Go and tell them why they can’t ruin your special day.”

“What?” Rina asked. Did Todd expect her to handle this alone?

Weren’t they a team now, sworn to have each other’s back through thick and thin?

Show Her Your Claws


“I know what you’re thinking,” Todd whispered. “Shouldn’t we go in there together?” He turned Rina around, holding her hands in his.

“We could do that, but Roxanne will never respect you if we do. She’ll never respect you if you don’t put her in her place. You need to go alone and show her your claws.”

Seeming to think it over, he added, “If I go in there, I might need a lawyer after.”

Going To Face Her


Rina grinned. Her husband always knew how to bring a smile out of her, even in tense situations. But he was right. She needed to make a stand.

“Nothing to see here, folks,” Todd said as she walked toward the washrooms.

If Roxanne had a problem with her, there was only one way they could settle everything.

Finding Them


Rina knocked on the washroom door and pushed it open. She found Rhonda helping Roxanne with her dress.

Her mother-in-law smiled at Rina, but there seemed to be no malice or ill intent behind the gesture.

On the other hand, Roxanne glared at Rina before looking away. Things weren’t going her way, and it didn’t seem like she was taking it well.

The Reality


But behind her iron lady facade, Rina could sense a vulnerable woman who hated everything about the day.

Her dress was ruined, one side dangling helplessly, and the father of her child had just wedded another woman.

“Come to gloat,” Roxanne slurred. She was drunk, her head lolling as she struggled to stay awake. This was Rina’s chance to teach her a lesson.



“I don’t want any problems,” Rina said, squaring her shoulders. “But I can make today very challenging for you.” Rhonda heard this and stood straight.

She walked to Rina and kissed one of her shoulders before saying, “Finally.” Then she walked out.

“Oh, wow,” said Roxanne. “A kiss for the bride! Slap me red, and call me jealous.” “Roxanne,” Rina intoned. She was finally starting to see things clearly.

What Was Truly Happening


Roxanne was lashing out because she’d already lost whatever war she was trying to wage.

She was in pain and wanted to spread her misery all over. But that was no reason to ruin someone’s wedding day.

The observant bride found herself feeling sorry for Roxanne more and more. She couldn’t believe that someone who had caused her so much stress and anxiety could also look so helpless.

Saving The Last Moments


She helped her compose herself and even walked her out of the bathroom. Her friends and family tried their best to make Roxanne feel welcome when they saw this.

But confused by how everyone was suddenly kind to her, she was rude and kept trying to make trouble for Rina.

She loudly complained about the food, the music, and the decorations. She got what she deserved, and she did not fit in.

The Final Straw


Rina tried to ignore Roxanne’s drama and focus on enjoying the last of her wedding day, but it was hard to do with her constant presence.

She could feel Roxanne’s eyes on her at all times, and it made her feel uneasy, as though she blamed her for falling down.

Rina gave her a deathly stare and the jealous ex stormed out of the wedding venue, never to be seen again.

An Eventful Event


As Rina looked back on her wedding day, she realized that it had been perfect in its own way.

It hadn’t gone exactly as she had planned, but it had brought her closer to her new family and helped her to see the world in a different light.

Rina and Todd said their goodbyes to their guests and thanked them for being a part of their special day. As they headed towards their car, Rina couldn’t help but think about how different the night would have been if Roxanne had not shown up.

Just Us Two


She realized that sometimes, unexpected guests can bring unexpected blessings. And she was grateful for the opportunity to see Roxanne in a different light. She was no threat to her anymore.

As she and Todd drove off into the night, she knew that their future was brighter than ever before. In the end, Rina knew that she had made the right choice by marrying Todd. He was the love of her life, and nothing could ever change that.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.