Bride Reschedules Wedding 6 Times Until Groom Installs Dashcam


It Was Just Too Much

Daniel just sat there, phone in hand and mind shrouded in disbelief. He loved Emily more than anything else in the world, and he thought she felt the same way.

But after seeing what the Dash Cam revealed, he knew he was wrong. She had ulterior motives, and he was just a means to an end. But if she thought she’d get away with what she had done, she was gravely mistaken.

It Was The Third Cancelation


Daniel sank down on his bed and took a deep breath. It was the third time she had canceled their wedding, and it happened in less than three months.

He just didn’t understand what was happening. Was it the venue? The dress? Was there something else that he wasn’t aware of? Why did she keep doing that to him?

He Couldn’t Help But Feel Bad


The truth was that it had happened so many times that Daniel couldn’t stop himself from feeling bad. He had thought of every possible reason for her actions.

But ultimately, he had to admit defeat. Each time she canceled the wedding, she had a different reason, and he simply didn’t know what to think anymore. Would he ever get the answers?

Was It Him?


All Daniel could think of was that he might be the problem. Even though Emily never hinted at that, he couldn’t think of anything else.

Why else would she keep canceling their weddings? And why would she have a different reason each time? The problem was that Daniel didn’t understand what it was about him that she didn’t like.

Did She Change Her Mind?


He was a successful businessman with more than enough money to take care of all her needs. He was attractive and well-versed. And he had a massive house.

But he also knew that those things didn’t always matter. And he couldn’t help but wonder if she had fallen out of love. Had he done something wrong?

So Many Reasons


Daniel came up with a million and one reasons. He had a logical explanation for everything, and he even had a solution for every explanation.

But Emily had even more reasons than he did. And she didn’t have solutions for any of them. She just had a bunch of excuses, and that was what was getting to Daniel.

The Fifth Attempt


So when they were on their fifth attempt, Daniel was at his wit’s end. He couldn’t help but wonder if they would finally get married this time around.

But at the same time, he was wondering what excuse Emily would use next. Was he right once more? Or had Emily learned the error in her ways?

An Unexpected Departure


Sadly, Emily learned nothing from their four previous attempts at a wedding. The night before the ceremony was supposed to take place, Daniel received a phone call from her maid of honor.

Emily had fled in the middle of the night, and no one had seen or heard from her since. When questioned, Emily stated she had to attend an emergency meeting in New York. Was it just another one of her excuses?

The Final Attempt


Three weeks later, Daniel and Emily had their final attempt at a wedding. Daniel held his breath as he stood at the altar, waiting to see if his bride would appear this time.

And to his astonishment, she did. But it wasn’t to marry him. She just came out to call the wedding off. That was the last straw for Daniel.

He Had Enough


The young CEO had enough of his fiancé’s behavior and swore to get to the bottom of it. When Emily asked to reschedule the wedding, Daniel refused, stating that he couldn’t handle any more embarrassment.

But Emily still didn’t get to the point. And that was what ultimately led to the discovery of her secrets.

An Idea


Over the last few months, something had invaded Daniel’s mind, and he started believing it more with each failed wedding attempt.

He was starting to believe that Emily was being unfaithful. It was a thought he didn’t want to have, but there were a lot of things pointing in that direction. And he’d find out if it was true or not.

He Needed Answers


Daniel had gotten to the point where he couldn’t play this game anymore. He needed answers, and he’d do whatever it took to get them.

Sadly, the only idea he came up with was a little underhanded in his books. But he’d go through with it nonetheless. So what was really going on? Was Emily being unfaithful? Or was there more to it than that?

Hidden Camera


Feeling incredibly guilty, Daniel installed a hidden Dash Cam in Emily’s car. He hoped he would find answers that way. But more than that, he hoped it would set his mind at ease.

What he would eventually uncover would ruin everything. Not only did it ruin everything he held dear. But it also changed the way he felt about a lot of things.

Were His Worst Fears Right?


Days passed by, and Daniel was feeling incredibly restless. He could check the footage at any time and see what his fiancé was up to. But at the same time, he couldn’t.

He had been with Emily for five years, and he was afraid of what the camera had captured. He was afraid his worst fears would come to life. And he didn’t think he was ready for that.

He Didn’t Want To Believe It


He simply didn’t want to believe that the woman of his dreams was capable of betraying him like that. He didn’t want to believe that everything Emily told him was a lie.

Daniel still had hope that they could put this relationship back on track. But Emily wasn’t the person she was pretending to be when she was around him. And he would find that out soon enough.

What Else Could It Be?


But Daniel was no fool. He knew there couldn’t be another explanation for what was happening. If only he knew how wrong he truly was.

Daniel was a hopeless romantic, and that’s how she got him. Emily gave him everything he wanted. And as a result, Daniel played right into her hands. What was the blushing bride up to?

He Felt Helpless


The more time Daniel spent ignoring the facts, the more helpless he began to feel. Vicious thoughts started invading his mind, gnawing at him day and night.

But even then, he stood firm and believed in the love he shared with Emily. He wanted to believe that he was just overreacting. And he tried his best to push that lie into his own mind.

He Didn’t Want To Check


The truth of the matter was that Daniel was already thirty-eight. His best years had passed him by, and he had nothing to show for it: no wife, no children, no legacy.

That was why he didn’t want to check the recordings. He didn’t want to lose his last chance at having a family. But he couldn’t avoid the truth forever.

Getting Anxious


A month had passed, and Daniel was more anxious than ever before. But then he got his bank statement, and everything changed.

What he saw had him questioning everything he thought he knew. In an instant, he called his bank to get the statements for the last six months—the period in which he was supposed to marry Emily.

Making The Move


After getting off the phone with his bank, Daniel knew that the time had come for him to act. He had been avoiding the truth for far too long, and it was starting to cost him more than his sanity.

Daniel remotely accessed the Dash Cam he had installed, and what he saw had the blood boiling in his veins.

He Couldn’t Believe It


Daniel’s jaw dropped, and tears formed in his eyes as he watched what was happening live. The things she did and said… They were enough to break him.

For all those months, Daniel tried everything to protect her. He lied to his family and friends to explain her absence and the weddings. He even put his company aside to focus on her needs. And this is how she decided to repay him?

More Than One Reason


From the recording, Daniel uncovered a lot. He finally understood why all four of her previous husbands divorced her. He finally understood that she had been lying to him from the very beginning.

But she didn’t only have one motive. She actually had two, and it was her second motive that hurt him the most.

It All Made Sense Now


After seeing what he saw and hearing what he heard, Daniel sat down and started thinking about everything that had happened since he proposed.

That was when things started making sense. The venues, the dresses, the decorations, they were all just a facade. They were things she used to get access to the things she wanted the most.

The Cancellations


Emily had canceled the weddings time and time again because they weren’t what she wanted. Everything she arranged for those days was cheap and below her class.

Plus, she never wanted to marry Daniel, to begin with, and it had nothing to do with his job or lifestyle. It actually had to do with only one thing. And Daniel was ashamed of it now.

The Spending


When Daniel first proposed, he gave Emily a limitless credit card so she could arrange the wedding of her dreams. He had no idea that it would ultimately lead to his downfall.

You see, Emily spent money on that card, a lot of money. But she only spent about ten percent of the overall amount on the weddings.

The Sudden Change


Then, as the first wedding drew near, she began to change. At first, the change in her personality was subtle, and Daniel blamed it on the nerves.

But as time went by, the changes became more evident. She was cold and snappy. And she would often take her temper out on Daniel. Something that had never happened before.

That Was The Reason


And now he finally knew why. He finally understood why she would come home late at night and why she would always smell of alcohol.

He finally understood where she went after they had arguments that had her storming off. At those times, she wouldn’t return for two or three days. Now he knew why.

He Should’ve Seen It Coming


The more Daniel thought about it, the more he blamed himself for being in the position that he was in. If he paid more attention, he would’ve picked up on this much sooner.

If he had listened to her past more clearly, he would’ve been able to see what was written between the lines. At the end of the day, all of her husbands had something in common. But what was that? And how did it affect him?

What Did He See?


When Daniel was watching, he not only saw that his fiancé was with another man. He heard what she was planning. And his bank statements proved it all.

Emily had found herself a pretty young man, and she was using Daniel’s money to spoil him. But that was just the beginning. She also had a severe gambling problem that Daniel was paying for.



Daniel was heartbroken by what he had uncovered. But he wasn’t about to let this woman ruin him. He had a plan of his own, and with it, he’d make sure she learned her lesson the hard way.

When Emily arrived home that night, Daniel offered to give the wedding another shot. Emily was delighted, not knowing that she had just walked into a trap.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.